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Free games for 512 MB RAM Android mobile

Getting good game in Android Play store is like searching for a gold ring in ocean. You can't get good game easily. I had finished using my Android mobile and its my time to share the best games that I enjoyed playing. Before providing the game list let me provide my device specification.

RAM - 512 MB
Processor - 1.2GHz single core cortex A-8 processor
GPU - Mali 400

You can see the specification is old. However don't forget that my Android tablet has got GPU which is used for processing graphics.

Games for 512 MB RAM:

Game ListAces of the LuftwaffeAgent DashArcane LegendsBeach Buggy BlitzBouncy BallBouncy SeedChasing YelloFlick Shoot (Soccer Football)Hill Climb RacingInotia 3 - Children of CarniaInto the deadManuganuMonsters VS HumansPlay Tennis by Clapfoot IncRope EscapeSector StrikeShoot the AppleSubway SurfersTiny RobotsTower Defense by Come2UsThe Moron Test
All the above mentioned game work perfect in 512 MB RAM Android phone or tablet. I had tried even more games apart fro…

This video is not available in your country, bypass it

This video is not available in your country - When I tried to watch Chris Lynn catch in IPL 7 against RCB video in YouTube, I was not able to watch it. Then I found that the video owner has published this video only to specific countries. If a owner wants to target only USA people then he/she can select USA in geographical location. So those video can't be watched by the people outside USA.

There are lot of solution to bypass it. One of the easiest way is using proxy. I tried using proxy website and it worked for me fine. Open the proxy site and write YouTube website in the website bar. Then search for the video you want to see.

Does it violates any policy?
No, it does not violates any policies.

OnePlus One Android based CyanogenMod OS Phone

OnePlus One - It is a handset from Chinese manufacturer OnePlus. Its first model is named as One. This phone is now talked much in internet because of its sleek design and unbelievable price. This phone runs on CyanogenMod OS. It is the best altered Android OS available currently in market.

Launch dateJune 2014Price$299Screen Size5.5 inchSIMSingle - Micro SIM
What is new in OnePlus One? 
Android users tweak their mobile to run faster and smoother. However if you tweak on your own, it void manufacturers warranty. In OnePlus One, tweaked Android version is available out of the box. This tweaked Android version is know as CyanogenMod. This will definitely make a new phone experience. For the price $299, user can enjoy a good hardware feature. It looks like it is a direct competitor to Google Nexus 5.

SpecificationWeight162 gOperating SystemCyanogenMod 11S based on Android 4.4CPUQualcomm© Snapdragon™ 801 processor with 2.5GHz Quad-core CPUsGPUAdreno 330, 578MHzRAM3 GBBattery3100 mAh L…

Nokia X to compete with Iris 450, Gionee P4, iBall Andi 4.5P

Nokia X - Nokia now made a smart move to acquire budget phone market. It recently launhed its first Android based smartphone Nokia X to the market. However it doesn't has access to Android Play store it provides app support through its own market. I am not here to give Nokia X review. Recently several Android smart-phone has entered the market. I feel those phone may give good competition to Nokia X. Lets look at the specification of those phone.

Nokia XLava Iris 450Gionee P4iBall Andi 4.5PLaunch DateMar-14Apr-14Apr-14Apr-14PriceRs.7200Rs.7999Rs.9888Rs.7400Battery Backup9 hrs11 hrsNot mentionedScreen Size4 inch4.5 inch4.5 inch4.5 inchRAM 512 MB512 MB1 GBNot mentionedCamera 3 MP5 MP5 MP8 MPCamera flashNOLEDLEDLED

Specification seems almost the same. However the performance may differ. All the mobile looks good but its the customer choice to select the loved one. Lava and Nokia provides multiple color options.

Firefox OS 2.0 design exposed

Firefox OS 2.0 - Mozilla has said in the last version of Firefox OS mobile operating system will be a significant change in the interface areas. Recent exposure of the screenshots shows that latest Firefox OS 2.0 interface design is different from Firefox OS 1.3.

From the above screenshot you can see it has got circular icons. The translucent interface is more apparent. It is worth mentioning that the multi-tasking, notification and unlock type is very similar to Apple's iOS 7.

Firefox has added EverythingMe function to its new OS version. Mozilla has not announced the release date. But it seems that we need to wait for sometime to run Firefox 2.0 in our mobile.

Inferno novel story in short and review

Inferno review:
Pages - 480
Required time to read - 40 hours
Total chapters - 104
Ages - 15 - 45

It is written by Dan Brown, a well known American authour. Most of the novels written by him are best seller. Stories in all his novels will be different but the theme will be like treasure hunt game. It will be like main character will be searching for some object, to get that object he/she needs to solve the clue.

Story of Inferno: 
There is a scientist who worry about the future of the world. His worries are about the increasing population in the world. He wanted to reduce the one third of the population by some means. He discovers a virus which helps to achieve his mission. He believes that reducing population can enhance the man kind.

In medieval period, Europe people had died due to a disease call Black Death. They are not able to find the reason behind Black Death. However after the Black Death Renaissance period was formed. Renaissance means new life. After Renaissance period Europe…

View local train routes offline in Nokia Lumia Here Maps

We know that we can see the buses that are going towards particular directions. I recently found out that we can also view the local trains (electric train) and the routes using Nokia Lumia Here maps. This feature is available in all the Lumia handsets. I hope this feature will be available for other Windows Phone like HTC, Samsung etc (but not sure). I used this feature in India in the cities Hyderabad and Bangalore. Lets see how to use this feature.

Step 1: Open Here Maps app.
Step 2: Search for the railway station from where your local train departures.
Step 3: Then single tap on the local train icon (image given below). Observe well there will be difference in local train icon and railway station icon.

Step 4: Once tapped on the local train icon it shows the trains and the direction.

Above image is the screenshot of Here Map where I have looked up for local trains from Secundrabad. It shows there are two trains Lingampally - Hyderabad and Lingampally - Faluknama. Confirm with the …

Honda Brio VS Hyndai i10 which is best car?

Honda Brio VS Hyndai i10 - This both are eye catching cars in 4 - 6 lakh range. Let's see the simple comparision of this cars.

Car Model Honda BrioHyndai i10PriceRs. 4.20 to 6.20 lakhRs.3.8 to 6.3 lakh Milage19.4 Kmpl for Petrol19.8 Kmpl for Petrol, 15.3 Kmpl for LPGPlusMechanical functions (engine performance) is good. More spacious and
comfort. Easy to take deep turns.Provided with more equipments. Easy to drive and handle. Large boot space
(rear part of car where we keep luggages)MinusMiss equipments like parking sensor, Bluetooth, Electric mirrors. Mechanically weak when compared to Brio.Transmission typeAutomatic and ManualAutomatic and ManualFuel Availabe in petrolAvailable in petrol and LPG
Which one to choose?
Both cars are value for money. It has got best features for the price pack.

Honda Brio:
This car has good mechanical power and focused more on mechanical parts. You can drive smooth even at high speed. It is best for highway roads. The car is more spacious for persons. …

Set default search engine as Google in Windows Phone 8?

In all the browsers we have Google as default search engine. However it is not the case in Internet Explorer. As it is the product of Microsoft, the default search engine is Bing search. Windows Phone allows user to use either Google search or Bing search. Let's see how to set default search provider as Google.

Method 1:
1. Open 'Settings' and then swipe the screen towards left to see 'Application settings'.
2. Open Internet Explorer which will be listed in Application settings. In my phone (Nokia Lumia 520) it is listed fourth.
3. Then click on 'advanced settings' to change search provider.
4. Scroll down to see 'Default search provider', it will provide option to choose the preferred search engine.

Method 2:
Search engine can be changed directly from Internet Explorer which I have provided in this method.
1. Open 'Internet Explorer' and then click on menu which is a three dots that you can find in right-bottom of the screen.
2. Scroll down, …