LG unveiled the first Firefox OS phone is only Rs.3,600

LG Firefox mobile: So far, it seems that only second-tier vendors such as ZTE showed interest in Firefox OS, but now it seems first-tier makers were interested to run Firefox OS in their phones. Firefox OS system, although not a mainstream operating system, but its smooth simple interface design made  quite good impression. ZTE was the first phone to launch FireFox OS models and most of them were sold out.

LG has just announced that it will launch its first Mozilla Firefox OS system phone LG Fireweb. The device will have a resolution of 480 × 320 4-inch entry-level display, built-in 1GHz Qualcomm processor and 4GB storage space. Meanwhile, LG Fireweb seems to have bright spot when compared to the previous Firefox OS phone system as the camera has 5 MP camera with auto-focus and LED flash, which is first time in  Firefox OS to have this gaint feature. LG Fireweb integrates features such as Facebook integration, popular games (eg Cut the Rope) and a new dynamic content search function.

Notablet fact about LG Fireweb is its very affordable price. The handset will be the first in the Brazilian market, the price is only $ 59 (about Rs.3600 Rupees) onwards. This product has become the Brazilian operator Telefonica's Brazilian market as a whole the cheapest smart phone.

Firefox OS smartphone is the first completely Web-based technology devices. Firefox OS built-in and integration of Facebook and Twitter and other social functions, support for offline and intelligent navigation, and other functions of public transport guide HERE Maps, and has favorite applications such as Mozilla's Firefox browser and Firefox application market, etc., allowing users to obtain a more personalized experience.

Telefonica charge carriers Yotam Ben-Ami said in an interview, Firefox OS phones on sale after three months, already representing 12% of the performance in Venezuela. Brazilian population more bigger market, Telefonica phone system for Firefox OS greater confidence.

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