Will Apple release any new model of iPhone in this coming September ?

Days back we might have heard that Apple is going to release new iPhone models. This news created two questions.

  1. Will Apple gonna release any new model of iPhone in this coming September? 
  2. Should I wait for new iPhone or buy iPhone 6?

Report says that Apple is holding iPhone event once again on 9th September. It is going to happen in a month and so it is better to wait for the new iPhone.

How much time it gonna take to come at stores in US and Canada?
It usually takes around 1-2 weeks after the iPhone launch event. In this case, we can expect new iPhone model around September 23.

What about India?
iPhone 6 was launched in the month of October. So we can expect the same this year. However, when I asked in the stores they said that the iphone 6s will be launching on the month of November or December.

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