Asus P1801 - Windows plus Android OS dual boot tablet

Asus P1801: Federal Communications Commission revealed that ASUS is ready to launch its dual OS tablet (i.e)Windows and Android OS both running in same tablet. Also they have suspected that it has got 18 inch screen. You know I am still using 15 inch CRT, looks great even now. Just think about 18 inch tablet, it looks like carrying a women in your hand. Asus haven't made any official announcement regarding other specification of this tablet. Only few features of this tablet were exposed to the public.

Android 4.1.1 with Windows 8 / Windows RT
Cortex A-9 central processor
1920 * 1032 resolution screen

Official release:
CES 2013 exhibition will start on January 6. In this exhibition several tablets will be exposed. Many predict that this mysterious tablet Asus P1801 will be available for this exhibition.

18 inch tablet:
You may have questions like "How it is predicted that Asus P1801 has 18 inch sreen?". Asus always use their screen size in the tablet name. For example:
Asus Eee Slate EP12 has 12 inch screen
Asus Nexus 7 has 7 inch screen
Similarly Asus P1801 will have 18 inch screen

Many predict that it is a Asus Transformer AiO final version. Transformer AiO is a very powerful tablet that can run two operating systems, one is Android system, another the Windows RT or Window 8 system.

Android plus Windows 8 OS:
This tablet  act as all in one desktop while using Windows 8. You can use this as a tablet by booting Android OS. 

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