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New year coupons Dominos Paytm

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Light painting using Lumia 730 camera

Below are the images captured using Lumia 730:

Shutter speed should be to maximum, in case of 730, it must be 4s. Focus on the light source. Keep the camera very steady, don't move it at all. The light source can be a torch or flashlight. Flash of the phone should be off. You need to move the torch or light source in the pattern you want.

Fix for 13 MP Micromax Canvas Nitro A310

This patch is for beta 2. Patch download link:

Google drive -
Mega -!9llXzAKC!Oto2mR2fSUTs_eH392kTEm-sWkKpKXPdpapNbqo2SZA

Beta7 has video recording bug. If you are using beta 7 download CAMU app from play store.

Does K3 note supports OTG

Yes it supports OTG. You can even connect keyboard via OTG. I tried using using 64GB pendirve and it worked. When I tried to connect HDD it got switched off.

Don't try using HDD in your phone. I read somewhere that it will explode your phone. But I don't have any proof of it. When I tried connecting Lenovo K3 Note just got switched off.

I tried connecting 250 GB external hard disk. So the maximum external storage it supported is 64GB pen drive.

Lenovo Weather Fix for DEV Roms K3 Note

This is the fix for DEV Roms Lenovo K3 Note. Now you can set cities or local locations.
1. Backup your current DEV Rom first.
2. Apply
3. Done...!

Google Drive download link -

Automate mouse and keyboard actions - Software

I recently came across a software named AutoIT which is a scripting tool to control your mouse. You heard it right, using this software you can move your mouse pointer and perform actions like single click, double click and scroll. You can perform a lot using the AutoIT tool. I use AutoIT to to perform below task.

Automate game play (Tribal Wars)

You can automate any browser game. The above videos is the tutorial to automate Tribal Wars game.

Automate Excel:

We use Excel everday for our office work. Autoit is good tool to automate repetitive task. Above video is a small demonstration of what can be done with Autoit.

Simple tutorial to get started:

Previous videos are long and not so easy to understand. The above video is the simple tutorial, a hello world kind of program in Autoit. You can watch above video to understand more about Autoit.

Yuphoria is not fully metal body. Metal is just on its rim

Below image shows Yuphoria is not fully metal body. Metal is just on its rim. Yurophia damaged phone photos.

Big data visualization tools for enterprise

Below are the well know industry standard Big data visualization tools.

TableauMicrostratergyQlikviewZoomDataSAS Visual Analytics 

Tableau and Qlikview is widely used visualization tool. They are used to create stunning visualization. Zoomdata is NOSQL (MongoDB) based big data visualization solution. Zoomdata can be used to easily visualize the dataset with more than billions of records. It is done by streaming the records.

Recently, SAS Visual Analytics is catching the race as it is widely used in BFSI, healthcare and clinical industry.

Microstratergy is largely used by retail companies which is also used for visualization.

Best WhatsApp lock app for Lenevo K3 Note

To make any lock app to work you need to enable usage access. Without it, apps like smart app lock and app lock will not work. So just enable in Device Admistrators and Apps with usage access.

Above image shows lock app work after enabling usage access.

Does Windows phone support IMO?

There is no official version for IMO in Windows Store for Windows Phone. Below is the screenshot of search result for IMO in Windows store:

All the apps in above screenshot are fake. Some claimed that there are few working unofficial version of IMO. However I didn't got lucky to try one.

People also mailed me with following questions:
Any "imo" app working in windows store?
IMO hai kya windows ke lya (Hindi)
Can I use imo for video chat in Lumia 535... Its not working. While opening imo it directly go to the review section of store
Imo is available for windows app store?
What is the original version of the imo?

Nokia Software Updater for Retailer 4.1 download

Nokia Software Updater for Retailer 4.1 download is a tool used to reset your Nokia Lumia Phone. This tool can solve your phone related problems by resetting the phone. Usually, Windows Device Recovery Tool 3.0.1 is used to fix problems in your phone. But, the Retailer 4.1 is the latest and works better than the 3.0.1 version. You can download it from the below link.

Download link -

This tool should be installed in PC/laptop/computer. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Is my Mi4i battery backup normal?

I am using Mi4i with MIUI 7 and below is my screenshot of battery backup time.

The above image shows the normal battery backup for Xiaomi Mi4i is around 7 hours. I checked with my tech friends and the results are all same for Mi4i phone. So the average battery backup for Mi4i is 7 hours. If your mobile lasts for 7 hrs then its normal.