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Nexus 6P wifi won't turn off issue - solution

So I have this issue that the wifi won't turn off it stays on the whole time I try to turn it off and soon as I press back is still on. See the video below:

So I actually found a work around for this issue:

Workaround: Turn airplane mode on. While airplane mode is on turn on wifi. Once it connects to a wifi turn airplane mode off

Facebook for Blackberry Z3 isn't running anymore

It looks like Facebook has stop supporting their app for Blackberry BB10. The app doesn't work even after upgrade Facebook for Blackberry. The problem didn't solved. Below is the error message I get in my Z3.

Only way to use Facebook from Blackberry is to view it from browser.

Micromax Canvas A1 - Run two ROM at same time

Gone are the days flashing one ROM at a time. I found an interesting app in XDA forum which claims that we can dual boot. The title said it works with Android One device, so I choosed Micromax Canvas A1 to test it. To my surprise it actually worked. Below is the screenshot of dual-boot in my Micromax Canvas A1:

The name of this app is DualBoot. I followed the steps in XDA forum and successfully started using in my phone.

XDA Forum Link - DualBoot App

How to turn on fast charging feature in Galaxy J series

Use this tutorial to turn on fast charging in Galaxy J.

1. Open root explorer.
2. Search for the file system / etc / floating_feature.
4. Then tap one time until a menu appears and select Open In Text Editor.
5. Replace the following script from False to True.
6. Save and Reboot.