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I want to buy Xiaomi Redmi 1S in Flipkart, share me some tips

Flipkart is going to launch new model from Xiaomi on September 2 at 2 PM. It is the priced at Rs.5,999, a offer you can't deny. So we can't expect more traffic for this mobile than Xiaomi Mi 3. 
If you haven't heard about this mobile let me tell you how the sales happen. If you are planning to buy this mobile, first you need to register in Flipkart. You will find the time and sale date in the same registration page. So you need to login on the mentioned date and exact time to buy the mobile. On previous sale the mobile went out of stock in 2 seconds. Yes, you are reading correctly it is 2 seconds. 
So here is my tip to improve the chances of getting the mobile. 
Save address and your debit/credit card detail before proceeding to purchase In your Flipkart account you have option to save address and card details. If you feel insecure to save card details then delete the card detail once the purchase is made. 
You can edit your account details from the top right corner.  This…

This is how Windows Phone looks with Android theme

I found a customization tool for Windows Phone 'Cool Tiles' and is really cool. With this app you can customize in many different ways. Here are some of the screenshots of my phone.

The above images are screenshot of my phone, done using 'Cool Tile' apps. It took me few hours to figure out how this app work. But after learning about this app I found it very cool. This is a free app and below is the link to download.

Cool Tile XAP file 

I found it more fun using this app. Few people in WP store commented as frustrating because you need to be patient to make your home screen look cool. If you have good imagination you can make it more cool.

App compatiblity OS - Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 Price - Free Publisher name -Studio 8 RAM needed - 512 MB  Storage needed - File size is 6 MB and occupies 30 MB after installaing

I want to disable WordPress plugin using phpMyAdmin, How to do that?

It is good to disable WordPress plugin. After updating the plugins it may cause issues. Many users will have more plugin and your task become tedious. I have given tips in this article that will save your time.

First login in phpMyAdmin. Open your hosting account and run the software.

Choose Database in the left menu and select table as shown in below image.

You need to select wp_options. The word wp_ may change because it depends on the lodging table prefix. After selecting wp_options click on 'View' at top of the window. There you can find as active_plugins. If you are not able to find refer the below image.
On the same line you will find 'Edit' button. Click on the edit button to view the contents. It will display the contents of the cell. These contents are nothing but the active plugins of your WordPress blog. Now copy all the contents in a text file and store in your computer. Then select all the text and press delete. After you delete the contents press 'Exe…

My Nokia Lumia 720 screen got damaged, what will be the cost to replace?

My Nokia Lumia 720 screen is damaged. I went to Nokia care to change my screen. I asked about the price. The cost he told is Rs.7100. I told him my touch is working fine and I need only the screen. But he told the whole thing come as a set and it will cost Rs.7100. I was suspicious about the price first and to confirm it I approached online forums. One guy replied that he changed it for Rs.7500.

Then I approached to local shops. They quoted Rs.1500 to Rs.2500. It seems relatively cheap from the original. I heard that the duplicate touch is not as good as original. I already have experience with duplicate touch screen which I friend replaced in Lumia 520. The touch was not very responsive like the original. However you can manage using it.

I was now using my Android phone. I was not ready to pay either RS.7500 or RS.2500 just for screen. I think instead I can buy new phone and going to use Lumia 720 as a external drive.

Do I need to buy power bank based on my battery?

It is not necessary that power bank mAh should be higher than your phone's mAh. Suppose your phone's battery has 1500 mAh and you can buy 1200 mAh. This power bank (1200 mAh) can charge 50 to 75 percent of your battery (1500 mAh). The mAh is unit used to measure the battery power.

How many times I can charge my phone using power bank? Suppose if your battery charge goes down to 0 percent and your are using power bank to charge your battery, if the can use power bank has more mAh it can able to deliver two to three of charge to your phone. It cannot be calculated exactly. But I found a formula in Facebook to calculate the how many times power bank can charge battery.
It is,
Real Capacity * Conversion Rate * Phone Battery Health / 1500
Where, Conversion Rate is remaining percentage in your battery. Phone battery health is draining rate in your phone.

Flash player APK download for Motorola G: all Android Kitkat

By default Android 4.4 aka KitKat unfortunately does not support Flash Player. This flash player  is very useful for browsing the web. You will be able to see special moving images (gif) in your phone only if the phone comes with flash player. Latest websites use more flash content without it the browsing experience in your mobile would be dull. Don't worry, here I will help you to download and install Adobe Flash Player on Android 4.4.

The best part of Android phone is you can install application from any source. It means you can install an app from a source other than Google’s Play store. So there is nothing complicated in the process of installing Flash Player in Android.

Download and install Flash Player 11.1 in Android Kitkat I would like to thank the members of XDA who made possibility of installing Flash Player in Android KitKat.

Prerequisites If an earlier version of the flash player is installed on your device, then uninstall completely to avoid software conflict…

Launchers for Android Wear watch

The below launchers will be compatible with LG G watch, Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Live. However I tested in my LG G watch.

Swipify It is launcher for Android wear developed by  Sweet Pixel Studios. The new Swipify application offers four new features: App Drawer, App Switcher(multi-tasking), RAM meter and application launcher. It is still in the beta stage and it may look incomplete. It will take some time to evolve as a fully functional app.

WML (Wear My Launcher) It is another excellent launcher an alternative to Wear Mini Launcher. This launcher is developed by ProCo Apps. The developer is fond of Android Wear which made them to develop and launch WML launcher on Google Play store. The UI of this app feels more likely as Google Now. With this launcher user can adjust the brightness of the watch. There is special lock which can be  unlockable only through a special action. Using this feature you can avoid children accidentally using the watch.

Nokia Lumia 730: phone with 5MP front camera

After the series 500, 600 and 900, it is time for Lumia 700 series to blow a breath of fresh air. Several rumors indicate that Microsoft is preparing the launch Lumia 730 and it is identified as Selfie phone. Selfie is the latest technology term which mean taking photo of their self.

Price - $236 
Launch date - August 2014 (In Vietnam) 
*Above details are not official. 

 I got this information from Vietnamese site Zing. It seems they contacted the dealer and is ready to add in the catalogue. It is also said that commercialization was scheduled for the end of August. They also provided a complete technical specification.

Leaked specsDisplay - 4.7 inch RAM - 1GB Internal Storage - 8GB
Unsurprisingly, the Lumia 730 runs Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box. It  is one of the major improvement when compared to Lumia 720. The screen would be bigger and better with 4.7-inch HD (1280 x 720 pixels) resolution. It seems configuration have been upgraded and is now based on a quad-core Snapdragon 400 proc…

Windows XP not detecting Mi 3 phone when connected with USB cable - Solved

My PC can't detect my Mi3 device when I connected with USB cable. I use Window XP.

Just download & install MiFlash and connect your phone to the computer

Download Here

If the above link doesn't work just copy paste the below link in new tab of your browser.

I found this driver in Xiaomi official forum. Unzip the content and install it in your PC running Windows XP. After installation restart you computer to apply changes. Then connect your phone to PC via USB cable, your phone gets detected by PC.

Xiaomi Mi 3 SMS problem solution (Malaysia)

Xiaomi Mi 3 SMS problemIssue: SMS problem, where the recipient number incomplete such as 19XXXXXXXX or maybe 6019XXXXX(without + in front). 
Solution: Here's the temporary solution that I found yesterday. 
You can log in to MiCloud as usual, you can sync everything to MiCloud but you NEED to turn off the CLOUD MESSAGING! After that you have to reboot the phone and the problem solved. This is temporary solution only as our developers right now are working to solve this issue. Any updates, I will inform later.
Existing SMS For existing SMS that existed on the phone, the number displayed will never change to the normal. Delete that SMS and the new SMS received after that will be shown correctly. 
For existing sms that exist on the phone, it will never change to the normal. Delete that sms and the new sms received after that will be shown correctly
Note: Only clear cache if all the step above done but still not success. Try first turn off Cloud Messaging, reboot the phone and try to s…

BlackBerry 10.3: update coming soon

BlackBerry thinks to update its operating system for this year, the Canadian firm said in their blog. The new update 10.3 will feature virtual assistant on the new version.
The company worked on this project for a while. They announced the voice assistant for their smartphones running older version of BB. Older Version 10.2.1 already has Android files (apk) compatible and a new view on the home screen called Home Hub The home hub will collect all the notification and messages in a single view.
This new update will include a improved voice assitant. It would have a function that is enough to take on Siri and Google Now. BlackBerry 10.3 also got a feature that stores frequently used options in the settings menu for quick access.

According to the BlackBerry blog the voice assistance is in development.

BlackBerry Passport strengths lies in its screen

The Canadian firm BlackBerry, this year, came up with two new smartphones. Among them one is the Passport.

Screen of the BB Passport is perfect  Recently, BlackBerry has surprised us with its new smartphone Passport.  This phone will carry a perfectly square screen, in 1: 1. And guess what? It is a strength, not a weakness.

Most mobile devices on the market support up to forty characters in a line.  It is convenient for a human to read upto 99 characters in a line. The new BlackBerry Passport can hold up to 66 characters in a line.  It is particularly suitable for reading text, digital books and all kinds of documents.

Voice assistant We know the BlackBerry was among the best known and most powerful firms. To compete with established mobile OS like Android, iOS and Windows they are compelled to develop their own voice assistant. The voice assistant is known as BlackBerry wizard which will come along with Passport.

Other configuration  It has a strong configuration which includes 3GB s…

Microsoft Office on Android soon?

Microsoft Office has intervened a few months back in Apple products, and may soon invade Android devices.

Many hoped to see the Office suite arrive at Google last year. Only it did not happen. Instead, it is the Apple products that have been rewarded with the essential software suite from Microsoft. Namely, among others, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

An Office beta on Android already launched? According to the website The Verge, the suite could soon land on Android tablets. Sources "familiar with the matter", as they say, would have said that beta testing has already started with some partners involved in the Pre-Release Program Microsoft. If you're interested, it is also possible to APPLY here .

Adapted to use a touch Not surprisingly, Microsoft Office for Android tablet is optimized for touch screens. We would face close to the iPad version interface. If this is the case, use the finger should prove intuitive at best.

Scheduled for the end of the year The arrival of Micr…

HTC One (M8) Windows Phone 8 almost official

We know from last week: HTC will launch excellent HTC One (M8) in a version for Windows Phone 8.1 at an event held in New York Tuesday, August 19. The HTC One (M8) on Windows Phone 8 is almost official.

Verizon US leaked about this phone Doubt is indeed no longer allowed after the blunder of the American operator Verizon. This major player in overseas phone let out a video of the HTC One (M8) Windows Phone 8.1 a few days ago. A leak that is sweeping the presentation of a watch connected Android Wear.

This HTC One (M8) Windows Phone 8.1 will be first available in the United States before arriving later in other countries. Although no information has yet been circulating on the subject. We hope all the same will happen quickly. Early September would be ideal in terms of strategy.
No changes to the hardware Should we wait for the new HTC One (M8) on Windows Phone 8.1? Not really. HTC will be "satisfied" to replace Android as Windows Phone. In other words, the hardware looks ide…

Facebook messenger for Android wear

Facebook Messenger updates and adds the Android Wear compatibility with multiple features. Recently, many applications are updated to Android Wear. After TuneIn and WhatsApp, competitor Facebook Messenger, it is the turn of the service of Mark Zuckerberg to be compatible.
The most important feature of this update is the voice dictation to respond to messages. Facebook has thought of everything, if you do not want to answer with your voice and want to show that you agree, you can send the famous thumbs-up to friends. So you can chat with your friends from your watch.
This update is a bit light because it provides fewer features and updates may arrive later to add others.
You can download the update by going here the Play Store.