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Oral B S15.523 electric sonic toothbrush

Oral B S15.523 - There is a saying "toothache is not a disease", but if the  pain becomes so terrible we feel for it. Everyday we brush to protect our teeth from germs. Medical studies have shown that only by adhering to brush your teeth more than two minutes will play an effective cleaning of the teeth. It is difficult to adhere to brush your teeth for more than two minutes, manual brushing for two minutes causes arm ache. Clean teeth rely on the physical friction between the bristles and teeth, this traditional way of brushing cause damage in gums.

Official Price: $ 499

Sonic toothbrush working
Sonic toothbrush generate a high frequency ultrasonic vibration, and this vibration is a kind of acoustic energy. The vibration frequency lower than 20000 Hz (maximum human auditory) belongs to ordinary sonic, vibration frequency over 20,000 Hz belong to ultrasonic. This ultrasonic vibration is generated using a transducer installed in the toothbrush. Vibration generated by this tooth…

Nokia lumia 41 megapixel camera phone price

Nokia lumia 41 megapixel camera price: Nokia Lumia series phone loaded with 41 mega pixel camera is the voice of lot of people, and Nokia seems to enhance the attractiveness of the new generation of the flagship model. Few days ago, the news from foreign website “The Verge” disclosed that Nokia is developing a real system PureView WP8 mobile phone, and plans to market later this year. According to official sources, this new mobile's internal code named as "EOS", will be equipped with 41 mega pixel camera which will similar to the Nokia 808 PureView. Price of Lumia 41 megapixel will be more than $800 (Rs.40,000) and above.

Huawei Ascend W1 price and specification

Huawei Ascend W1: Huawei's first WP8 phone Ascend W1 was rumored as inexpensive, caused a lot of people's attention after the release. This inexpensive WP8 mobile is available only at China. Long time ago a microbiologist exposed Ascend W1 mobile is priced at above 1500 yuvan. The Huawei Ascend W1 official price has finally been published. It is reported that the price of the mobile is only 1599 yuan, will be the market's low priced WP8 phone.

Compared with the same grade mobiles like Nokia Lumia 620 and HTC 8S models, Huawei Ascend W1 functional configuration is good. It is equipped with a 4.0-inch WVGA IPS touch screen with full lamination process, can play a dual role of the protective glass and the touch screen. Performance under different lighting conditions are relatively good with its  low reflection IPS touch screen technology with laminated screen. Processor configuration of Huawei Ascend W1 includes  1.2GHz Qualcomm the S4 MSM8230 dual-core processo…

Nokia Lumia 1080 specification and gallery

Nokia Lumia 1080: The concept or design of the Nokia Lumia 1080 Windows 8 mobile is now leaked in several website. I am astonished by the design. This new mobile has got a ultra-thin frame design, look slimmer and more avant-garde.

Release date - UnknownPrice - Greater than $900

Windows RT tablet jailbreak can run exe file

Windows RT is similar to Android, iOS and other mobile phone operating system. But Windows RT has a bit difference from those mobile OS. It is basically a full-featured desktop operating system and is almost the same like Windows 8, but the only difference is it's designed for ARM processor rather than the x86 chip devices.

Unfortunately, most desktop Windows applications can't run on Windows RT for two reasons: they are not compiled for the ARM processor; Microsoft only allows RT users to install applications from the Windows Store and so they are unavailable to use desktop application.

But now, the the Windows RT jailbreak tool has emerged and some developers began to re-compile the application, so that they can be installed to the Microsoft Surface RT OS running tablets.

Using the jailbreak you can run many open source software and few Windows 8 application that are listed below.

7-zip (archive tool)Miranda IM (instant messaging client)TightVNC (Remote Desktop client)Quake …

Google project glass input via virtual laser keyboard

Google project glass wiki: Google GlassGoogle announced project glass six months ago, but it is still not very sure that what features this equipment have and which features can be implemented. For the input they have introduced laser keyboard. To write a long e-mail or SMS you can use this virtual laser keyboard. Google has released a new patent and this might solve the input issue.

Refurbished Retina MacBook Pro 13 inch sale started in Apple official website

Refurbished macbook pro 13 inch: Apple's official online store quietly emerged a refurbished version of MacBook pro 13 inches with retina display. These refurbished machines priced 15% cheaper than the brand new Retina MacBook Pro models. Three models priced as follows:

Gigabyte S1185 & S1082 Ivy Bridge tablet specification

Gigabyte Windows 8 tablet: Windows 8 tablet can be described as the darling of the major manufacturers.Now Gigabyte has showed their interest in Windows 8 and released two products.
Launch date– Released on December 2012
Price – Rs.25000 for S1185 and Rs.40000 for S1062
Screen Size – 11.6 inches tablet
SIM card Slot – No

Nokia Windows RT Tablet

Nokia Tablet: Nokia recently made a tie up with Windows now started to produce their Windows RT tablets. News regarding their tablet is already published. Now this tablet is showcased in CES 2013. CES is a consumer electronics expo where new mobile phones and tablets will be shown like a exhibition. Details I got regarding this tablet is below.

Asus P1801 - Windows plus Android OS dual boot tablet

Asus P1801: Federal Communications Commission revealed that ASUS is ready to launch its dual OS tablet (i.e)Windows and Android OS both running in same tablet. Also they have suspected that it has got 18 inch screen. You know I am still using 15 inch CRT, looks great even now. Just think about 18 inch tablet, it looks like carrying a women in your hand. Asus haven't made any official announcement regarding other specification of this tablet. Only few features of this tablet were exposed to the public.

BlackBerry PlayBook tablet with BB10 OS

BlackBerry PlayBook running BB10 OS: Production for PlayBook tablet with BB10 has started. Financial results of BlackBerry were as follows:

Third quarter of 2012 - 255,000 units sold
Fourth quarter of 2012 - 130,000 units sold

Among most of their sales, majority goes to PlayBook. This tablet was heavily criticized while comparing with Apple ipad, but they satisfied their customer with frequent updates, bug fixes and adding features. This laid a solid foundation for the PlayBook tablets. Due to frequent support, positive comments from the user were exposed.