View local train routes offline in Nokia Lumia Here Maps

We know that we can see the buses that are going towards particular directions. I recently found out that we can also view the local trains (electric train) and the routes using Nokia Lumia Here maps. This feature is available in all the Lumia handsets. I hope this feature will be available for other Windows Phone like HTC, Samsung etc (but not sure). I used this feature in India in the cities Hyderabad and Bangalore. Lets see how to use this feature.

Step 1: Open Here Maps app.
Step 2: Search for the railway station from where your local train departures.
Step 3: Then single tap on the local train icon (image given below). Observe well there will be difference in local train icon and railway station icon.

Step 4: Once tapped on the local train icon it shows the trains and the direction.

Above image is the screenshot of Here Map where I have looked up for local trains from Secundrabad. It shows there are two trains Lingampally - Hyderabad and Lingampally - Faluknama. Confirm with the passengers in the local train before you board. The black line indicates the routes where local train travels.

Note: Local train icon and train icon are different. Tap on the correct icon to look up rountes and train information.

I don't know whether this facility is available in Google Maps or not. But it not available in offline mode. Make use of this wonderful app to reach the destination at right time.

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