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Zovi coupon Rs.150 offer for all products

Zovi coupon - I got this coupon while recharging my Airtel mobile. Airtel is now providing coupon for the recharge you make in its official site. This is good to see that Airtel has started the coupon service for recharge.

How to redeem?
1. To use the coupon click on this link.
2. If it asks for coupon code then enter it as CVFP75
3. By using this coupon you can get 30% offers (upto Rs.150 only). It means you can get Rs.500 T-shirt for just Rs.350.
4. This coupon can be used for any kind of transactions and all cards.
5. Don't forget to enter this coupon code it will be asked while checking out on the payment page.

Still confused? Check out the coupon image that I got in my mail.

Expiry date - 31 May 2014 is the last date to avail this offer.

Flappy bird high score in Nokia Lumia 520

Flappy Bird high score - It is the most popular game of this year. I have played Flappy bird in different mobile and each mobile gave me different gaming experinece. For example, in Samsung Galaxy S this game is bit slow and in Lumia 520 it is fast enough. So the timing differs in each and every mobile. The most important thing is you can still download Flappy Bird game in Windows Store which is removed from Google Play store and Apple iTunes.

My best in Flappy Bird is 37.

Flipkart coupon get Rs.15 credited in your Paytm account

Flipkart Coupon: If you are planning to purchase from Flipkart use the below link to purchase.

Link - Flipkart Coupon

Buy any product from Flipkart using above link only if you have Paytm account. If you have Paytm account, it will be credited with Rs.15. It can used for mobile recharge.

Steps to rendeem Rs.15 :

1. Note down you Flikart order id and use Paytm order id as 20143359.
2. Send both the order id to (201433594 and Flikart order id) to
3. To avail you should make a purchase amount exceeding Rs.500 in Flipkart (excluding delivery charge).
4. Then before 65 days your Paytm account will be credited with Rs.15.
5. Also don't forget, you will get Rs.15 only if you purchase from this link.
6. Send mail from the email address that you are registered with Paytm.

Validity - Upto 28th February 2014.

Smart diaper for babies prompts diapers need to be replaced

Diaper - With the advancement of technology, smart devices has not only limited to computers, mobile phones and other types of products. Smart watches, smart glasses, smart light bulbs etc., has slowly into our line of sight. Japan launched an intelligent diaper which prompts when it need to be replaced.

This smart diaper is developed in University of Tokyo, Japan. They showcased the formally developed flexible sensor. This sensor is capable to feel the comfort, change in temperature and pressure. The output will be displayed in specially developed reciever. The University is working to get the output in smartphone.

In addition, it supports wireless charging and data transfer. It can also be used for adult diapers. It is worth mentioning that the sensor is an integrated circuit using an organic material done using inkjet printing on a plastic film. Above all the production cost is of only a few yen.

Speaker Band or Mobile Speaker introduced by Bem

Speaker Watch - Now it is time for wearable devices. It is visible that all smartphone manufacturers are started to make their own smartphone watch. But, Bem introduced a tiny speaker watch which can be operated wireless using Bluetooth. You can connect the smartphone with the new Bem's tiny speaker watch.

Speaker Band (watch) in appearance looks very much like a smart watch. But in terms of functionality, it is capable of playing music in phone (with physical control buttons), and built-in microphone. Although there is no display, it provides a voice-based call broadcast feature. Speaker Band built a rechargeable battery that can be charged via microUSB port. It can do a continuous playback per charge of more than 6 hours.

Speaker Band provide consumers with six different colors, including black, white, green, red, gray, blue and so on. Meanwhile, it can control the user's mobile phone playlist music through the physical buttons present on its side. Its built-in speaker can b…