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Sugar Sugar solution for level 22 to 29

Sugar Sugar solution - Here I have given Sugar Sugar online game walkthrough from level 22 to level 29. I haven't given step by step walkthrough but this will be helpful to get some idea about finishing the level. You should make use of gravity changer to finish some level. For all levels concentrate to fill cups one after the another. First give priority to white sugar then common color and then unique color.

Level 22:
In this level first fill orange in both the cups. Then fill green sugar and finally you can fill the blue sugar.

Level 23:
This level is very easy to complete. Only thing is you need to make use of gravity changer. This level expects some patience from you.

Level 24:
This level seems to be hard but it is very easy one. First fill rose, then green, then red and finally blue. Don't let more than one sugar to fall inside the cup.

Level 25:

Level 27:

Level 28:

Level 29:

Nokia Lumia 520 home screen tile designs

I have designed Nokia Lumia 520 home screen tiles to make it cool. So I made some pattern using Windows Tiles. I had many ideas in my mind but I am not able to achieve all.

Microsoft  tile design:
Below home screen designs are from Nokia Lumia 535. It is after updating to Windows 8.1.

How to cook sweet corn in home

How to cook sweet corn: Corn is easy to cook, it is similar to cooking Maggi noodles. It don't take much time except for removing corn kernels. Lets move into preparation of sweet corn.

Corn - 1
Salt - 1 tablespoon (maybe higher if you use more water)
Pepper - 1 tablespoon

Put the corn kernels in pan and pour sufficient amount of water, so that you can boil the corn fully. Boil the corn for 5 minutes. Add salt while boiling to improve the taste. After you have done with boiling, add some pepper and salt to taste better.

Also it can gently fried with butter. To that fried butter corn, add 1 tablespoon of chilli and chat masala.

What I expected after above recipe is

What I prepared is