BlackBerry introduces Android app store in BlackBerry 10.3.1

BlackBerry started to support Android apps right from BlackBerry 10 OS. However you need to manually do direct download apk file from official website or 3rd party website to install and run Android app. Obviously, this is not the way premium user want to run the app in their phone. I knew BlackBerry would address the issue very soon and they have done it in BlackBerry 10.3.1.

Apps can be downloaded from Amazon Store + BlackBerry World
BlackBerry added promising features in their new update. The UI is totally renewed and major improvements were made to voice assistant and app store.

In BlackBerry 10.2 version there was an option to sideload the Amazon app store. But many don't prefer to do so because of potential security risk. Also the developer community of BlackBerry is very less when compared to Android creates hesitation to sideload apps.

Introduction of Amazon app store doesn't mean say bye, bye to BlackBerry World. You still have BlackBerry World in your phone which means you can install app from both the stores

Some Apps are missing in Amazon Store
Amazon app store doesn't have all the apps that are available in Google Play Store. Sometimes the apps present in Android version of Amazon Store is not present in BB Amazon Store. When I dig deeper it turns out BlackBerry only supports Android 4.3 aka Jelly Bean apps. Neither low version nor higher version is compatible.

Still No Instagram but Netflix is available
Android's Amazon app has Instagram but BB's Amazon app doesn't. I can't find out the root cause but what I found is you can sideload the Instagram app from official website. Just go to official website, choose Android, click download, boom Instagram works in BB 10.3.

Netflix app now can be downloaded from Amazon app store.

Does Android app run faster in BlackBerry?
BlackBerry use a special framework called Android Player to run apk file on top of BlackBerry. It was good in BB 10.2 and improved a lot in BB 10.3. I never find any issues once app get launched but it takes time to launch. In BB 10.2 it takes less than 10 seconds to launch and in BB 10.3 it is 2 - 3 seconds just like high end Android device.

Seems BlackBerry almost solved apps lack.


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