Nokia 215 will be good if it has Wi-Fi option

Nokia 215 wi-fi - Microsoft recently unveiled an internet keypad phone. It has been announced for killer price $29. The phone inherited the looks from Nokia keypad phone and has inbuilt apps which most users crave for.

Apps in Nokia 215

This basic internet phone has built in apps which includes:
  • Opera Mini browser
  • Facebook Messenger (chat)

It is also advertised like user can install other apps like Twitter.


The 78 gram phone comes with 8 MB RAM, external memory card support of upto 32 GB, replaceable 1100 mAh battery and USB 2.0 port for charging. It even has a camera with 0.3 MP. As a basic phone it doesn’t have any fancy hardware.

You can enjoy Nokia’s legacy backlit keypad, torch and long lasting battery backup.

No wi-fi facility

For intenet you can make use of GPRS/EDGE facility. It means you can recharge 2G internet pack and use it.

Since the 2G mobile data rates are soaring. This made me to switch my internet usage to wi-fi. In a day I connect 95% of my time to wi-fi and use data pack only while travelling or out of wi-fi range.

If feel the phone will be more attractive if they add wi-fi feature. What’s your opinion?

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