Zync Z999 Plus hits India costs more than 10K

Zync Z999 Plus: Zync geared with launch of yet another tablet PC named Z999 Plus. This tablet is designed after the success of  Zync Z999. Below were the details of Zync Z999 Plus tablet PC.

Launch date – Released on July 2012
Price - 11,990 Indian rupee
Specs attracted – 1.5 GHz processor
Rating – 7.0 out of 10
SIM card Slot - Yes

Zync Z999 Plus got some extra features comparing to its previous version. In simple faults in previous version were eradicated. It looks that this tablet is designed for value for the money. Zync has got the specification which I mentioned for many tablets previous month. Only tablet with different Specs is the Nexus 7. Change in Nexus 7 is its OS which has got Jelly Bean. I am tired of looking after same specification for the tablet launched in India for past two months. In this tablet processor clock speed is increased. Another tablet PC released in this month with SIM slot is Wammy 7. Both the tablets has got almost the same specs and same cost. Its up to you to choose the best one. Zync leads in processor but fails in RAM with Wammy plus. The below tablet by Zync also fulfill your expectation.

Zync Z 990 Plus

Zync Z999 Plus Specification: Android ICS tablet is the OS with preloaded applications such as Facebook, Skype and Gmail. Tablet PC size is same as Zync Z999 Plus with 7inch and resolution 800x480 pixels. Dimensions are as follows.

Height: 192.5mm
Weight: 340gms
Width: 121.35mm
Depth: 12.2mm

Display Specs  :
Zync Z999 Plus display made of Capacitive touchscreen and got multitouch facility. Screen size when measured diagonally will be 7 inches. Screen resolution is 800x480 pixels.

Hardware specs
This CPU of tablet PC is made of 1.5GHz A8 ARM Cortex-A8 processor. GPU Mali-400 is available makes pleasant. Memory unit consists of 512MB  RAM,  8GB Storage Memory Internal, External 32GB via MicroSD memory card.

Battery backup is announced as 6 hours with 4200  mAh battery. Camera features only Front and back. Camera details below.
> 0.3M front camera
> 2MP Back Camera

Connectivity Specs
3G can be accessed through the GSM SIM slot. Wi-Fi is available and supports 802.11g,  802.11n. Ports for video out HDMI is available. Other ports are one USB, one DV-5V in, one 3.5mm Earphone Jack, microSD card slot.

Key Specs of Wammy Plus:
Operating system – Android ICS
CPU – 1.5Ghz
GPU – Mali 400
Internal storage – 8GB
RAM – 512 MB
Wi-Fi – Yes

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