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The file "iTunes Library.itl" cannot be read because it was created with a newer version of iTunes

While launching iTunes I get following error:

The file "iTunes Library.itl" cannot be read because it was created with a newer version of iTunes

Solution: Go to documents and delete the iTunes library you are using an older version of iTunes and your library was created on newer iTunes version so delete the old library first then try to open iTunes it will work
iTunes folder location: Open My Computer -> Documents (you will find in your left pan) -> iTunes.
Delete the iTunes folder.

Increase your internal memory partition on your Micromax Canvas 2.2

Increase internal memory Micromax Canvas 2.2:
1. Phone must be rooted
2. Install Twrp recovery
3. Reboot ur mobile in custom recovery mode take backup
4. Install Hk rom editor
5. Open the Hk rom editor & Increase your memory to 2.5 GB
6. reboot in recovery mode
7. Factory reset data otherwise phone will get struck ed in Boot loop
8. Reboot that's it enjoy

HKRom editor download link -

Screenshot after increasing memory to 2.5GB

Lenovo K3 Note MIUI 7 Beta ROM download

MIUI 7 Beta ROM link for Lenovo K3 Note. Though come with few bugs but tolerable. Bugs can be fixed by 3 party apps.

Download link -
Password :2516

About this ROM: It has multi user facility. The default camera app is good which is MIUI camera. Only bug is you can't shoot a video. You need to install any 3rd party video apps. Also default video player don't play video, have to install MXplayer. No other bugs. So smooth. No lags at all. I only played clash of clans game and it was smooth. Battery back up is good. RAM consumption is higher but not affecting up smoothness.

Lumia 520: Unable to find a bootable option - solution

My Lumia 520 suddenly got off and showing this error message

ERROR: Unable to find a bootable option. Press any key to shut down.

Its not restarting just showing this message.

Error Screenshot: Solution: You can try recovering your software by Lumia software recovery tool or take it to Nokia care. It seems that you have downloaded Windows 10. 
If your phone doesn't get detected in your computer then you can visit Nokia or Microsoft care. They will recommend you to buy new one. Microsoft is yet to find solution of this. I did everything that I should have done for revival of my phone. Yet nothing happened. I moved on and brought 730.
Hard reset or recover it not going to work. Service center would charge around 3.5k so last option is to dispose it and go for new one. Many user found same problem. This is cause from overheat. After heavy use, processor is getting hot and affect your storage chip. When storage chip was broken, your phone cannot detect OS inside.
Solution is changing …

Best Third Party Keyboards For iOS 8

It's better late than never. Apple finally adds support of third party keyboards into iOS 8. In addition to predictive text, we can customize the keyboard and can add as many keyboards as we want just like before. Developers can introduce new keyboards and they can be installed just like usual App Store apps. Moreover its as easy to install a keyboard as simply going to Settings>General>Keyboard>Add New Keyboard but note that the third party keyboard will only appear if you have installed the app. There is going to be a new section in the Settings where names of third party keyboards will appear. Please note that third party keyboards will only work on iOS 8.0 & above.

Below you will find the list of all the popular keyboard apps on iTunes Store. This list includes both free & paid apps. There are hundreds of keyboard apps on App Store now. we will only provide links that deserves more attention. for more apps you can always explore App Store.

List of Best Third Pa…

Pangu v1.1 download for Windows and Mac - Dropbox

Pangu is tool used to jailbreak iPhone. Jail breaking is different for different iOS version. There are lot of tutorial available in Google in form of videos, images and text. Here I have just given the Pangu download for Windows and Mac OS. I have uploaded these in my personal Dropbox account and made it public.

For Windows:
Link -

For Mac:
Link -

You can either save it in your Dropbox account if you have one or download it in your personal computer.

Ubuntu: Can't install any software from software center due to Authentication Error

Can't install any software from software center due to this error.

Software can't be installed or removed because the authentication service is not available.

Screenshot: Solution:
Workaround : On terminal> sudo software-center. Now try downloading.
Permanent solution : Install all pending updates.
Alternative solution: You can try using an alternative software manager like synaptic, muon, muon software center, lubuntu software center. Terminal doesn't always have to be the solution.

Will Apple release any new model of iPhone in this coming September ?

Days back we might have heard that Apple is going to release new iPhone models. This news created two questions.

Will Apple gonna release any new model of iPhone in this coming September? Should I wait for new iPhone or buy iPhone 6?

Report says that Apple is holding iPhone event once again on 9th September. It is going to happen in a month and so it is better to wait for the new iPhone.

How much time it gonna take to come at stores in US and Canada?
It usually takes around 1-2 weeks after the iPhone launch event. In this case, we can expect new iPhone model around September 23.

What about India?
iPhone 6 was launched in the month of October. So we can expect the same this year. However, when I asked in the stores they said that the iphone 6s will be launching on the month of November or December.

How to downgrade YU Yureka from Lolipop to Kitkat

Downgrading YU Yureka

You need to have PC and files needed to downgrade to do these steps. Download the below files in your computer.

CM 11 Kitkat ROM -

Fastboot -
Pdanet+.exe -

In Phone:
Go to settings and get into developer options and click Advanced Reboot then tick Android Debugging.Press power button and click reboot then Bootloader. Connect your phone with a USB cable properly to PC. 

In PC:

Now that you have connected to phone to PC. You need to install files from PC to your phone. Watch the below 3 minute video to get better insight.

Sailfish OS ported to Android phone

A bunch of developers were in the process of porting Sailfish OS to Android Phone (Xiaomi Redmi 1S). The work is in progress and is not yet completed. Developers informed that few issues were to be take care of.

Source -

If you are interested to contribute to this project you can get started from here.

Developer has just completed the UI part and this is how it looks in Xiaomi Redmi 1S.

Hope Salifish OS port will be available for all Android OS.

Razer joystick and Windows Phone in action

I tried to connect my Razer joystick to my Nokia Lumia 920 phone and it works just fine. Here I like will share some information and requirements about connecting your phone to Windows Phone.

Connecting joystick to Windows Phone: You need a Bluetooth enabled joystick to connect to your Windows Phone. Turn on your Phone's Bluetooth and your controller gets connected. Wait till the status changes from connecting to connected. You should be patient in this step as it may take more than 5 minutes. It took more than 5 attempts to make it successful.

Sometimes the status changes to "not connected" even after you get the message as connected. It is because the joystick will goes to sleep state. It will become automatically once you start playing game with joystick compatible games.

ROM; Updated MIUI6 v5.8.5 (beta china) download for Redmi 1S

What is new in update?Landscaping / Icon 1080P / expand functionality / Viper Audio / New Green Guardian V2.7-Beta4 (AnWen modified version) Model camouflage removed, if necessary, please download their own Added Settings icon beautification New battery icon beautification and repair the percentage of power asymmetry and icon Modify wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper Modify recent mission to beautify the material for full screen Modify ized new landscaping details, refer to screenshot Ized modify the default icon size is 1080P (small) Ized modify the percentage of power in the battery icon is displayed in Add Original version desktop display weather Modify more can not be introduced one by one, into the brush more changes to your own experience MIUI Updated ROM download link - Slight Changes Add Android core cracks, signatures do not match can freely cover the installation  Modified center (network speed, signal left and center time, icon…

What is the red dot in Windows Phone 10 keyboard?

I have red dot in my Windows Phone 10 keyboard. What is it?

This red dot or (blue dot) depends on the theme can be used to move your keyboard to a different place if you have Lumia 1320, 1520, 640  XL or any Lumia phone with 5-inch screen size. Below is the picture showing moving your keyboard to different location.

Or you can use it as a cursor, For example if I missed any alphabet between any word from that arrow I can move my cursor to the correct position where I missed. It is almost like a track pad

This is not supported in Lumia 535.