Speaker Band or Mobile Speaker introduced by Bem

Speaker Watch - Now it is time for wearable devices. It is visible that all smartphone manufacturers are started to make their own smartphone watch. But, Bem introduced a tiny speaker watch which can be operated wireless using Bluetooth. You can connect the smartphone with the new Bem's tiny speaker watch.

Speaker Band (watch) in appearance looks very much like a smart watch. But in terms of functionality, it is capable of playing music in phone (with physical control buttons), and built-in microphone. Although there is no display, it provides a voice-based call broadcast feature. Speaker Band built a rechargeable battery that can be charged via microUSB port. It can do a continuous playback per charge of more than 6 hours.

Speaker Band provide consumers with six different colors, including black, white, green, red, gray, blue and so on. Meanwhile, it can control the user's mobile phone playlist music through the physical buttons present on its side. Its built-in speaker can be used to play music or make voice calls.

Speaker Band wristbands with wireless Bluetooth speaker is expected to be officially on sale in April, priced at $ 49.99 (about 3000 rupees).

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