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iPhone X problems after three months

iPhone X is really a great phone which has the features that we expect in modern mobile devices. The vertical dual camera attracts eyes and I have seen many guys stopped by and asked me "Is it the new iPhone X?". Yet I feel below are some of the problem which I face using iPhone X as daily driver.

Fear of not using without case: iPhone X is easily one of the costliest phone in the planet. Though I have insurance that covers front glass breakage I am scared that dropping the phone may stop the phone working properly. I have gone case-free for first two weeks then my phone dropped accidental from my pocket. I easily got few scratches on my back glass.Then I got black polycarbonate case for the iPhone X and put it on my phone. I really liked the feel of phone without case but I used to travel a lot and the phone feels fragile. Apple claims that the phone is durable but it is not in my case. They even claimed that iPhone X has the strongest glass but I don't want to put my p…

Getting too many Vodafone spam calls

Just after purchasing a Vodafone SIM I used to get 2 to 3 calls daily from Vodafone customer care. In this post lets see how to block it.

This method will block both calls and SMS that is intended for marketing. I used to get calls from number starting with 140890****. To stop this you can enable DND option.

Enabling DND in Vodafone To enable DND you can send SMS to 1909 as START 0.

Here 0 means you are requesting Vodafone to stop any kind of telemarketing.
You can also use following link to enable DND: