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Micromax funbook pro vs funbook Android ICS tablet PC

Micromax Funbook Pro: The first tablet by Micromax is Funbook. It almost covered the minds of Indians by its budget tablet image. Now after the funbook success this company has revealed another tablet PC named as Funbook Pro. Below were the general details about Funbook Pro in India.

Launch date of Funbook Pro – Released on July 2012
Price of Funbook Pro tablet – Rs.9,999 Indian rupee
Screen Size – 10.1 inches tablet
SIM card Slot - No

WishTel Ira Thing 2 Android ICS Tablet Specification

Ira Thing 2: Wishtel's latest tablet now available in market is Ira Thing 2. Recently just before this month it has launched Ira and Ira Thing tablet PC. Below is the details about Ira Thing 2 in India. 

Launch date of Ira Thing 2 – Released on July 2012 

Price of Ira Thing 2 tablet – Rs.4,505 Indian rupee
Screen Size – 7 inches tablet
SIM card Slot - No

Ira Thing 2 has got many pre-installed apps suited for Indians. Apps like Newspaper, social networking will be available inbuilt. Also special thing about this tablet is it has got Indian Keyboard that includes languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi and all Indian regional language. This tablet is available in six different color. Colors available in this tablet are  black, red, yellow, pink, blue and white.

Buy Google Nexus 7 in India

Buy Nexus 7 in India: As I said Nexus 7 will be available only though online means in India. Here I have given the details about where to buy the Nexus 7 tablet PC by google through online. We cant buy this tablet simply by the knowing online shopping. So I have listed the online shops who sells Nexus 7 tablet. Below is the list

What is PadFone by Asus

What is Asus PadFone: PadFone consists of two device one is mobile phone and the another is tablet converter station. When you insert this mobile in tablet converter station you can enjoy the features of tablet. The screen size of phone is 4.3 Inches and screen size of  tablet converter station is 10.1 Inches. Cost of PadFone will be 799-1,000 American Dollars. Cost of PadFone in India ranges from 44,000 to 55,000 Indian rupee.

Asus Padfone: This will be the costly mobile phone in this year I expect. The reason for the cost is due to its hybrid model. Customers were confused whether to buy mobile phone or a tablet. They made this invention which bridges the gap between mobile phone and tablet. Padfone has both the features of tablet and phone. This is actually a mobile phone when you insert this phone in PadFone Station this can be converted to 10.1 inch tablet. So it has two device packed within one case. One is Padfone tablet and the other is Padfone smartphone.

The Xpad budget Android ICS tablet by Simmtronics 800

The Xpad Tablet: Simmtronics Semiconductors Ltd has released a budget tablet titled as XPad. Below were the details of The Xpad Tablet in India.

Launch date of Xpad tablet– Released on July 2012 
Price of Xpad tablet– Rs.4,505 Indian rupee
Screen Size – 7 inches tablet
SIM card Slot - No

Lifebook T902 Windows 7 Laptop by Fujitsu Specification Price exposed

Lifebook T902: Fujitsu Japanese company produces many consumer electronic item now released hybrid product Laptop + Tablet. Below were the details of Lifebook T902 in India.

Launch date – Released on July 2012
Price – 1,04,500 Indian rupee
Screen Size – 13.3 inches tablet / Laptop
SIM card Slot - No

Where Can I buy Tablet PC in India

Buy Tablet PC in India: Every day we can see new Tablet PC in India. But we are confused where to buy this Tablet PC. Suppose take BSNL Pentatab we can buy at BSNL store but we have no idea where to buy tablet in the stores available in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkatta. Mostly Tablet PC will be available in  Laptop Showroom. Don't search for Tablets in Mobile showroom.

Skypad Gemini Android ICS budget tablet spotted with gaming sepcs

Skypad Gemini: Skytex US based Tablet PC company released two tablets Gemini & Protos. Here I have given the details about Skytex Gemini.

Launch date – Released on July 2012
Price - 10,500 Indian rupee
Specs (Display) – 7 inch tablet
SIM card Slot - No

iPad Mini release date

iPad Mini release date: We are not sure about is there anything like iPad mini. We have already discussed about iPad mini in our site. Now the new rumor is its release date. It is considered that it would reach market on Q3 or Q4. iPad mini has got small screen with only 7inch. It was considered as the rival to Kindle fire tablet at the beginning. But after the launch of Nexus 7 it was now heavy competition to iPad mini. Apple's target is to gain the middle cost tablet. But due to launch of Nexus 7 there is a doubt in Apple retaining in Tablet market.

Zync Z999 Plus hits India costs more than 10K

Zync Z999 Plus: Zync geared with launch of yet another tablet PC named Z999 Plus. This tablet is designed after the success of  Zync Z999. Below were the details of Zync Z999 Plus tablet PC.

Launch date – Released on July 2012
Price - 11,990 Indian rupee
Specs attracted – 1.5 GHz processor
Rating – 7.0 out of 10
SIM card Slot - Yes

Wickedleak Wammy Plus spotted India for 11,499 rupee

Wickedleak Wammy Plus: Already we have discussed about Wammy 7 tablet  in Mobile Wikipedia. It got many positive response from buyers. Now recently I have spotted Wammy Plus below are the details.

Launch date – Released on July 2012
Price - 11,499 Indian rupee
Specs attracted – SIM slot
Rating - 7.5 out of 10
SIM card Slot - Yes

Nokia will launch Android mobile in future reason unveiled

Nokia Android Phones: During the launch of Android OS, Nokia reported to the media like they wont launch Android mobile they will be unique in their OS. This scenario came to an end due to Microsoft decision.

Mercury mTab Rio Tablet PC by Kobian lauched this month

Mercury mTab Rio: Kobian India produces tablet with the label Mercury. Already we have disussed about a Kobain tablet priced much less. Below is the details of Mercury mTab Rio in India. Launch date - Available in India launched on July 2012. Price -  11999 Indian rupee Specs attracted -  Display size Rating - 7.0 out of 10 With SIM card Slot – No

Nexus 7 launch date in India official details

Nexus 7 launch date in India: We have discussed earlier in Mobile Wikipedia about the full details about  Nexus 7 tablet PC in India and its specs. Google has not yet opened words about launch in India. They confirms that there will delivery in US in mid-July. But some of the sources in internet says that Google lauches Nexus 7 in India. But I am sure that they wont launch it in India. Check out the official site of Nexus 7 they have support only for the countries that include US, Canada, Australia and Great Britan. This proves there is no launch in India. Only way to get Nexus in India is using online shopping.