Apple products created by Tim Cook

Image courtesy - Tech Radar
Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple, succeeded by Steve Jobs. We all know all products created by Steve Jobs is a revolutionary one. His products includes iPhone - iPhone 4, all iPad version except Mini, and iPod. It will be easy to compare Tim Cook and Steve Jobs performance by the products designed by them. The product designed by Tim Cook are iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Let see what he added new to his product and what is reception among consumers.

iPhone 5
It is the first product released by Apple after the death of Steve Jobs. This product was equipped with iOS 6 and missed perfection. The iOS 6 has several added feature including their own maps replacing the Google Map. This map feature missed perfection such as showing wrong location in continents like Europe and Asia. This is the first time ever in Apple's history missed their perfection. So far whatever feature they add, it will be awesome/perfect. iPhone 5 missed the glitchless phone record. Whatever it may be iPhone 5 still tops in smartphone market. It scored about 8 stars out of 10 in all tech blogs. Review written by user says 'iPhone 5 is a recommended phone'. It ain't makes to think Tim Cook is a bad CEO. He might not able to organize the company like Steve Job but he proved that he can maintain the quality.

iPad Mini
This product was commented bad during the pre-release and after the launch it is one of the best tablet in the world.

iOS 7
iOS 7 is the latest OS fully designed based on the idea said by Tim Cook. The first preview of this OS seems to have mixed reviews. This OS has new design and fresh UI unlike the previous versions. It has new control center where you can adjust the settings like Wi-Fi, music and all the same single window. It has improved multi-tasking and lot more.

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