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Mobile phone that run Android 4.3 OS

It is reported that Android 4.3 will be officially unveiled at the end of July. Android 4.3 is still a jelly bean, not a lot of improvement.  But added a Bluetooth Low Energy (low-power Bluetooth technology) capabilities, while supporting OpenGL ES 3.0. Android 4.3 also have some improvements in camera interface.

Already few machines are spotted with Android 4.3 OS. Below are those.

Android 4.3 smartphones
LG Optimus L7 II Dual
This device is first spotted to have Android 4.3 version. It is a 4.3 inch screen mobile with dual SIM option.

Samsung S4
Samsung S4 will can be upgraded to Android 4.3 once its launched.

Nexus 4
Nexus 4 is spotted with Android 4.3 at Thailand Mobile Expo.

So this year you can expect many mobile with Android 4.3 version. It makes me a feel that the Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0) will reach our hands after a long time.

Motorola new logo mixed with Google colors

Motorola's mobile division was sold to Google since after the split. Then its name seems to be disappeared. But this week, the Motorola mobile suddenly "comeback", and a new attitude in the people's vision. Today, the new Motorola mobile LOGO was exposed. Compared to the previous LOGO, the new LOGO was more beautiful. Despite the well-known M LOGO still exists other things has been changed. Rich colors make the new LOGO looks more dynamic. The slogan under the icon you can see, the current move is part of Motorola's Google. The logo first appeared on Techweek website, but later in the week at the Chicago Technology Week officially unveiled on the LOGO. It seems Motorola has mobile division has got a rebirth. There are rumors that Motorola's new smart phone MOTO X will be released in August, which is the acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google.

CyanogenMod 10.1 stable version download

CyanogenMod 10.1 version is finally out. Now users can download CyanogenMod 10.1 from the official website.

However be noted that the stable version of CyanogenMod 10.1 does not support all Android models. Devices equipped with Tegra 2 processor models and the Samsung Exynos processor will not support. In addition, after the completion of CyanogenMod 10.1, the team said they would focus primarily on the next monthly update on the CyanogenMod add more features and functionality.

SoftSound introduced speaker pillow wirelessly connect to a TV

Before going to sleep a lot of people like to listen to music or watch TV. Most of them prefer to listen music through headphone or to sit near speaker. To avoid this SoftSound introduced a speaker pillow.

SoftSound speaker pillow will use bio-sensing technology. The foam and speaker are set in together. Two speakers are kept on the two corners of pillow and so there won't be any interference. There is option for mono and stereo. You can connect using wire and also wireless. This pillow has built-in amplifier. It comes with accessories including remote control and the RF transmitter. The speaker pillow has no built-in battery, you need four AA batteries. The speaker pillow also supports timer off function that allows you to sleep accompanied by music.

SoftSound speaker pillow priced $ 129.99, or about Rs. 8000.

Evolution of mobile phone technology after touch screen

Holographic Projection - For past 10 years keyboards and touchscreen where used for input in smartphones. Evolution from keyboard to touchscreen made a remarkable changes to the mobile phone. So now what is next? Is it fully voice aided mobile? No, currently there is project regarding Holographic Projection. It looks like exactly the below given image.

Virtual holographic projection imaging technique make use of interference and diffraction theory. It record and reproduce objects in real three-dimensional image. Before it was said that this input method will be available for Google Glass. It projects a virtual keyboard in the hands and will be user for human-computer interaction. If Holographic Projection is implemented successfully many touch screen such as one we seen in “Iron Man” movie can be implemented.

Lava to launch Firefox OS moblie in India for Rs.3000

Firefox OS mobile in India - Lava has planned to launch Firefox OS mobile in India soon. Firefox OS is a light smartphone OS and can run in low configuration hardware. This in-turn reduce the price of the handset. I have been expecting for Firefox OS mobile in India for many days. At first only few companies showed their willingness to provide hardware. Now gradually many companies tie-up with Firefox. It is a good news that Lava has taken step to release Firefox OS.

In India, still there are many people who can't afford Rs.5000. Also there is no other smart OS in that price range. If Firefox mobile get launched it will fill that low price (i.e) below Rs.5000. With this mobile you can do all the things that you do in Android. Nowadays we do most of our stuff in online, keeping this in mind Firefox OS has been developed.

High End Linux Gaming Laptop released from System 76

After the success of Android OS (based on Linux) developers started working on desktop Linux version to support games. As a result , "Steam" a multi-player gaming platform supports Linux versions. There are many laptops which runs Linux from right from the box. ZaReason is laptop vendor will sell their laptop with Linux OS already installed. System 76 released two high end Linux laptop that run Ubuntu OS. One laptop is designed for gamer and the other for office purpose. The laptop that designed for games is names as "Galago Ultrapro" and the laptop designed for office is named as "Gazelle Professional".

Galago Ultrapro - Linux gaming laptop:
The Ultrapro comes with 2GHz Intel Core i7-4750HQ  fourth-generation processor. This processor has got four cores to boost up the gaming experience. For graphics it has dedicated hardware by intel, GPU used in this laptop is Intel Iris Pro which is backed by 128MBs of eDRAM. This GPU is claimed that it can function be…

Apple products created by Tim Cook

Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple, succeeded by Steve Jobs. We all know all products created by Steve Jobs is a revolutionary one. His products includes iPhone - iPhone 4, all iPad version except Mini, and iPod. It will be easy to compare Tim Cook and Steve Jobs performance by the products designed by them. The product designed by Tim Cook are iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Let see what he added new to his product and what is reception among consumers.

iPhone 5
It is the first product released by Apple after the death of Steve Jobs. This product was equipped with iOS 6 and missed perfection. The iOS 6 has several added feature including their own maps replacing the Google Map. This map feature missed perfection such as showing wrong location in continents like Europe and Asia. This is the first time ever in Apple's history missed their perfection. So far whatever feature they add, it will be awesome/perfect. iPhone 5 missed the glitchless phone record. Whatever it may be iPhone 5 still tops i…

Apple Macbook Pro discount offer

Apple recently cut its 13 inches MacBook Pro (non-Retina screen version) price in educational stores. The new price after adjustment from the previous version is $ 1,099 dropped to $999.

The 13-inch MacBook features 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB memory and 500GB hard drive. If we pay more $ 300 (about 15000 Rupee), it can be upgraded to a 2.9GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB memory and 750GB hard drive. This reduction is undoubtedly a good news MacBook Pro educational users. But Apple did not feature the Retina screen and this made this product to sell for discount price.

Apple has now made a announcement regarding its new 5th generation iPod Touch. It will be cheaper in price. It means 4th generation iPod Touch will vacate its Apple's official store shelves quietly.