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Football world cup live score app for Windows Phone

Still few more days for football world cup. Searching in Google to get live score is tiring task. So I searched for an app that can keep track for all scores and statistic. Today I got an app which is exclusively developed for Windows Phone. It is a must have app football world cup 2014 and the app name is WorldCupBrazil.  I love the theme used in this app. This app is available in all Lumia colors, you can choose the color depending on the chassis color. The text and team logo were crisp and clear. Below is the screen shot of the app.

App download link -
App size - Less than 1 MB
Developer- Revolution Software

This app makes me love Windows Phone now.

Windows Phone WhatsApp release date

I am one of the user who un-installed WhatsApp for Windows Phone. Every day I check the store to see whether WhatsApp is available or not. You all know till now the WhatsApp is not available in the store. As usual I check forums and few blogs to get to know the information about WhatsApp. After that I came to know that they are myths.

Myths about WhatsApp:WhatsApp will be released with Windows 8.1: I am sure that it is nothing to do with Microsoft. WhatsApp belongs to Facebook and they need to decide when to launch. Microsoft is nowhere related to WhatsApp.
Why WhatsApp is removed? Several issues were found in WhatsApp like sudden crashes, improper notification and several minor bugs. So they decided to pull off this app from Windows Phone. However they promised they will publish the app again in Windows store once the issues has been fixed. No timeline has been provided and whatever date you found in blogs or forums is just their predictions. 
Microsoft answers for WhatsApp: I found …

How to play .mkv files and HD videos in Windows Phone?

I have a mkv format movie in my SD card. When I tried to play, I got up with some error. I got to know that Windows Phone default video player won't run several video format. I don't bother about other video format but I do for mkv. The specialty of mkv format is I get videos for less size. Say if I have a movie of 700 MB and the same movie will be available in just 400 MB in mkv format. Now I need to find out an app that can run mkv format. I was unhappy to see that most the app I found was not free. Many forums suggested to install MoliPlayer.

MoliPlayer:  This app is paid in all countries except China. You cannot directly download this free version of this app from your phone. You need to visit Hong Kong Windows Phone store to get MoliPlayer for free. Download it to your SD card and then install it. If you don't know how to install from SD card click here.

Free MoliPlayer download link -

Supported Phones: All Nokia Lumia phones.

Other video players: I…

Turn off beep sound while dialing the numbers in Windows Phone

When I dial numbers to make phone call it makes beep-beep-beep sound which is annoying. I thought only way to turn off the sound is to keep my phone in silent mode. I thought the other solution is to download a third party app to turn-off the beep sound. I found out there is option in Settings to turn off the sound.
Issue: How to turn of Beep sound while dialing the numbers
Solution: 1. Open Settings -> Ringtones + Sound 2. Under Play a sound for heading you will find Key Press 3. Un-check the key press option

There is bunch of options in Settings. It takes time to discover the exact option in the big list. In Android the settings will be available in categories and it look easy. There are some third party apps in Windows like Hardware Tests that makes some settings easier to launch.

How to see RAM usage in Windows Phone?

I wonder how much RAM is used by each app in my Windows Phone. There is no system application in Windows Phone to check RAM usage. Only way to know your phone's RAM usage is installing a third party apps. I found this app Hardware Tests which is able to show memory usage. This app is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

App name - Hardware Tests
Price - Free
Download Link -

How it works: This app is packed with all Windows Phone utility. This one app is enough to check all the hardware information of your Windows Phone. With just 2 MB this app can do the following tasks. Speaker testMicrophone testAdvanced speech and TTS test and informationLCD Screen testsTouch screen testMultiTouch testGPS testVibrationCompassFM Radio testAccelerometer , Inclinometer, Orientation sensorsCameraFlashlight It also provides information about your phone, camera and storage. It takes almost 10 apps to get all those information mentioned above. Here you will get all the informa…

My Temple Run 2 highest score in Windows Phone

After spending lots of month in Temple Run 2 I scored thirteen million. Below is the screenshot of my score. It took me two months to achieve this score.

Windows Phone App I purchased for $25 gift voucher

I got a gift voucher of $25 from Windows Phone store. This voucher is provided by Nokia to selected Lumia Phones. If you didn't get this voucher click here to check whether your phone is eligible for the offer. I felt very happy when $25 credited in my wallet account. There is expiry date for the credited amount, so I should react fast to utilize the whole amount. So I searched in internet to figure out the best paid apps in Windows Store. I was not impressed with the list. All the list contain apps from categories like social networking, browser and video player. All those apps were related to Facebook or WhatsApp. I don't want to waste my money on it. So I took the work in my hand. I downloaded apps by good looking icon plus ratings. By this strategy I got few nice apps. I focused mostly on games, if you are looking for productivity apps then skip this list.

Games: 1.Tap the frog - $0.99 This is first game I downloaded from the gift voucher. It is very funny and entertaining …

Nokia Lumia 920 VS iPhone 5S funny comparison - Troll iPhone

Windows Phone started to get good reception from users. I have found a funny comparison in e-Commerce between Nokia Lumia 920 and iPhone 5S. I have given it here

Nokia Lumia 920 VS iPhone 5S

Lumia 920iPhone 5SMaster MapsMess-up MapsOffline GPSiLostPublic transit guide for global traveleriLonely and secretly flirt with SiriPureView CameraPurpleView CameraClear lowlight photosMy party photos are drunker(fuzzier) than yoursAnti-scratchFull-ScratchSurvives a fallThe poor pretty thing!Gets the job doneWhat job?Good for normal peopleGood for Apple worshipersNokia: "Sorry, we will update"Apple: "You're holding it wrong!"Clear view under direct sunlightIs my phone on?4.5" viewing assetSquint retinallyWireless chargerWhere is my this-year's-special cable?Touchscreen wearing glovesCut a hole on glove

Get $25 by installing Gift Voucher app - Windows Phone

How will you feel if you get a paid app for free? There is an app in Windows Store developed by Nokia which provides you gift voucher. It is a cash credit voucher using it you can buy paid apps for free. This gift voucher available only for selected Lumia phone.

App download link -

This gift is available for Lumia 1520.This gift is not available popular models like Lumia 520, Lumia 720, Lumia 625, Lumia 1020 etc. You will come to know when you try to download from the app store. It it says 'Your Phone is not supported' then you can't avail this offer.

Gift worth: For people in USA you will get $25 and for India you will get Rs.1500. This amount will be credited in your Wallet app. So using the app you can purchase any app you wish. There is no restriction for app purchase. You can buy games too. 
Expiry date: There is expiry date for this gift. Details will be available once you download app and cash …

Battery Monitoring app for Windows Phone

Just by looking at the battery indicator we can't judge the backup time. Here is the app for Windows Phone user which shows you battery power left depending on the usage. To make it clear it will show you the remaining music playback time, video playback time, internet usage time and system usage time. Still confused, look at the image below.
Name of the app - Battery+ 8.1
Download link -
Is my phone compatible? All phones run Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are compatible. This app is less than 1 MB and it consumes RAM in KB. This is really nice app to get all the details about battery. So you can predict when your battery gets drown. For every 30 minutes battery status will be updated. The best part is, after installing this app you get tiles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and location services. So you no need  to get inside settings to turn on/off these services.

Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone - XAP file

Download Whatsapp - WhatsApp has been removed from Windows Phone. It is because of several bugs and crashes. But don't worry it will take its place in Windows Store once the bugs are removed. However you can download the XAP file manually and install it in your Windows device.

Download link:Download Xap : WhatsApp v2.11.356.0 - Windows Phone Xap Download Xap : WhatsApp v2.11.344.0 - Windows Phone Xap Mirror : WhatsApp – Windows Phone Xap
I got these files from windowsphonehub website. 
How to install WhatsApp XAP file?1. Copy the downloaded file to your phone's SD card. Don't place the file inside any folder. Just paste in the  root directory.
2. Then open the Store in your phone. There you will find your SD card with the WhatsApp application.
3. Touch on the WhatsApp app to install in your mobile. 

If the above procedure didn't work, you need to open a developer account. To do that go to Login with your Live account. Then try the same step…

Lava Iris 504Q+ review- A best smartphone in market

Lava Iris 504Q+ review - Lava Iris 504Q+ is a recent launch smartphone with attractive camera. This phone has good camera on the board and you no need to spend much for it. This phone is launched targetting sub Rs.15,000 market. Indians spending ability has increased and they are easily spending Rs.15 K for smartphone. But for a phone with good camera the price is worthful.
Launch DateApril, 2014SIMDual Mini SIMPrice13,000 Rupee
Hardware: Lava Iris 504Q+ sports 5 inch IPS display. It has quad core processor clocked with 1.3 Ghz. RAM boasts 1 GB and has 8 GB internal storage. We can find the same specification in all the phone in this price range. Performance is nowhere compromised. From game to HD videos, phone digest everything smoothly.

The 10MP camera is the thing makes this phone attractive. It uses Sony Exmor RS sensor, a sensor used to take low light photos. Image quality is impressive, thanks to Sony Exmor RS sensor. The image details are sharp, has rich colors and noise is low.

Download free Spider Man game for Windows Phone

I found a free Spider Man game in Windows Phone store. Actually it is not the original Spider Man you are looking for. The original version is named as The Amazing Spider-Man developed by Gameloft. The problem is this game requires 1 GB RAM plus this game cost you some bucks. As an alternative you can try this Kellogg's Amazing Spider-Man 2™.

Download link - Kellogg's Amazing Spider-Man 2™ 
Size - 65 MB
Supported phones - All Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Phone.

Review: Like all other Windows Game there is no lack for graphics. It has good graphics that you won't regret for downloading this game. I have also shared the screenshots below. The best part of the game is, it is filled with fun. The game concept is also unique. In this game you are not going to control the Spider Man, it is like first person shooter game (i.e) you will be the Spider Man. In this game you can also palace your face instead of spidey's face. 
Overall it is a good game to kill time.
How to Play: Def…

How to access internet in TV? Device to convert normal TV to Smart TV

Have you thought about watching YouTube videos in your normal TV? Do you know there is a device which can covert your normal TV to Smart TV? Here I have came up with new device which is going to change your normal TV to Smart TV. Let's first understand what Smart TV does.  Using Smart TV you can access internet. There will be apps like YouTube, Netflix pre-installed. You can open the app and stream videos. You can also listen to music if Spotify app is installed. So the whole idea is to give internet access to TV that makes Smart TV. This can be done by a device called Chromecast a Google product.
Who can buy Chromecast: The use of Chromecast is to turn your normal TV to smart TV. However your TV should have following feature.
USB Port - For power supply to Chromecast HDMI Port - For streaming video.

Internet via Wi-Fi Router
If you can see the two ports in your TV, you have internet connectivity via Wi-Fi Wi-Fi and if you can afford $35 you can buy this device.

How to use Chr…

BlackBerry Z3 specification - 5 inch touch, 1.5 GB RAM and so on

BlackBerry Z3 is a new phone added in Z series, launched in Indonesia. BlackBerry claims that their new phone is priced low. It is priced at $190 (US Dollar) which is 2.199.000 rupiah in Indonesia. Phone can be purchased in retail stores from May 15 2014.

Specification: BlackBerry Z3 borrowed its screen from the predecessor BlackBerry Z30. It has 5 inch touchscreen display. It is a full touch phone without QWERTY keyboard

Hardware: Not much details were exposed about this phone. It seems to have 1.5GB of RAM. It has dual core processor and is clocked with 1.2GHz. Equipped with both rear and front camera. Rear camera is 5 MP capable to capture 1080p video recording. Front facing camera in the phone features 1.1 MP. Battery is non-removable and is powered with 2,500mAh.

RAM1.5 GBProcessorDual Core, 1.2 GhzBattery Non-Removable, 2500 MahCamera5 MP rear, 1.1 MP front
Software: BlackBerry Z3 runs on BlackBerry OS 10.2.1. BBM in this phone seems to be packed with Indonesian cartoon character…

Motorola Moto E special specifications

Moto E Android smartphone launched with suprise price. Its price is low than we expected. Priced at 129 dollar, makes biggest rival to Samsung, Sony economical phones. Still with low price the quality is not compromised. Usually with this price the body look weak but here it looks premium.

Specification: The specification is not new to this world but for the price cap. Moto E has dual SIM capability, both are micro-SIM. It has 4.3 inch touchscreen with bright display. Display is pleasing with good viewing angle and built quality. Similar design to Moto G, curved edges and slating rear panel. Two speakers are in front each above and below the display. No front camera, 5 MP camera in rear without flash is available. Buttons for power and volume controls are on the right side.  Non-replacable battery is a bit concern. All Moto G colors are available for Moto E as well.

Hardware: Motorola Moto E use 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon 200 processor while other manufacturers opt for cheap MediaTek…

Stages in Brave Heroes Android/iOS game

Brave Heroes is available in Android and iOS platform. It is a tower defense kind of game, in addition you need to destroy enemy tower. Unlike weapons in tower defence game, here heroes and soldiers were used to defence as well as destroy tower. Heroes play a vital role to protect ourselves from invading enemies.

I played the game for 3 days. First 8 stages are very easy and I thought it is the case for all stages. Happily headed to new levels and I stuck very badly after stage 20. I was forced to remove old hero and train new hero to my party. It is really time taking task. But I followed this trick and got coins, exp faster. After pushing a lot I reached stage 40. I expected it is my last stage and played with a grin. Then I realized that there are another 10 sets. I stopped at stage 41.
Challenges after Stage 41: After stage 41, there will be 6 enemy heroes with exp level 46. In previous sets there will be only 5 enemy heroes. To defeat enemy heroes in stage 41, your heroes should …

Nokia X vs Nokia Lumia 520: Which one to choose?

Nokia X vs Nokia Lumia 520: Recent Nokia's Android based mobile made a great confusion. It once again brought a debate like Android or Windows. Both the phone are available in the same price tag. Let's see the price.

Nokia X - Rs.7200
Nokia Lumia 520 - Rs.7500

Common features: Both the Nokia boys has got some features in common. Its look is almost the same with its colorful poly-carbonate exteriors. They are available in cyan, yellow, red, black and white colors. One cannot deny that the Nokia phones has got superior look. I am sure you cannot get a smartphone with this quality for below RS.10,000. Both are equipped with 4 inch WVGA display and boast 512 MB RAM. Common apps that is available in both the phone are Outlook, Nokia Music, Here Map and Document viewer. Although both mobile has got same 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor, chipset differ. So all these features are available in common. Let me summarize it.
512 MB RAM4 inch touch screenAlmost same priceAvailable in different co…

Download BBM app for Windows Phone

BBM Windows Phone - BlackBerry made an announcement that it is developing BBM for Windows Phone. This app will be available to the users June or July 2014. BlackBerry officials also added that this software will be available by default in selected Nokia phones. Future Nokia phones like X, XL, Asha series may get BBM by default. It is similar to WhatsApp for Nokia devices.

Download Link - Yet to be launched.

How it works:
If you are new to hear about BBM, not a problem, let me explain about its usage. It is very similar to WhatsApp. BBM stands for BlackBerry Messenger. This WhatsApp like messenger was previously available only in BlackBerry mobile phone. Recently it made its debut in Android, iOS and soon in Windows Phone. Using this app you can send text, photos and files. You will be provided with unique PIN after registration and that pin is used to login. The PIN act as your user id. To add a friend you should know his/her BBM PIN. It is like traditional account where you want to ad…

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, Nokia Lumia 1020 quick comparision

Galaxy K Zoom VS Lumia 1020: Photography as a hobby is rising and people were searching for good camera phone instead of stand alone camera. Lumia 1020 is already available and Galaxy K Zoom has just made its announcement. People are attracted towards Galaxy K Zoom monstorous camera. Galaxy K Zoom is not the first phone with such camera, its predecessor like Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy Camera had that too.

What the camera has?
Nokia known for its camera after its PureView technology development. It has 41 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. Carl Zeiss lens were used in microscope to enlarge tiny objects. It features PureView technology, geo-tagging, face detection, dual capture, panorama. So many review were done, impressed with the incredible camera features. Nokia brought up with several camera app to make photography a fun activity. Review were great about this mobile especially its camera. A must buy phone for photography lovers says most of the review.

Samsung is no way weaker than Noki…

Improvements made in Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5: It is the successor of all Galaxy S series. It is one of the most interested premium smart phone. Many were confused with iPhone 5S or Galaxy S5. It seems Galaxy S5 has already crossed iPhone 5S market in United States of America. People are showing much interest in this mobile, so lets see what makes this mobile interesting.

Launch dateFebruary 2014SIM Single, MicroDisplay5.1 inchOSAndroid KitKat
Improvements in Galaxy S5:
Galaxy S5 inherited its look from Galaxy Note except the round edges. Faux-chrome panel is used in its rear which is adopted by recent Galaxy mobiles. There are improvements in S5 but those features are well known. It will be the arguably a role model to other Android phone. Fingerprint scanner is a new guest to Android smartphone. TouchWiz user interface is tweaked to make access frequent apps easier. Apps like time, alarm, location and weather are bought to home screen. Like eye-tracking in Galaxy S3, head tracking is introduced in S5.  Many min…

Cortana missing after Windows 8.1 update

Many users have tried Windows 8.1 Preview for Developers. Now their concern is Cortana app is not available after the update. There may be many possible reason. However the major reason is Cortana is not available for the countries other than United States. If you are not from United States then follow the below steps to get Cortana in your mobile.

Prerequisite: 1. Your phone should be updated with Windows 8.1 2. Your location is outside United States of America.
Fix: 1. Go to Settings and open Region. 2. Select United States in Country/Region 3. Select Region Format as 'match phone language'. 4. Press back key and select Language (In Settings). 5. Choose English (United States). 6. You might have already  chosen some language say English (United Kingdom). So English (United States) will be listed below English (United Kingdom). Long touch on English (United States) and drag it to the top. Now it is the first language of your phone. Now it should look like below image. 7. Now in…

YouTube to Mp3 converter Windows Phone app

YouTube to Mp3 Windows Phone - I found an app in Microsoft store to download YouTube video as MP3 music file. There are many such apps but the app name YouTube To Mp3 is fantastic.

Download YouTube to MP3 -
File size - 2 MB
Supported phones - All Windows Phone with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 OS.

How to use:
1. Search for the song you want.
2. In the menu (three dots in the right bottom), there will be options like save mp3, play mp3.
3. If you want to have the song offiline then you can download it and save in music hub.
4. Play mp3 option will play the song.

1. Songs are playing online without streaming.
2. Downloading MP3 is very fast.

1. Very few songs can't be played.

Download it for sure.

Drawbacks in Windows 8.1 Phone update

Windows 8.1 update drawback: Many new features were added in Windows 8.1 update for Windows Phone. New features in the OS are action center, Cortana voice assistant app, volume controls, user preferred tiles and new music player. I was impressed with the new look of Windows 8.1. It is actually felt great when I sucessfully updated my phone to Windows 8.1. After using the phone for 5 days I found many minor bugs. Let me share those challenges faced after updating my phone to Windows 8.1.

Windows Phone 8.1 cons:
1. Keyboard layout is updated in WP 8.1. In previous keyboad comma ',' key will be primary view, after update I have to go to number mode to use comma.
2. Battery backup is affected slightly. Before update my mobile gives me 12+ hours battery backup. After update it is giving me less that 12 hours.
3. I lost the Facebook chat which will be available in Messaging.

Install it or ignore update:
The cons I mentioned doesn't impact our everyday activity. Battery backup can …

Yezz dual SIM Windows Phone specs and price

Yezz Windows Phone: It is phone manufacturer which launched many Android mobiles. It seems that Microsoft is vigorously searching for hardware partner for its Windows Phone OS. Recently Microsoft tied-up with Micromax to cover Windows Phone in Asian market. Yezz came up with two Windows Phone Billy 4.7 and Billy 4.0. Lets look at its specification.

Yezz Billy 4.7 and Billy 4.0 specs:
Billy 4.7Billy 4.0 Announced dateMay 2014May 2014Price$250$140SIMDual SIM Not clearDisplay4.7 inch, 720 p4 inchChipsetSnapdragonUnknownCamera13 MP rear8 MP rear, 1.3 MP frontRAM + StorageNot MentionedNot MentionedOS versionWindows 8.1 Windows 8.1Available dateJune 2014June 2014Available countiresUS, Europe, Latin AmericaSame as Billy 4.7

Rivals: Nokia Lumia 521 and Nokia Lumia 630
Yezz Windows Phone news in other tech websites: PocketNowWP Central

Free games for 512 MB RAM Windows Phone 8/8.1

Windows Phone store is now filled with lots of good free games. My phone has got only 512 MB RAM and I was worried that I can't play. Time has changed, I have installed and played more than 20 good games for free. All the games listed here works well Nokia Lumia 520, 620, 720 and all Windows Phone from other manufacturers. Before providing the game let me share my Windows Phone hardware configuration.

RAM - 512 MB
CPU - Dual-core 1 GHz
GPU - Adreno 305

This is basic configuration in Windows 8 phone.

Games for 512 MB RAM WP 8

Game List for Windows PhoneAsphalt 8:AirborneAngry Birds RioFrozen Free FallSweet Crush (Candy Crush kind of game)Minion RushSix GunsKingdoms and LordsRoyal RevoltDragon's Blade IIStar Warfare:Alien Invasion3D Brutal ChaseDredd VS ZombiesDungeon Hunter 4Zombie TsunamiIce Age VillageAcedia:Indie HorrorWhere's My Water? 2BBB:ApocalypseParking FrenzyDoors
Caution: Windows Store has many duplicates and their name resembles the same listed above. Make sure that…