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Best Android alternatives for Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520 now became an affordable Windows 8 mobile. Many are interested to purchase the phone for its attractive look and camera. Do you feel it is right to invest 8K bucks on this Windows mobile? My answer is its your wish. If you feel guilty to invest 8K on this Windows Phone, here are some best alternatives in market that will really convince you. So let start with what Lumia 520 has got:

Lumia 520 key specs:

Exclusive Built in Digital LensesNokia Mix RadioSuper-sensitive ScreenWindows Phone 8 OS7GB of Storage on Microsoft SkyDrive1 GHz Dual Core ProcessorFree HERE Maps

Samsung Galaxy Trend – Rs.8090
Samsung has really dominated the Android market. It is the only brand which launch decent mobile under 10K. Samsung pre-load their handset with all the necessary apps. Due to increase in number Galaxy devices in Samsung, the design look very similar and few people began to show hatred towards it. Anyhow Samsung is still deserved its priority when considering Android mobile. Below i…

Nexus 10 specifications exposed

Nexus 10 - Although Google Nexus 5 phones and Nexus 7 tablet has a higher exposure, but the Nexus 10 mede a mysterious appearence in the Google Play Store. It attracted a lot of eyeballs. According to the leaked information shows that Google Nexus 10 (2013) will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and 3GB of memory.

Nexus 10 leaked in official store
Nexus 10 tablet once appeared in the Google Play App Store with a brief appearance, and now the page currently does not exist. However, from the users point of view, the new Google Nexus 10 tablet display configuration will be same, it includes 10.055 inches touch screen, supports 2560 × 1600 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 300ppi, and is equipped wit
h Gorilla third generation glass.

Comparing to older models Nexus 10 has big chages in specification,  the new Nexus 10 will also be equipped Xiaolong 800 quad-core processor, and will be built-in large capacity 3GB RAM. In addition, the main camera is upgradesd to 8.0…

Micromax to launch Windows Phone

Micromax Windows Phone - It is unveiled that Micromax is working on Windows Phone. Micromax is the top player in Indian market, it is the second largest manufacturer in India. Currently they made a suprise by introducing Hugh Jackman as a brand ambassador of Micromax Canvas Turbo. They also announced that they are going to enter European market and their phones will be available in countries like Russia and Romania. Consider Windows Phone, Nokia tops 1st in Indian market as well as foreign market. However Nokia will be the only competition if Micromax lauch Windows Phone. The co-founder of Micromax Mr.Rahul Sharma made an announcement about Micromax Windows Phone to be launched in next year, June 2014. Below is the prototype of Micromax phone running Windows 8 operating system.

How to upgrade iWork Office in Mac for free

iWork - In just the last new conference, in addition to the launch of iPad Air and many new hardware products, Apple unveiled some software too. The software includes OS X 10.9 Mavericks upgrades with free iLife and iWork suite. This announcement was made in normal conference, Apple gives users the biggest surprise.

Although Apple said that only after October 1st purchase of iOS devices and Mac users can enjoy the free download iLife and iWork privileges, but recently it was found that due to App Store does not recognize Mac users are using the trial version or the official version of the iWork suite, therefore unable to free download iWork suite. However users can install the trial version of iWork suite, and then a free upgrade to the latest version. I also upgraded in accordance with the method proved temporarily effective, specific upgrade procedure will now share with you:

1. Free download iWork 09 trial version and install it.
2. After installation is complete open the "Sys…

Google Chrome OS will be adding parental controls

With the holiday shopping season approaching, parents should begin preparing their response to the needs of the child on the laptop. If you do not want to give their children spend too much money, then Chromebook would be a good choice, but the Chromebook operating system, lack of parental control features, this is letting you parents worry about the bad.

But now things have changed, because the Chrome team this week in the system test version launched a new feature that allows you and the kids hated supervisory functions. With this feature, parents as long as the child as a "supervised user", you can see his browsing history, and be able to decide to allow or block certain sites, the children can also be requested when needed open blocked sites . Unfortunately this option is only available in ChromeBook's Google Chrome browser.

LG unveiled the first Firefox OS phone is only Rs.3,600

LG Firefox mobile: So far, it seems that only second-tier vendors such as ZTE showed interest in Firefox OS, but now it seems first-tier makers were interested to run Firefox OS in their phones. Firefox OS system, although not a mainstream operating system, but its smooth simple interface design made  quite good impression. ZTE was the first phone to launch FireFox OS models and most of them were sold out.

LG has just announced that it will launch its first Mozilla Firefox OS system phone LG Fireweb. The device will have a resolution of 480 × 320 4-inch entry-level display, built-in 1GHz Qualcomm processor and 4GB storage space. Meanwhile, LG Fireweb seems to have bright spot when compared to the previous Firefox OS phone system as the camera has 5 MP camera with auto-focus and LED flash, which is first time in  Firefox OS to have this gaint feature. LG Fireweb integrates features such as Facebook integration, popular games (eg Cut the Rope) and a new dynamic content search function.