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Boxight v1.2 double and blur images solution

Issue: Received my Boxight. But can't view well in cardboard app...double view. any help??
Solution: One developer have made config for our Boxight v1.2 ... New config added @ end of post...
Open cardboard app.Goto settings in it.Click 'Switch viewer"Scan below QR code. . Done, enjoy now...
The config applies to all cardboard apps (which based on cardboard API )
Here is how & why Boxight have changed the whole design of its cardboard. As google cardboard recommends to 40mm focal distance lenses & display to lens distance should be 4 - 4.5cm.
But Boxight have 7cm distance & 60mm lens,so the most apps which made for original cardboard doesn't work properly. So the developer made this config by calculating all parameters of our boxight v1.2. 
With this new config Scan is quick nowImage distortion is lessAdjusted centerField of view optimized

Blogger editor shortucuts

These are only shortcuts available in Blogger blogspot editor.

Shortcuts  ctrl + b = Bold
ctrl + i = Italic
ctrl + u = underline
ctrl +a = Select all
ctrl + l = Blockquote (when in HTML-mode only)
ctrl + z = Undo
ctrl + y = Redo
ctrl + shift + a = Link
ctrl + shift + p = Preview
ctrl + d = Save as Draft
ctrl + p = Publish Post
ctrl + s = Autosave and keep editing
ctrl + g = Indic transliteration

Unfortunately there is no shortcut for heading, sub heading, minor heading and normal which I use more. Only shortcut I find new in above list is Redo. Before knowing this shortcut I was just pressing ctrl + r, which will reload the page and lose my content.

In above list, which I copied directly from Google support, Link and preview shortcut is not working. If I give preview shortcut, it is showing me print option.. Think, we can only use basic shortcut like bold, italic, undo, redo, underline and select all.

JBL T100 headset offers review and compatiblity

JBL T100 - I bought this headset from Reliance Digital. During my first impression, it was very good in build quality, excellent bass and treble. I bought this headset for my Xiaomi Redmi 1S. This headset was also compatible with my Nokia Lumia 520, BlackBerry Z3 and Moto G. It is in-the-ear headphone type and also has mic facility. Mic range is long enough and doesn't demands to bring closer to the mouth.

Compatible phone - Redmi 1S, Moto G, One Plus One,  BlackBerry Z3 and Nokia Lumia 520Not compatible with - Macbook, Micromax Canvas 2 
I tested with only above listed devices. Some are mine and few are my friends. Don't buy this headset if you are planning for your laptop.

Comparison with my Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 was my previous headset. JBL seems to have low bass when compared to Smokin' Buds 2. However, JBL wins in terms of definition and sound. If you have used Smokin' Buds 2 before, you can clearly feel JBL lacks bass.


Best tech website in India

Whether you are going to buy a phone or tablet, we approach Google. But it requires good searching skills to get the information we need. If I search for mobile, Google will show results from all the country. Due to this I started following some particular websites to get tech information.

Tech2: I think it is famous website for technology related news. Two years back, I shortlisted and bought a tablet by following the review in their site. Trust me, the tablet is no so popular, people will skip to buy as it looks cheap Chinesse tablet. Turns out, it performs awesome. The price of the tablet was Rs.4000 and never believed that it will perform as written in the review.

Digit: If you have visited newspaper stall in railway station, you might have probably seen a magazine named Digit. The contents in the magazine are sourced from their website Digit. I usually visit this website to check out new gadgets that arrived India.

Economic Timea: I know Economics Time covers mostly about stock … error in Redmi 1S - Solved

Issue: Recently I updated my phone with latest play store. After, I started to see the error message unfortunately has stopped. Below is the screenshot.

I get this error message whenever I try to add account and when I lauch some of the apps like Google Play Store and Google Chrome browser.

The error message keep on pops out make me annoy. However the Play Store will lauch after I press the OK button in error message. So it doesn't impact me much.

To solve this issue, I uninstalled the updates of Play Store from the application manager (you can find in settings). I tried factory resetting, flashed custom ROM but none helped.

Finally, I took help of Google and found a easy fix. Luckily, it worked for me.

Fix: In settings, go to application manager. Swipe towards left until you see all applications on the screen, you'll find it after RUNNING. Click the menu button (Xiaomi's physical button with 4 lines). There you will see the option 'reset app preferen…

Mokee ROM android version 5.1.1 for Redmi 1S download

Today I installed Mokee 51‬.1 Nightly for Redmi 1S. This ROM is built on Android 5.1.1. In this article I have shared the screenshot and download link.


Download Link -

Above is direct link, clicking on it will download Mokee 51.1 ROM.

There is improvement from Mokee ROM android version 5.1.0. Lags are reduced. I used 5.1 gapps which is compatible with this ROM running Android version 5.1.1.

Some Pros of Mokee ROM Android V5.1.1:
No lags, when 3 apps opened at same time (MXPlayer, WhatsApp and Evernote)Camera quality is improvedBattery backup lasts for 11 hours approx with intermittent Wi-Fi connectionDoesn't lag while charging  Update - Mokee release version launched: Mokee release version download -

Improvements made:
NO random rebootBetter than any rom.....even better tgan cm12.1 r4 & r5Release version is more stable than Nightly. Using for last few days. No bug Wifi suspend after sc…

Moto G vs Moto G 2nd genration comparison

I received my Moto G2 today. Here are some pictures for u compared to my old Moto G.

My observations so far when comparing Both the Mobile
1. Moto G2 is much quicker to boot but slow to shut down compared to Previous gen Moto G.
2. Speaker on the front makes the phone look bad(My personal Opinion)
3. Call quality isn't clear. Previous Moto G is better
4. Camera on the new Moto G is wider, more bright cos of the wide angle large aperture lens.
5. Charger and Headphones doesnt look brand new.
6. IMEI number starts with 3533XXX(If u recollect, IMEI with 3533 in previous gen Moto G had network issues)
7. No lamination Cover for the box

Picture comparison

IPL live streaming app for Windows Phone

Need to watch IPL live streaming in Windows Phone? Here are the apps from which you can watch IPL live streaming.

Supported Devices: All Windows Phone handset Nokia Lumia Series, HTC Windows Phone, Samsung Windows Phone, Micromax and Xolo Windows phone.

Apps for Windows Phone:
There are two apps in which you can watch IPL live streaming. You can either use Hotstar or Star Sports app.

I have direct link to download the XAP file of Hotstar. Many users complaint that they are not able to install the app in their phone. But you can give it a try.

Direct link 
Windows Store link

This app is not just for IPL live streaming but it contains other contents like TV series, music and entertainment stuffs. app:
I used this app to stream the first match between Kolkatta Knight Riders VS Mumbai Indians. Here are some snapshots.

Here you can see the video quality is not so good. I streamed this video using my mobile internet (2G). It is quite fast and streamed without buffering. Ho…

Which is best Redmi 1S headphone?

Best Redmi 1S headphones
Xiaomi MI piston: Obviously, Xiaomi MI piston headphone gets huge vote from Redmi users. But the problem is that this headphones are not available every time. They usually go out of stock. It forces Redmi users to choose an alternative. Here you will find some alternatives for MI piston.

I picked the alternative based on the voting by Redmi users. Only the headset which managed to get 4000+ votes are mentioned here. The headsets mentioned here are the best as per the data but not by my opinion.

Let's see what voters say about this headset.

Tekfusion - Twinwoofers (Rs.1000 - Rs.1700)
This headset got 5032 votes and stands number 1. Don't get offended, I never heard of this brand. I thought popular brands like JBL or SkullCandy will be number 1. It's good to see there are some products which deserve top position.

Positive opinions about Tekfusion - Twinwoofers 1. People are happy with Bass. I can see most of them mentioned it has good bass.
2. It has go…