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How to enable screen record option in ‎Huawei honor holly?

You can enable screen record or screen cast option in ‎Huawei honor holly and below is the screenshot.
To enable this option you need to Root your phone and install GravityBox. It is used to record our screen, and save that as a mp4 file.

Buy Mi Piston for cheaper price in India from China website

Good news for all MI piston lovers. I recently ordered a MI piston from China.... I got it for just 5$=300 rs.. Including shipping.. And it is original.. And some how I feel that it's quality is far better than the Indian ones.. And it's 100% original.. Order yourself one... And lemme know how it went..

Common FAQS: How much days for shipment?
I got it after 21 days.

Is there any extra charge for customs?
No. This product didn't catch up in customs.. Cause it was priced less.

Can I trust this website?
Totally... You can trust.. If they fail to deliver within that time.. You get the full money..

Why this headset is too cheap?
In China 5$ is the price of piston... But in India flipkart is making profit of it, By selling at higher price

What color do we get?
I ordered already... And I have it...It is the gold... Yea it is the same original one, like the ones sold in India...

Will they accept all cards?
Well I used a card from bank of Ameri…

Installed Mi Xperia ROM in Xiaomi Redmi 1S - screenshots

XDA forum for Redmi 1S came with a new ROM named as Mi Xperia V2.0. I installed by referring the developers guide. And now my phone looks like this after installing Xperia ROM.

What Should I Do To Get This ROM? To download ROM - Download link
To install Google Apps (Play Store, Play services and all) -

Steps to install ROM: # Download ROM (Part 1 & Part 2 Both) & GAPPS
# Copy ROM & GAPPS to Internal or External SD Card
# Boot into Custom Recovery (TWRP or CWM)
# Wipe data,system,cache,dalvik/factory reset
# Flash Part 1 Zip
# Flash Part 2 Zip and Reboot to System
# Reboot to Recovery
# Flash GAPPS
# Flash Mi_Xperia!

Official link of this ROM -

Facebook app is now 252 KB

Facebook recently launched a new app named it as Facebook lite which is only 252 KB. This app is suitable for low and mid end smartphones. This app doesn't use your mobile resource instead it use data to show content.

The UI of this app looks like the Facebook in old Java or Symbian mobile. Obviously those apps will be faster in modern Android OS. Below is the screenshot of Facebook Lite running in my Android phone.

Download LinksPlay Store
Zippy Share

How to format sd card in Zenfone 5

Where will I find SD card format option in Zenfone 5? Unfortunately there is no option to format SD card from Zenfone 5. I checked the settings as well as official Zenfone support and fount no solution.

The only option is to connect your phone to computer and do formatting. If you don't have computer then just delete the files in your SD card using file manager.

Asus Zenfone 5 automatic restart problem

I am facing a problem from Asus Zenfone 5 when i talk to 30-40 min continuously, my phone is getting restarted .Did any one faced this problem? Does it has any Solution?

After update, backup the useful data and then clear the user data and cache from recovery. This will solve memory and battery issues.

You can find many tutorials with screenshot for clearing cache from recovery mode for Asus Zenfone 5.

Asus Zenfone 5 got message update

Now there is update available for Zenfone 5 for message. The update is for adding background and dark theme.

It reminds me WhatsApp where you can set any supported picture as background. You can either have normal message view or dark message view like below.

You'll now see a new option in settings ( in Messages ) called "Dark" . When you enable it , the message window has a black background in white text , making it easier to read and looks super cool

Some reported that Zenfone 4, 4.5 inch display version has got this update too.

Moto E - There is insufficient space on the device - Solved

Issue When I try to install app from Play Store in Moto E, I receive error message like 'There is insufficient space on the device' even I have space in my device. Below is the screen shot of error message even when I had enough space.

Solution Uninstall all updates in Playstore. To do that go to Settings -- applications -- playstore -- uninstll updates. Then try to install new app and it works perfectly.

Moto E Screen Broken! What Is The Cost? Can I Replace Glass Alone?

My Moto E screen got broken and here is the picture of the phone.

Is it possible to change broken glass alone? Even I after my display got broken my touch is working fine. So I wondered is it enough to change glass or I should change both glass and display. I consulted nearest mobile service shop and it turns out the touch is fused with glass and you need to buy the both.

What is the cost of Mote E display I visited service center to get more insight about my screen. Here is what the service guy told, "Moto E will come with glass touch panel & display and it cost Rs.3000".

I also enquired outside shops and the price there ranges from Rs.1600 to Rs.2300.

Ebay has damn cheap priced display There are several sellers in eBay who sell this display for Rs.650. You can visit mobile service center to replace and it charges Rs. 50 - 200 depending on the shop. In eBay search for 'Moto E digitizer' which is what seller named the display of Moto E.

If you are good with tweaking…

Auto rotate option missing in Moto G after Lollipop update, how to enable?

Moto G Auto Rotate: After you update Moto G to Android Lollipop you may find that there won't be auto-rotate screen in easy settings. In the new version this option is moved to Settings -> Accessibility -> Auto Rotate. Refer the image below if you are not able to recognize it.

Here Maps download for BlackBerry 10 phone

I was searching for either Google Map or Here Map for long time. My first priority is Google Map, unfortunately I am not able to use any services from Google because Google play service is not supported in BlackBerry.
Now I have only option and it is Here Maps. I used windows phone for a while. Here Maps come pre-installed in that phone. However it does got huge database of places like Google but it is the second best map service available for mobile phone. 
Good news is I found an apk file which runs Here Map in BlackBerry. I got tbe app from below Dropbox link.
Here Map For BlackBerry Download
I tested it in my BlackBerry Z3 and is working like charm. 

Problems and improvements after updating Moto G official Lollipop update

Moto G has rolled out Lollipop ‎update. You will be receiving Lollipop version 5.0.2.  But still there are users who didn't got the update. You will get the below screen once your phone receive update. 

Post Installation Screen Shots

My Battery Backup Increased For me Moto G showed good results in battery backup. My battery used to reach 10% after 8 hour usage which is now 11 hour.
Shows Exclamation Mark in Wi-Fi icon After updating to Lollipop my wi-fi  icon shows exclamation mark. I don't know what it indicates and how to get rid of it. It is slightly annoying. However I was able to connect even while it shows exclamation mark. 
Phone Performance Is Slightly Reduced Post upgrade to Lollipop OS my phone doesn't performed the same as before. It took few seconds to react whenever I press back or home button. However I found a workaround to improve the peformance.

‎Turn off your phone press and hold power and volume down button together for for 3-4 sec. You will find a screen p…

Xiaomi RedMi 1s review after 125 days

Here is my review of Xiaomi Redimi 1S after using it for 105 days. I bought this mobile in first stock (September 2nd 2014) and never rooted.

So this my brief (personal) review. Let's say OPINION regarding Xiaomi Redmi 1S. In July ,2014 I was looking for a decent phone (cheap). Was stuck on Moto E and Micromax Unite 2 but then heard about Xiaomi CHINESE Brand or APPLE Of china and blah blah. Searched about it, many articles told Redmi 1S has superb specs and awesome price (6999) (previously). Perfect rival of Moto E. Decided to take a chance as the camera of Moto E is not upto the par. Then the date of launching announced. With reduced price tag of "5999". Next i registered it and Bang! Got it on first sale. Delivered on 9th September.  
Experience and complaints 1. Superb smooth touch no issues with it, except while charging.
2. Best display quality in class 720p video looks amazing. (large enough).
3. Again best in class camera.(secondary + front) both.
4.MIUI Themes…

Nokia 215 will be good if it has Wi-Fi option

Nokia 215 wi-fi - Microsoft recently unveiled an internet keypad phone. It has been announced for killer price $29. The phone inherited the looks from Nokia keypad phone and has inbuilt apps which most users crave for.

Apps in Nokia 215 This basic internet phone has built in apps which includes: Opera Mini browserFacebook Messenger (chat)
It is also advertised like user can install other apps like Twitter.
Specs The 78 gram phone comes with 8 MB RAM, external memory card support of upto 32 GB, replaceable 1100 mAh battery and USB 2.0 port for charging. It even has a camera with 0.3 MP. As a basic phone it doesn’t have any fancy hardware.
You can enjoy Nokia’s legacy backlit keypad, torch and long lasting battery backup.
No wi-fi facility
For intenet you can make use of GPRS/EDGE facility. It means you can recharge 2G internet pack and use it.
Since the 2G mobile data rates are soaring. This made me to switch my internet usage to wi-fi. In a day I connect 95% of my time to wi-fi …

Why online shopping sites are obsessed to install their apps?

Whenever I open websites like Flipkart, SnapDeal, Aamzon annoyingly shows their ad to download mobile app. This ad consumes almost 25% of my screen which made me to switch to 5-inch phone. Even it makes me to feel annoyed .

All of the sudden they are providing attractive offers. It created me suspicious about the apps. Why they need to provide offers only for mobile apps? why they keep on advertise to install the apps?

Here are few guesses:Apps are easiest way to advertise. The hit rate is more than any form advertisement like TV, website or FM.Apps can generate notification and it is not under your control. When I bought Xiaomi Redmi 1S it came pre-installed Flipkart app and once I received notification which says 20% offer in mobile phones. Technically they call it as push notification. Is it only about advertisement? I have another guess. Maybe they reduce the web load using the app. App use your phone's resource (RAM, CPU) and this will reduce their web load. You know enterpris…

How to easily convert webm video to mp3 format?

Webm to Mp3 converter - Recently I screencast my Fedora linux desktop. The screencast will be saved in webm format. If you are using latest Fedora with Gnome 3 you mind have seen it. Now I had an problem where most of the online and few offline video editing tool were not able to recognize webm format. The popular video format I know is mp4.
Tried several online conversion website - It failed I Google'd for online video editing tools. I tried the top results. Video upload was successful but conversion failed. Repeated for several times but it failed again.

I don't want to install software to make this simple conversion. Out of the blue I got an idea.

Upload to YouTube and download it I downloaded several YouTube video which will be always in mp4 format. The idea forced me to do a try. I uploaded and ‎downloaded it from online YouTube downloader. Boom video got converted.

Link for YouTube video down loader -

I usually use above website to download YouTub…

Stock clearance sale - iPhone 5S for cheaper price

iPhone 5S offer - Apple launched its new iPhone 6 in Indian market. Now you can buy it from popular online store like Flipkart, Amazon and SnapDeal. Every new iPhone launch Apple will cut the cost of its predecessor to clear the inventory. I was waiting for the offer to show up. Now the offer is live and running. You can get yourself new iPhone 5S for 8000 rupee less than its original price.

Apple originally launched iPhone 5S for Rs.46000 (8 GB variant) and the same model is now available for 38000 rupee. The prices may slightly change depending on the store offers. Last time I checked Snapdeal was selling for lesser price.

Apart from 8000 rupee offer you can avail additional card/coupon offer from your favorite online store. Grab your new iPhone 5S.

Keypad phones are attracted more than touchscreen

No matter how good the touch is, I still miss the keypad phone. I convinced myself that with keypad mobile I can type way faster than touch. However my mind got practiced to thumb typing and I can type faster than I do in physical keyboard. With word suggestions, predictions and auto corrections I should admit that I am more productive in touch phones.

When BlackBerry launched its new square phone - The Passport, I got much attracted to it. It got good feedback even though it is hard to hold and type in single hand.

Who doesn't get attracted to phone of this type?

After the success of Passport, BlackBerry launched its new phone Classic which looks same as its old models. There are lot of buzz about the phone and it got easily attracted to BB fans as well as tech freaks.

More viewers for Keypad related articles I did an article about top 3 keypad phone, people are more interested in this article than the article about touchscreen phone. Maybe touch phones are easy but keypad feels …

WhatsApp with Material Design apk download

Now whatsapp have a pure material design. I got this app when I searched for WhatsApp for Android L. It is not WhatsApp + theme. It is the modded version of WhatsApp and you can download it from below link.

WhatsApp Material Design APK 

Click on the above link to download the APK file. The above link will redirect you to Google Drive. Below are the screenshot of the app.