Sony WG-C10 wireless external storage price

Sony WG-C10: Sony has introduced a new device to connect your external storage using wireless feature. Generally you use USB cables to connect your external HDD. But using this Sony WG-C10 you can access your external hard disk via Wi-Fi feature. Already this feature is available in many mobile phones but not so popular.

Price of Sony WG-C10 - $100 (Rs.5000 Indian Rupee)
Sony WG-C10 release date - April 30, 2013

How Sony WG-C10 works:
Working of Sony WG-C10 is simple. In Sony WG-C10 connect your external hard disk and memory card or any storage device and turn it on. Now this device will converted into a Wi-Fi storage device, just imagine Google drive. All the device in that corresponding Wi-Fi network has privileges to access files.

Note: This works only if you have Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) connection.

Totally ther a re one memory card slot, one microUSB 2.0 port and one full USB 2.0 port. In a Wi-Fi network you are allowed to connect maximum of eight devices and PC's. This device works on battery power, installed with  a 2210mAh lithium-ion battery. In addition you can charge your mobile or tablet or USB charging device through this device USB port. This device is compatible with Windows OS versions, Mac OS , Android and Linux. For desktop OS you don't need any third party app, for mobile OS you have to download  the PWS Manager app which will be provided in the user manual.

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