m3u8 crossdomain access denied

I got this error when I tried to play Live TV from a website. I fixed it by following this procedure:

You can ignore this error by changing the settings in internet options.

Step 1: Open internet explorer
Step 2: Go to "Internet Options"
Step 3: Click"Secuirty" tab
Step 4: Click "Internet" icon
Step 5: Choose "Custom Level" and scroll down to "Miscellaneous"
Step 6: One of the options should be "Access data sources across domain" - set this to "Enable".

Why I sold my iPhone X?

I have been using iPhone X for almost 4 months. I switched to iOS from stock Android variants like Nexus which I used as my daily driver. I watched too many reviews about iOS before buying this phone. One thing which I noticed is that it has very good app optimization, apps won't hang these are the few reasons which made me to switch to iOS. One video which compared iPhone X with Pixel 2 to see how long the phone takes to open the app. At every test iPhone X won easily against all Android phone. I got convinced and I bought this for almost 90000 rupees.

Why I decided to sell this phone? First thing is notch. In the reviews people said that we will be used to the notch. However in my case I watched lot of movies and TV series in phone and you can never miss the black patch that is left for notch. Because of this notch I feel the user experience is not so great. I felt I could have gone for MI Mix 2 which has edge to edge display.

The next thing which I hate in iPhone X is face lock…

Jio media cable M533 and M532

What is Jio media cable? This is a dongle to convert normal TV to smart TV. Using this cable you will get free data from Jio and you can watch free movies and TV channels. There are two variants in Reliance jio media cable. Phone comes with red colour packing and another comes with blue colour packing. The red colour box (model M 533) comes with HDMI input and the blue box (model M 532) comes with RCA cable input. You can find more information about the two variants in the back side of the box.

What is in the box? In the box you will get a warranty card, manual, power cord and dongle. We use this dongle to connect to the TV and Jio phone

How to use this Jio media cable?
We need a TV, jio media cable dongle and Jio phone. In one end connect to the Jio phone and the other end connect to the TV. You need to use your jio phone to control the TV. There is no need for additional software or drivers.

Once Jio phone is connected, you can use the app in the Jio phone to stream the contents.

Android P features

Google have released the developer preview for Android P on March 8 2018. Google haven't revealed what the letter P stands for. There are a lot of new features in this version but Google haven't shown of. This post contains some latest features from Android P. The features I am going to present in this post are from early developer preview.

Phones that support Android P:
At present developer preview is available only for Pixel phones. I have manually flashed in my Google pixel.

Features in Android P
First main feature that you will notice in Android P is the support for notch like you see in iPhone X. It has native support for notch, so we can expect many new phones with notches this year. There is option to change the notch size as well. The width of the notch can be changed to accommodate iPhone X or you can reduce the notch size to fit essential phone. Basically you have different option to tweak the notch size.

Changes to messaging app
The recent messages are available in the…

Best laptop under 50000 in India 2018

People usually come by this question "which laptop to buy under 50000 rupees"? I would always suggest to go for Macbook Air which you can buy from the price range of 42000 rupees to 50000 rupees. Usually MacBook Air will be charged above 50000 but if you wait for offers you can definitely get for 42000 rupees. However, if you have no plans like which software you are going to use and if you use to open some documents daily internet browsing etc Macbook is the best.

If you are going to buy laptop for a specific need for example to run Tally software, electronics software like NI Multisim these software won't run in Mac. Before going to buy Mac check whether the software will support MacOS. If it doesn't support, I suggest you to go for a Windows laptop.

Why MacBook?
First reason is Apple's hardware performance is phenomenal. I have a 3 year old MacBook Air which still looks new. It worth every penny you pay for. The laptop is very lightweight and you can carry with…

Fitbit Alta HR review after 90 days

I bought Fitbit Alta HR from Flipkart 3 months back. It costed me 17500 rupees at that time and now it cost 15000 rupees. I can see your listing with 17000 rupees in Flipkart. Currently there are few offers in for the same band and it cost about 12500 rupees. The word HR means heart rate so it has heart rate sensor.

What I noticed first in Fitbit Alta HR?
First thing I saw in this band is it has a traditional railroad style strap. It is a attractive device and people will mistake it for bracelet.

It is a basic fitness tracker watch which will count the number of steps taken and the distance travelled and the calories burnt. After using for 2 days you will notice that it also tracks your sleep.

The touchscreen doesn't work like traditional way, you just need to tap on the device to see various options. Typing is the only way you will be interacting with the device.

Fitbit app
The device itself gives very less information. To get more detail we have to install a app in your Android or…

Redmi Note 5 Pro Pros & Cons

I bought my Redmi Note 5 on 22nd February on the Flipkart flash sale. I have been using this phone for almost 2 weeks. In this post I have listed the pros and cons of  Redmi Note 5 Pro.

Key points
Launch date - February 2018
RAM -  6 GB / 4 GB
Storage -  64GB
Chipset -  Snapdragon 636
Price -  17K rupee for 6 GB RAM variant and 14K rupee 4 4GB RAM variant

What I like in Redmi Note 5 Pro
The build quality of the phone is good and it looks modern with 18:9 screen ratio. It is easy to hold in a single hand even though the screen size is almost 6 inch. The front part of the phone look stylish with no physical keys and looks like a bezel less screen. In the back we have a dual camera which is placed like iPhone X.This phone has got an LED and lights up when you get the notification.

This phone has a single speaker at the bottom and it is loud. you also have 3.5 mm headphone jack at the opposite side of speaker.

The cellular network reception is very good in this phone. I can say this because…