Wifi hotspot for Samsung laptop

Wifi hotspot for Samsung - If you are having Samsung laptop then you are quite lucky. You no need to pay for wifi hotspot software like Connectify. Samsung provides software which installs all the drivers needed for the laptop. Inside the Samsung's laptop software have option to turn your laptop to wifi router.

My Samsung Model - NP300E5X-A0BIN
OS - Windows 7
Wifi Hotspot software name - Easy Software manager
Wifi Hotspot for Samsung download link - http://www.samsung.com/in/support/model/NP300E5X-A0BIN

I haven't tried for other Samsung laptops. But I am sure that it will work in other Samsung laptop too.

How to use the software?

After installing Easy Software manager, go to Start -> All Programs -> Samsung -> Easy Settings.

Note: Easy settings should be launched using Admin account.

In Easy Settings window you will find Wireless Network, click on it. Scroll down to see Mobile AP. Mobile AP users you device as an Internet AP (Access Point). Turn it on. To know the SSID (Wifi name) and password, click settings.

Pros and Cons of this software

It is genuine Wifi hotspot for Samsung laptops and you no need to pay for it.
It is free Wifi hotspot.
You can also connect your mobile phone. I tried Windows hosted network commands to turn my laptop as Wifi hotspot but it is not connecting my mobile device as well as laptop running other operating system (Linux or MacOS).

Cannot see how many users are connected.
If you system changes to Sleep mode, the wifi hotspot service stops. 
Not able to change password or SSID name.

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