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Must have apps LG G watch

Below are the must have apps for LG G watch:

Reliance Jio works in Redmi 3s

Reliance Jio works in Redmi 3s however it seems to not work in Redmi Note Prime and Redmi 1S.

Below is the screenshot that shows Jio network working in Redmi 3s.

The above screenshot is taken from Redmi 3s. Many users reported that this SIM doesn't work in 3G sims.

Jio Speed in Redmi 3S:
I was able to get up to 4 M/s using Jio SIM Jionet application. Below is the screenshot:

Android Nougat 7.0 battery consumption

I got Nougat last night (28 August). With moderate use. Mainly playing music continuously below is the screenshot of battery usage:

Below is the screenshot of Android update:

I got update for my Nexus 5X.

Remix OS with Marshmallow update in my PC

Just installed Remix OS with Marshmallow update in my PC. Install in 1 minute. Runs on max 32GB data file partition. Boots over itself not windows. Its like using Linux without any installation hassles. Everything works, even my USB camera without any special drivers provided.

We can boot windows too. It is dual boot. We can choose OS when PC starts. Either Windows or Remix.

If you are exicited to get this in your PC you can try it from -

Get voLTE fetures to their YU5010 Yuphoria

This will convert YU5010 to YU5010A
1-You will be getting stock Android experience no cutomization no nothing. 2-After flashing the rom an update will come around 75mb which will add voLTE features to your device. 3-I wont recommend this to those who are fan of miui cm rr etc 4-This is for those who want voLTE fetures to their YU5010
Things you will need 1- Yuphoria 2-Yatacable 3- Computer with Windows OS.
Download rofm from here-
Steps: Pic one - Install necessary drivers Pic two- Go into fastboot mode click yuphoria flasher

WiFi is not turning on in MIUI 8 6.7.5

If WiFi is not turning on in MIUI 8 6.7.5 then try this

A fix by Shoeb Paleja

Reboot to recovery flash fileThen goto wipe > advance > select cache and delvik cache.Reboot