Jio media cable M533 and M532

What is Jio media cable?

This is a dongle to convert normal TV to smart TV. Using this cable you will get free data from Jio and you can watch free movies and TV channels. There are two variants in Reliance jio media cable. Phone comes with red colour packing and another comes with blue colour packing. The red colour box (model M 533) comes with HDMI input and the blue box (model M 532) comes with RCA cable input. You can find more information about the two variants in the back side of the box.

What is in the box?

In the box you will get a warranty card, manual, power cord and dongle. We use this dongle to connect to the TV and Jio phone

How to use this Jio media cable?

We need a TV, jio media cable dongle and Jio phone. In one end connect to the Jio phone and the other end connect to the TV. You need to use your jio phone to control the TV. There is no need for additional software or drivers.

Once Jio phone is connected, you can use the app in the Jio phone to stream the contents.

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