Microsoft Office on Android soon?

Microsoft Office has intervened a few months back in Apple products, and may soon invade Android devices.

Many hoped to see the Office suite arrive at Google last year. Only it did not happen. Instead, it is the Apple products that have been rewarded with the essential software suite from Microsoft. Namely, among others, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

An Office beta on Android already launched?

According to the website The Verge, the suite could soon land on Android tablets. Sources "familiar with the matter", as they say, would have said that beta testing has already started with some partners involved in the Pre-Release Program Microsoft. If you're interested, it is also possible to APPLY here .

Adapted to use a touch

Not surprisingly, Microsoft Office for Android tablet is optimized for touch screens. We would face close to the iPad version interface. If this is the case, use the finger should prove intuitive at best.

Scheduled for the end of the year

The arrival of Microsoft Office on Android would be accompanied by a significant update of iOS applications. Suffice to say that if the beta phase has started, it will not be long before everyone can enjoy. According to The Verge , the output would be set for the end of the year.

Rather incongruous, we note that the version of Office for Android tablets that precede planned for Windows 8 Indeed, the latter is expected for the beginning of the year 2015 The next version of Microsoft Office for Mac meanwhile planned for the end of the year.

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