Blogger editor shortucuts

These are only shortcuts available in Blogger blogspot editor.


ctrl + b = Bold
ctrl + i = Italic
ctrl + u = underline
ctrl +a = Select all
ctrl + l = Blockquote (when in HTML-mode only)
ctrl + z = Undo
ctrl + y = Redo
ctrl + shift + a = Link
ctrl + shift + p = Preview
ctrl + d = Save as Draft
ctrl + p = Publish Post
ctrl + s = Autosave and keep editing
ctrl + g = Indic transliteration

Unfortunately there is no shortcut for heading, sub heading, minor heading and normal which I use more. Only shortcut I find new in above list is Redo. Before knowing this shortcut I was just pressing ctrl + r, which will reload the page and lose my content.

In above list, which I copied directly from Google support, Link and preview shortcut is not working. If I give preview shortcut, it is showing me print option.. Think, we can only use basic shortcut like bold, italic, undo, redo, underline and select all.

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