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Wifi hotspot for Samsung laptop

Wifi hotspot for Samsung - If you are having Samsung laptop then you are quite lucky. You no need to pay for wifi hotspot software like Connectify. Samsung provides software which installs all the drivers needed for the laptop. Inside the Samsung's laptop software have option to turn your laptop to wifi router.

My Samsung Model - NP300E5X-A0BIN
OS - Windows 7
Wifi Hotspot software name - Easy Software manager
Wifi Hotspot for Samsung download link -

I haven't tried for other Samsung laptops. But I am sure that it will work in other Samsung laptop too.

How to use the software? After installing Easy Software manager, go to Start -> All Programs -> Samsung -> Easy Settings.

Note: Easy settings should be launched using Admin account.

In Easy Settings window you will find Wireless Network, click on it. Scroll down to see Mobile AP. Mobile AP users you device as an Internet AP (Access Point). Turn it on. To know the SSI…

Stable mobile OS other than Android

Here I have collected the list of stable mobile OS that are not Android, iOS and BlackBerry. There are many new mobile OS which are stable and available for usage. Again here I will not include Android based OS like FireOS from Amazon, Cyanogenmod etc.
Mobile OS Other than Android list: Tizen Tizen OS is developed by Samsung based on Linux. This OS is also available for smart devices such as watch and TV. Currently there is only phone available in market which is Samsung Z1. Samsung also planned to launch the next versions Z2 and Z3.
Tizen OS is currently running in a low end phone, Samsung Z1. Currently this phone is available in India in Flipkart website.
Sailfish OS Sailfish OS is again a Linux based OS. Jolla is phone powered with Sailfish OS. You can buy them from their official website. It is high end phone which works like BlackBerry OS (the gesture part and multitasking). It has multi-tasking feature and it's a gesture based phone.
Cool thing about this phone is the de…

Error Code: 80070003 Windows Phone fix without formatting memory card

In Windows Phone, I used to get this below error.
Sorry, we can’t play this file on your phone. Error Code: 80070003
This error throws only for the songs in memory card. Solution: Convert your files to AAC format. You can use foobar2000 tool to convert the music. This tool is for windows PC. You can also use Windows Phone app to convert to AAC format, however I didn’t find any app that do this task. If you find any app that can convert to AAC format please do post in comment.
Many users reported that this error occurred when they mount SD card size more than 16GB. I was using 64GB memory card and I swapped with my old 16GB memory card, even then error 80070003 pop up.
I tried to first convert all my music files to wma file. As wma is the native music format for Windows. Again the error occurred. As Windows Phone has voice recorder, I figured out it supports AAC format. Then I converted all music to AAC, so far no problem Only issue is I need to convert to AAC format every time I do…

Improving battery backup in BlackBerry Z3

After updating my BlackBerry Z3 to version, the discharging rate was poor. In BB 10 version 10.2 battery percentage drops down 1% for every hour. However in the updated version it drops down upto 4% each hour.

After turning off location services, things were back in normal. Location services is consuming more power in V.10.3 than V.10.2. I used have location services always on in BB 10 V.10.2 without any problem.

Reason behind location services consuming more battery backup: In new update location services are integrated with many applications. For example, it is available with virtual assistant to show shops near you, in photos app to tag the location and to provide weather information of your location.

How many apps can be installed in 512mb RAM Android phone?

A 512MB Android Phone will have 8 GB as maximum internal storage. Most of the time 512 MB RAM phone will comes with 2 or 4 or 8 GB variants. However, the user usable storage will be 1GB less than the storage mentioned in specification. For example, in Samsung Galaxy Star the storage mentioned in specification is 4GB but I had only 3.2 GB usable.
How much space do I have to install apps? A typical user will occupy 2GB of space in music, videos, documents and miscellaneous stuffs. So you will be left with 1 - 2 GB to install apps in 4GB mobile. It will be 4GB max for phone with 8GB internal storage.
How many app I can install? You can install as much as 55 apps in your phone. But it is not sure whether it will slow down your phone. The phone lagness is purely dependant on the type of app you install but not on the number of apps. Some apps runs 24 * 7 in the background. Apps like task killer, battery monitor, memory management needs to run every time to do the task.
What type of app i…

DIY - Protect lightning cable from damage

Protect your lightning cable by sleaving it with wires. Below is the images that shows how to sleave and protect lightning cable from damage.

This method will be very useful for heavy users. Whatever brand you have, this cable lasts for only 6 weeks. If you use power bank as shown in images to charge your device, the cable may tear super fast. We cannot always avoid sharp bends which is the main reason for this tear. You can use any item to wrap around the cord. I have used wires as it is easily available.

I have seen some videos showing pen spring to wrap around the cord. It is also an good idea if you have spring available with you.

Best ROM for Micromax Canvas Nitro A310

There are several ROM for Micromax Canvas Nitro A310, but each ROM has their own pros and cons. Here you will find some stable ROM which you can install without any hesitation. It will be the best ROM for nitro with

1.Good battery backup
2.Powerful gaming experience
3.More free ram like 1.4 GB

Stable ROM for Micromax Canvas Nitro A310
Xtreme vanilla v3, v4Material LMIUI 6

The above three ROMs are stable when compared to other custom ROMs, particularly MIUI 6. There won't be any issues in system level software like phone, messaging, whatsapp, mobile data, 2G/3G and memory management in above mentioned ROM.

Many users liked Xperia Z3 but I encountered battery backup problems after enabling data.

LewaOS ROM is awesome and no lag at all but sensors and volume bugs.

ROM Download links: You can download and get rooting, recovery tutorial for Nitro from below link.

All custom ROM database for Nitro 

Articles related to Nitro A3103D back cover
Best music player for Nitro
Increase RA…

Xperia cyclone V2 rom for Micromax Canvas 2.2 a114

Xperia cyclone V2 rom is not working in Micromax Canvas 2.2 a114. I downloaded it from Broodle, sadly it didn't worked for me. It just started to bootloop. Then I have to install the stock ROM to rectify the issue. I was excited to have following features in my mobile 

Xperia Z Launcher
Xperia Z Weather Widget
Xperia Z1 Walkman
Xperia Z1 Album
Xperia Z1 Movies
Xperia Z1 Keyboard
Xperia Z1 Alarm Clock

Unfortunately, the rom is not working in my phone. 

Now I installed MIUI ROM, below is the Google Drive link to Download. 


I found two bugs in MIUI ROM.
It takes hell lot of RAM,  Video recording was quite laggyNot able to download images from WhatsApp using mobile data The version of this ROM is 4.8.9.

Xiaomi 16000mAH Power Bank in Flipkart

Xiaomi 16000mAH Power Bank product is listed in Flipkart but there is no traces of sale. This month (June) Xiaomi organized a sale in their own website where they sold Power Bank without any registration. The sale happened on June 8 2015 in below website.

On the same day there was no sale in Flipkart website. It just shows out of stock. Also there is huge price difference between the two sites.

In Mi India - 1399
In Flipkart - 1999

However no sale has happened in Flipkart for 16000 mAh power bank. If you are looking for this power  bank then focus on MI official website to grab yourself one.

Best iPhone skin Iron man Red and Gold

Got Iron Man Skin for iPhone from slickwraps website. Here is the Red and Gold skin for iPhone.

Customized iPhone 5S gold

Customized iPhone 5S gold.

Visited local store. Shopkeeper promised he can customize iPhone. Now this is my customized iPhone 5S.

Is there warranty for water damage - iPhone 6 plus?

No, Apple doesn't cover warranty for any liquid damage.

My ‎iPhone‬ 6 plus internal speaker was not working so taken it to service center they told its liquid damaged and its not covered by warranty.

Suggestions: Apple has little indicators inside the phone to detect liquid damage and if the service center says it's a liquid damage then it indeed is and might have happened without you knowing it. The only option right now is to take it to local market and get it repaired in the best possible way.

The cost for water damage in iPhone 6 plus is Rs:27,000. If it is heavy damage then it is better to visit Apple center or you can check with other local dealers.

New BlackBerry model photo leaked

New BlackBerry model named as BlackBerry Oslo photo leaked. It looks like BlackBerry Passport. Below are images of leaked new BlackBerry model.

If you are still a BlackBerry FanBoy and like the weird big square screen then this new phone will be treat.

The specification of this new BlackBerry model is not leaked. But tech bloggers reported that it has metallic design. It is also reported that this model will cheaper than the Password.

It seems it will have Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as all BlackBerry Device do.

3 easy ways to transfer contacts between BlackBerry and iPhone

Here you can find easy steps to transfer file from Blackberry to iPhone. I have give many possible methods to transfer contacts between BB and iPhone. Choose the method whichever is easy to you.

Using Blackberry Desktop Manager: Method 1: Install BlackBerry desktop manager in your PC. Connect your BlackBerry to PC. In BB desktop manager export all your contacts to vcf format. Save the file somewhere accessible. THen import the vcf file either using iTools or iFunbox.

Method 2: Install bb desktop software.
Goto organize sync your contacts to windows contacts.
Open itunes goto info and sync with windows contacts.

Method 3: Connect your Blackberry to PC and open Blackberry Desktop Manager.
In that Click Contacts and Export it to PC.
It will save in VCF format.

Open Gmail.
Click on Gmail on the left and select Contacts.
Now Make a New Group ( Contacts something )
Click Import and select the Contacts you imported from Blackberry.

On your iPhone
got to Settings-Mails Contacts and Calender

To place call first turn off airplane mode - Micromax

Can't call in Micromax, it throws an error "to place call first turn off airplane mode". This error was reported in many Micromax device. The solution for to place call first turn off airplane mode is same for all Micromax devices.

Screen shot of the Issue:
Solution: To solve "to place call first turn off airplane mode" you need to set IMEI number
to your phone. This issue occurs because there is no IMEI number to your phone.
If there is no IMEI, SIM card doesn't detect.

Method 1: Restore your IMEI using mobile uncle tool app or using MTK droid tool (pc) or SN
 write tools. Download any of the app from your favorite source (Google Play Pre

Steps to solve:
1. Remove your phone battery and write your IMEI number on a paper. If you have
dual SIM, note down IMEI number for both.
2. If your phone is rooted then use mobile uncle tool app or go for the MTK droid tool which needs PC

Method 2: You can restore your backup. It will automatically restore the …

Windows Phone update error 80072f8f - Solved

Windows Phone update error 80072f8f occurs due to a mismatch in date and time. If the date and time of your residence does not match with the date and time of the region from where you have purchased your Windows device, then Windows Phone Error 80072f8f is going to occur.

Other Reasons for 80072f8f error Windows Phone updates should be done only through Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot. Whichever the internet source may, you should use wi-fi in your phone to update Windows Phone. 
If the above solution doesn't help then do the following 
1- Make backup your deta.  2- Reset your phone  3 - Update
You may think that Windows Phone doesn't allow you to update via mobile network because of speed but it is not the case. It requries you to use wi-fi as it consumes only less battery power than mobile network. So this proves even you can't update using 3G connection.

New icon for MUSIC preview app in Windows 10

How many of you observed the new icon for MUSIC and VIDEO preview app in Windows 10? Below is the screenshot of new Windows 10 MUSIC and VIDEO app.

What is new in Music App?With the new Music app you can play music files in any Microsoft service like OneNote, Windows Phone and One Drive. New algorithms for shuffling, sorting and filtering were introduced in this new Music App for Windows 10. 

Music app allows you add songs from OneDrive to the playlist. You can access this playlist from any of Microsoft Devices like Xbox, Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 Phone, and Windows 10 Surface Tablet.

What is new in Video App?The new video app allows you to play files with MKV extension. The MKV extension were not compatible with Windows Media Player. I hope this feature will be added to Windows 10 for Phone.

Popkat ROM for xolo omega 5.5 - installation steps

Popkat ROM for Xolo omega 5.5 is made possible by Albert, Deepak Langhi and Bishal Goswami. I feel obliged to their work.

What is great about Popkat ROM? Popkat ROM is themed like Android Lollipop. All the apps, UI were exactly themed like Android Lollipop. Moreover it is smoother than the original Android version that came from the box. Users installed this ROM reported that it has better RAM management. Obviously, the bloatware were removed.

Flashing steps 1)Go in TWRP recovery mode  2) First take a backup from TWRP recovery  3)Go in Wipe menu-advanced wipe-tick mark dalvik cache and cache and data.No need of doing Factory reset.  4)After wiping go in install section and select the ROM zip and install and then after installing the ROM flash the other zip.

Google Drive download link Bugs I was able download Dungeon Hunter 5 from play store in my original Android version but in Popkat ROM it says my phone is incomp…