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Penta T-Pad WS707C - SIM card, Jelly Bean and 1GHz processor tablet

Penta T-Pad WS707C – It is a SIM card tablet with Android Jelly Bean V.4.1 launched on February 2013. This tablet supports voice calling and can be used as a Phablet.

Launch date – Released on February 2013
Price – Rs. 7,999
Screen Size – 7 inches tablet
SIM card Slot – Yes

DOMO Slate X3G SE tablet with a dual SIM and 3G options

DOMO Slate X3G SE – It is new dual SIM card tablet. You can use two GSM SIM card. It offers 3G facility from one SIM. I think it's the first tablet in India to have 3G connectivity in the tablet.

Launch date – Released on February 2013
Price – Rs. 8,888
Screen Size – 7 inches tablet
SIM card Slot – Yes, Dual SIM

Tizen 2.0 SDK download Magnolia version

Tizen 2.0 SDK - Last September 2012, Tizen 2.0 Magnolia version has appeared.  On that time there was not too much attention among the audience. After months of evolution, the new SDK and source code has been released. The open source OS version adds some of the new features from the previous one.  Some of the new features are enhanced support for HTML 5, the new web UI framework and it supports full-screen and multi-window. Developers can now get the new hardware API.  In order to develop the appropriate software you are provided with API's of device's phone records, calendar, and SMS. You can use this advantage using this Tizen 2.0 SDK.  It also provides a calendar, contacts, pictures, phone, set and video player API in default.

Nokia will push new technology solar charging phone

Nokia solar charging phone -  Nokia Lumia920 models bring wireless charging technology seems ready to join the solar charging function in future WP8 Nokia models. According to the the French website MonWindowsPhone reported, Nokia solar charging technology method is different from traditional solar cell phone, they use "WYSIPS" technology which has ability to charge the phone through screen. Nokia is working with a new energy company SunPartner Group cooperation for this new project. This new project Wysips called as What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface. This technology adds olar charging capability for smart phones. Using this technology the energy can produced using both natural light or artificial light.

Xbox 360 Tomb Raider Limited Edition Wireless Controller price

Xbox 360 Tomb Raider Controller Price - Recently limited edition Xbox 360 controller was launched. It will be a cool news to Tomb Raider fans.  Tomb Raider fans will be very excited, because the "Tomb Raider" game will be officially going to release on March 5. On the same event, it will be accompanied by the launch its limited edition Xbox 360 controller. You can pre-order one from Xbox website.

Can I switch to Blogger dynamic view? Does it alter Adsense earning?

Blogger Dynamic View problems: Blogger or Blogspot comes with lots of default template. Now recent html 5 era gave birth to Blogger dynamic view. First thing I preferred for this template is its beauty. Soon there won't be any importance to older html versions. Apart from all the advantages it faces some demerits too.

Nokia 206 Dual SIM pros and cons

Nokia 206 Dual SIM: Nokia is good in basic handsets.  Nokia 206 Dual SIM or Nokia Asha 206 is a high configured stylish basic handset. Users seeking for functions like keypad mobile can choose this. Currently it is the slimmest and stylish handset with dual sim capability. There are many advantage and disadvantage of Nokia Asha 206 which I have given below.

Price of Nokia 206 - Rs.3599 (as mentioned in flipkart), retailers may sell this mobile at higher price.
Release date - November 2012.

Razer Ouroboros review a fantabulous gaming mouse

Razer Ouroboros review: In fact, Razer Ouroboros Aoluo Bo If the snake has been out for some time. It is the flagship mouse from Razer for this year. This is an ambidextrous mouse, you can adjust the length of the back arched to accommodate different hand sizes and grip styles. While looking at the package, you certainly would not think the box is filled with a mouse. Even if you know the Razer logo, then it is difficult to guess what was inside. The box is made of  high-density foam material, mouse outfit greeted at once.

Micromax A110 vs A116 difference

Micromax A110 vs A116: Micromax A110 is a hot mobile and the specification are as meek as Samsung Galaxy S3. This mobile is currently preferred by everyone. As a part of this success Micromax unleashed their another new model, successor of Canvas 2, named as A116 Canvas HD. Let me clear you with this two models.

Micromax A100 or Canvas 1 - Older version priced at Rs.10,500 Indian Rupee
Micromax A110 or Canvas 2 - Old version priced at Rs.15,500 Indian Rupee
Micromax A116 or Canvas HD - New version which is about to launch priced at Rs.12,500 Indian Rupee

Sony WG-C10 wireless external storage price

Sony WG-C10: Sony has introduced a new device to connect your external storage using wireless feature. Generally you use USB cables to connect your external HDD. But using this Sony WG-C10 you can access your external hard disk via Wi-Fi feature. Already this feature is available in many mobile phones but not so popular.

Price of Sony WG-C10 - $100 (Rs.5000 Indian Rupee)
Sony WG-C10 release date - April 30, 2013

Ubuntu mobile phone release date and available regions

Ubuntu mobile: The founder and CEO of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth has revealed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the first smart phones equipped with the Ubuntu system scheduled this year in October. Mark Shuttleworth also hinted that the North American market will be very important. No more details has been exposed by the CEO.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pink version price

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pink version price:  Samsung has announced the new color version of the Galaxy Note 2. This new color version will be available on Valentine's day. This special mobile is colored with "cherry pink".  Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pink version is $770 (Rs.41,000 in India).

Nokia Flame or Lumia 720 Specification

Nokia Flame or Lumia 720: Nokia Lumia 920 is a big success, but I actively search for the upgrade version of Nokia. On my search I found a new WP8 mobile exposed by Nokia named as Nokia Flame. Some days back foreign the website Tmonews leaked this new Lumia mobile phone photo. It is reported that it will serve as Nokia Lumia 710 successor. This mobile  is expected to come out in April 2013.

Nokia Lumia 720
Price - US dollar: $400; Indian Rupee: Rs. 22343
Few months back I thought this mobile is a rumor. But the pictures leaked confirms the mobile will be launched soon. According to several tech sites Nokia Flame will be Nokia Lumia 720 will be equipped with  latest WP8 system and few upgrades in hardware configuration. So the performance will be better than that of its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Fame vs Galaxy Young difference

Samsung has released two mid-range Android phone named as Galaxy Fame and Galaxy Young. The two new machines are using the same processor manufactured by a third party manufacturer. Below is the comparison between Samsung Galaxy Fame and Galaxy Young.

Motorola X phone specification has Android 5.0 OS

Motorola X phone: Few month ago, we heard the word about the phone Motorola X phone. Now rumors about the Motorola X Phone gradually increased. Now I collected some information about this phone from social networking site LinkedIn and tech site PhoneArena. They have disclosed many information about Motorola X Phone.

BlackBerry Z10 camera review

Blackberry Z10 review: Here I have given the photos taken from the Blackberry Z10 mobile phone and it's compared with latest smartphones like Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III.