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Reasons your Upwork Account may get suspended

Recently, I started to get Google Now notification saying their Upwork account got suspended. Few days back I watched a video of guy explaining how his Upwork got suspended. And there are many other internet stories where I read about how their account got suspended and here I what I read most.

Due to client: Many of the user got their account got suspended due to their client. If clients starts a dispute and gives some reason say this freelancer hacked my computer, boom you are suspended. So be careful when accessing clients infrastructure. If you notice the client behavior is not good don't hesitate to drop from the project.

High bidding and no project: You may get suspended if you bid too many projects and get no job. To overcome this you can withdraw your bid if the client doesn't respond. Make sure you bid on projects where the chances of getting hired is maximum.
Age less than 18:
If Upwork come to know that your age is less than 18 then Upwork policy refrains users to n…

Provisioning configuration update required

In Jio4gVoice app I get the error message as "Provisioning configuration update required". Below is the screenshot.

To solve this issue, go to Settings -> Apps -> Jio4GVoice. In this screen you will see options like "Force Stop". You have to "Force Stop" and then clear the defaults or clear cache. In some Android version it will be clear defaults and in some Android version it will be clear cache. Do any of the one and open the Jio4GVoice app. It will start configuring and the error message disappears.

Some of my friend complained that even after clearing app data they get this issue. In that case you need to contact customer care to send the configuration details. Before contacting customer care try re-installing the application. For most of my friends clearing the app did the trick.

Out of 3G coverage. Try voice call? - Jio

I using Samsung J7 (volte supported). When I try to video call then I get that error messsage.

Anybody know how to solve this problem? I tried restarting the phone and contacted Jio support but not able to solve. I can voice call by going to Dual SIM setting and Jio selected for voice call.

Reliance Jio works in Nokia 1100 - Photo

I got a photo of Nokia 1100 that shows Reliance Jio working on it:

How it is done? Initially I thought it was photoshopped. But this phone uses normal Reliance SIM and in this phone you have option to add your name. That feature is used to write Jio 4G. Rule of thumb is no keypad mobile supports Reliance Jio SIM.

Benelux Slim V2 theme for Redmi 3s Prime download

I have shared the .mtz file of Benelux Slim V2 theme. This can be applied to your phone by downloading it to your SD card.

Download Link -
How to apply Theme? Xiaomi has stopped supporting to apply themes that were taken from forums or third party website. So if you apply the theme you will get below error:
Themes from 3rd party sites are not supported. error: download auth reject 406
In order to apply theme from third party website you need to register yourself in
After registering wait for 48 hours to get your account activated. After 48 hours from registration you will be able to apply theme to your phone. 

YU Yuphoria video tutorials and faqs

This post will cover basic question asked about YU Yuphoria like how to root, install recovery, flash rom, etc.

Video tutorials: 1. How to Root -
2. How to Install TWRP recovery -
3. How to Install ROM -
4. How to Get Volte -
5. Install Xposed on any rom -
6. Unbrick / Fix Bootloop using TWRP -
7. Unbrick Hard-bricked Yuphoria -
8. Best Android 7.1 ROM -
9. How to Flash MIUI ROM -
10. How to Change Fonts -

FAQ related to Yuphoria : 1. Does it support OTG?
Ans : Nope. So don't keep asking for it.

2. How to flash 64 BIT rom on YU5010A?
A: First flash 64 BIT converter zip then flash rom file

3. How to save battery?
A: Use Greenify

4. Phone is heating too much?
A: It's because it has a Snapdragon processor which tends to heat.

5. I have white lines on display
A: It …

Bought OTG for my Redmi 3s Prime

OTG cable is nothing but usb-mini to USB 2.0 port. Using this you can connect pen drive. I bought it for Rs.40 in local shop. They were selling for Rs.50 but I bargained it for Rs.40. I have seen online shopping sites were selling it for Rs.150. Below is the picture of OTG cable that I bought:

Below are the other OTG cables which are used by my friends:

Smart connections OTG adapter:
I liked the Rs.25 OTG adapter. It's too cheap and very small compared to other. I would be very happy if it lasts just for 6 months.

Comment me which OTG cable you like.

Nexus 5 screen replacement cost India

My Nexus 5 display got cracked. After consulting with local technician it seems you need to replace entire display part not just the glass. My touchscreen is working and responsive even though there are cracks. In Nexus 5, glass, LCD and digitizer are fused together you get them as a single part. The cost the local shopkeeper told is Rs.2000 including service charge. Cost of this touchscreen in one of the import website is Rs.1818 (dx,com). Other Indian website charges you more than 2K. 
There are few display which they are selling below Rs.1000. But be careful they are not the digitizer. They are just the glass which can be used instead of tampered screen. 

Nexus 5 charging port broken

My Nexus 5 charging port pin got broken. Phone didn't charge anymore. I searched in online for cost of charging port. It was around Rs.2000. I visited local phone service center and they fixed it for Rs.250.

I visited around 4 shops everyone told the price will be around Rs.250 to Rs.400. I just want to say don't try to fix it on your own. I saw the service man was using several tool which I am not even aware of. He used some kind of paste to remove the chip. Most of the part he didn't even use his hand. First I wanted to fix it myself but considering the charging port charge in online I backed off.

Apple Watch protector for Rs.100

My new protector , Cost - INR 103 , source - AliExpress

All round protection with glass over it

Link -

Delivery time - 09 days

Below are some of the photos how it goes with Apple Watch:

Quality is great for such a very low cost.

Best case Redmi 3S Prime

I bought this case for my Redmi 3S Prime, showed to my friends they liked it too. Thought of sharing it.

Case buy link -

Case image:

It cost only Rs:249.

Google Pixel ringtones MEGA download

I have got MEGA download link which contains Alarm, Notification and Ringtones of Google Pixel phone. You would be familiar with most of the ringtone if you have Android 7.0. Below is the download link:

Download -!DBJnSCAS!8_GBngUfmX8nt3e8vTTJJA

Flashed CM13 in Redmi 3S

You need to unlock bootloader, flash twrp and root ur device before flashing CM13 and gapps. For info regarding bootloader, twrp and root

Link for 17 November build-
→select arm64→6.0→pico→ download!


Samsung J5 2015 customization

Samsung J5 2015 customized like Google Pixel. Below is the screenshot of home screen.

How to do Google Pixel Customization in Samsung Galaxy J5: Well I'm using CM 12.1 from Nick verse along with Xposed v86 installed. The Xposed tweaks that I used are  * Flat style bar indicators  * Gravity box (lollipop)
And for the launcher I am using  * Nova launcher prime  * Moonrise icon pack
And at last the wallpaper is from Zedge app
Download Links: *Nova launcher prime :!NgkHVahC!-xTVmEfVFpn3l3z0bHm0whK4oz2O-8-wjZBOiLU1lng
* Moon rise icon pack :
Xposed tweaks 
*Gravitybox :
*Flat style bar indicators :
Note: You need root only if you want to change status bar else you can set launcher along with icon pack.