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How to root and flash custom ROM in Micromax Canvas Nitro A310

Rooting with PC
In pc:- First install kingoroot on pc install adb driver on pc

In mobile:- Then in mobile > go to settings>> about phone and tap the build number 5-8 times. Now developer options menu will be available in the Settings app.Go to Settings>> Developer Menu>> Enable USB DebuggingInstall and Run ADB DRIVER and connect the device with PC, once your device detected by adb driver click on install after that the adb will install the Device USB Drivers.(INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED THIS TIME)RUN KingoRoot and Make sure your device is connected (It may take some time to detected by the Software)Click on the Root (it take some time please do not disconnect the Device)

Congratulation Your Device is Successfully Rooted.
Rooting without PC Download this apk file - and root your mobile.Flashi…

Xiaomi Redmi 1S showing Loading launcher while pressing home screen

Issue: From last 3-4 days I am getting this while pressing home screen ( it happens only after using an app for long time ie like while playing a game for more than 15 -20 minutes or using uc mini for same time span.) Is there any problem ?? ( I am using v36)
Solution: Method 1 - In settings tick the option "keep launcher in memory". This will solve the issue. If you don't select this option, app you are running may need more RAM and OS will de-allocate from the launcher and allocate to the app. De-allocate means closing the launcher, just like closing apps. So once you press home button, launcher needs to start again. It takes time to load into RAM as there will be apps consuming RAM space. 
Method 2 - Update to v45. In v45, memory management issue has been resolved. Don't update to v50, as it has same problem. Several users who used v50 downgraded to v45 due to RAM issues. 
Method 3 - Install CM11 ROM. This ROM is widely accepted to be a stable ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 1S.…

Microsoft introduced a new portable folding keyboard, also waterproof

Foldable keyboard
Tablet and smart TV users prefer wireless Bluetooth keyboard to accelerate typing speed. However the small size of keyboard is not so comfortable. To overcome this, Microsoft designed as fold-able. The length of the folded state is only 147.6mm and thickness less than 11.5mm.

Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and SmartTV
This new keyboard called the Universal Foldable Keyboard, is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices. There is a key to swap between devices. For example, if you are connected to your tablet, you can press the swap key to connect to smartTV or any device that supports Bluetooth keyboard.

The size of this keyboard is 295.1x125.3mm. The size gets reduced when folded. The keyboard is also water resistance.

Long lasting battery life
To use this keyboard, charging is required and can be done using USB port. Microsoft claims, a single charge can give battery life for three months.

Price and release date 
It is reported that Microsoft Universal F…

Now 24GB RAM laptop are available for consumers

24GB RAM laptop - I usually visit shopping sites to check if there is any new and impressive products available. I am currently hunting for laptops as I will replace my old one anytime soon. After using high config desktop in my office (8GB RAM, Core i7) and love to have my next laptop with such configuration.

Why I need 24GB RAM? Isn't 2GB enough for home use?
This is a common question that arises when we are looking for a new laptop. I if remember correctly, 4 years back laptop with 1.5GB RAM were considered as high end. This is maximum Intel Pentium 4 supports. So if you are gamer then you need to add graphics card which makes your computer a monster machine. However in those periods, installation size of games will be maximum 6GB (GTA San Andreas) but now it is more than 10GB(Far Cry 4). The minimum requirements of GTA San Andreas was 256 MB RAM and 3.6 GB storage; for Far Cry 4 it was 4 GB RAM and 30 GB storage.
2GB LaptopsIt is limited to legacy games like GTA San Andreas.

Finally got Zenfone 5 one hand mode in Zenfone 4

One Hand Mode:
Zenfone 5 launched a new feature in their phone - One Hand Mode. With this mode the whole display size gets reduced that makes easier to use One Hand Mode. For example - Zenfone 5 resolution is 720 x 1280 and it will get reduced to 480x800 pixel.

Get One Hand Mode in Zenfone 4:
It is possible to get Zenfone 5 One Hand Mode in Zenfone 4.

I am rooted and I have just downloaded the permissions zip from Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6 and just brought them together and replaced permissions zip in Zenfone 4.

Is it useful?
No, it is not convienient as the screen size still get reduced. I feel 4.7 inch is the perfect size to use in single hand. The 4 inch display is smaller by default. This feature will make it worse by reducing the size.

Don't go for it.

Can't able to close Story Maker app in BlackBerry Z3

Not able to minimize/close BlackBerry Z3:
Story Maker app is default app that comes with BlackBerry Z3. To minimize any apps we swipe from bottom of BlackBerry logo and up towards the display. This works great for any app that is in vertical orientation. Story Maker app that is present pre-installed, opens in horizontal orientation. There is no vertical orientation mode for this app. I usually feel difficulty minimizing any apps that open with horizontal orientation. I won't get minimized in single attempt. Lately I figured out a easy method to minimize this app.

Solution for minimize Story Maker app in Z3:
The solution pretty simple. By default the mute button is assigned for voice control. Any time you press mute button it will launch the voice control screen. If you don't know mute button, it is nothing but the button in middle of volume rockers. Still not able to spot then see the below image.

Long press mute button to launch voice control.

Pressing mute button not launching…

BlackBerry introduces Android app store in BlackBerry 10.3.1

BlackBerry started to support Android apps right from BlackBerry 10 OS. However you need to manually do direct download apk file from official website or 3rd party website to install and run Android app. Obviously, this is not the way premium user want to run the app in their phone. I knew BlackBerry would address the issue very soon and they have done it in BlackBerry 10.3.1.

Apps can be downloaded from Amazon Store + BlackBerry World
BlackBerry added promising features in their new update. The UI is totally renewed and major improvements were made to voice assistant and app store.

In BlackBerry 10.2 version there was an option to sideload the Amazon app store. But many don't prefer to do so because of potential security risk. Also the developer community of BlackBerry is very less when compared to Android creates hesitation to sideload apps.

Introduction of Amazon app store doesn't mean say bye, bye to BlackBerry World. You still have BlackBerry World in your phone which mean…

iPhone getting blue line while I get a call. How to solve?

I am continuously getting this blue line while I get a call. And even when I try to unlock the phone. Why is it happening and What is the solution for this?

It can be solved by Switch off the switch control. Follow below steps to do it.

Settings >generals > Accessibility > Switch Control > Turn off auto scanning

Is my phone faulty?
No. This is options available for physically disabled people. You can use this feature by adaptive accessories. The accessories may be a button or switch type. When iPhone highlights with this blue scanner bar, user can press the button or switch in the accessory to select the option.

You no need to worry about this blue lines. You can sit back and relax as it is a part of iOS software. The blue line disappeared for me once I turned off the Switch Control.

Turned off Switch Control, Still Blue Line appears:
Some users reported that they are getting blue lines even after turning off the auto scanning. It looks like the auto scanning …

How to install and run Spotify for Android in India? - Screenshots

Steps to install Spotify:
Download Spotify from the official website.

This is the page you see in official Spotify website. Click on Manual download. It is important to install the APK that you get from Manual download. Then install Tunnel bear app which you can get in Play Store.As you are first time user for Tunnel Bear you need to register and login. Once you logged in you will get the screen that shows your current location (Country). 

Spotify app works only in United States and United Kingdom, so you need to change your location virtually. We will be using this Tunnel Bear app to change our location. So tap on United States like the image given below.

Now minimize the Tunnel Bear app.Open Spotify app and login, you will be able to listen song using Spotify app. You can login using your Facebook account too. You will able to use the app without any errors.

Why no Spotify for India? Seems there is some copyright issue and it takes time to arrange license agreement with record labels a…

My highscore in Google Dinosar game

Google Dinosaur Game Highscore: Tips to play: I know the score I mentioned is not a great achievement. But my friend circle struggle to cross 1000 points. I too was struggling to cross 1000 points because I imagined Dinosaur was moving towards the plant. To score more points think like plant is moving towards you and press space bar whenever the plant approaches you. 
How to play this game: This game is embedded in Google Chrome browser. Whenever the internet goes down or there is no internet connectivity you will get a page saying 'Unable to connect to internet' or 'You are offline'. In that page press space bar to activate this dinosaur game.

Interesting app that can calculate maths equations using camera

Photo Math is a new app that I found in Play Store. According to the description this app can calculate mathematics equation. I gave a shot in myRedmi 1S and here are the photos of PhotoMath in action.

Turns out it works like it mentioned in description. This app is available for Android, iOS and Windows.
Size of the app in Android - 4.1 MB
Developer - Microblink

How to increase the amount of free RAM in Micromax Canvas Nitro A310?

Problem On my Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 I'm getting only 700mb free RAM. How to increase the amount of free RAM?


Method 1 - Flash AOSP LAEK V4 ROM from needrom This method involves potential risk for those who are doing flash for the first time. There is possible chances of bricking your phone.

In the official ROM the kernel used in V4 and this AOSP has V3 kernel. The V3 kernel has good power and memory management. You will easily get more than 1 GB of free RAM space by installing this ROM.

You can refer tutorial from the official website to flash this ROM in your phone.

Method 2 - Install Google Now Launcher There is good improvement in RAM after installing Google Now Launcher. This is easy way and there is no risk in this method. You can also install any launcher that consumes less RAM. I tried Google Now Launcher and it is giving me 400 MB extra RAM space.