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Xiaomi USB Fan - a new product from Xiaomi

Xiaomi USB Fan is now available in India. You can buy this product from Aliexpress. Its actually good. You can keep it near 50cm and yeah, feel the cool breeze. But delivery took around 40-45days. 

Overall happy with the product. It gets useful when we go outside in hot summer. Some of the pictures of Xiaomi USB Fan.

You can buy this product from this link -

The price will show in dollar but eventually it will convert to Indian rupee. It cost you approximately 70 rupee. The shipping is free for this product.

If you cannot connect to the servers, check if you have some anti virus or firewall blocking the connection - error:
If you cannot connect to the servers, check if you have some anti virus or firewall blocking the connection.

Fix: I don't find anything wrong with my firewall. I don't even have Antivirus program. To fix the issue just try to reload your webpage. Try reloading the page several times, like 10 times. After reloading I find the issue gets resolved. I think the problem is with server. Due to server overload users are not getting a window to get connected.

Games for Lenovo K3 Note with good graphics

Lenovo K3 Note supports app download in the external card. It allows you install game with bigger size. Bigger size games are good in graphics. Here are the list of games with good graphics that are supported in Lenevo K3 Note with good graphics.

GodfireMortal Combat XModern Combat 5BattlefieldDragon SlayerBrothers In ArmsCall Of DutyYesterdayCriminal CaseWWE ImmortalsLara Croft Relic RunWalking Dead Season 1 and 2Game Of ThronesThe Wolf Among UsVirtual TennisReal BoxingN64 EmulatorPrince Of PersiaBruce LeeUnearthed Trail Of IBN BattutaReal RacingReal FootballCaptain America The Winter SoldierThorThe Amazing Spiderman- 1 and 2Smack Down VS RAW 2011 I bought my Lenovo K3 Note after users reported that there is no heating issues. You know what, that is true. I never felt any heating issues while playing any of the above game.
For few games above there you need ppsspp emulator to run. If you are new to ppsspp emulator, it is an app that allows you to install PS2 game files. In above game …

How to install Xposed in Lollipop?

This is guide who want to install Xpose on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 based ROM.

Here we begin
1) Download Xpose arm sdk22 from link given below and xpose installer alpha4
2) Install Xpose installer and boot in recovery
3) Flash
4) Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache and reboot. Boot will take time and all apps will optimized.
5) Open Xpose go to modules and tick on modules n reboot. Xposed active ENJOY.

Xpose Installer Alpha4 -

Credits to Vishal Mestry

Try at your own risk. I m not responsible in case you brick your mobile or it goes in bootloop.

Micromax Yu Yureka dialer problem after Lollipop update

Yu Yureka dialer problem - After updating to Lollipop version my phone went through below problem.

Solution: You can solve this dialer issue by changing the theme. Change your theme to default and delete all old themes and download CM12 themes. You can also use themer app to change the theme. 
This issue doesn't require factory reset or formatting your phone. If anyone suggest then don't do it.
Below is the screenshot after changing my theme.

Chromebook without internet - will it work?

Chromebook is a laptop from Google designed for web browsing. This laptop runs it own OS - Chrome OS. It doesn't support Windows based applications. Obviously you cannot install Microsoft Office applications.

Is Chromebook useless without internet?  Yes it is useless if you don't have internet connection in your home. The whole point in Chromebook to the user doesn't need to spend time on upgrading/installing packages. Google is very clear that the data store stored by the user should be accessible from any device. They have chosen a common storage is cloud (Google Drive, Evernote).

Have you used Google Drive? Have you noticed one thing, that your files are accessible from any device. But only thing you need is internet connectivity and a device that supports internet (Android phone, iPhone, BlackBerry etc).

Why Chromebook is useless without internet? They have very little physical storage and they don't support many offline apps. You cannot expect Google Chrome to run…

Best games for Intel HD Graphics 3000

Most of the games that are launched recently were not compatible with Intel HD Graphics 3000. Games are costly; we end up paying for nothing. Since there are wide varieties of hardware, hardware specification specified in CD cover are not so informative. Also, personally I feel game companies are not bothered about mid end laptops.
All the games listed here are with size above 700 MB and NOT mobile games. When I google for Intel HD graphics 3000 games, I find only mobile games. The list I given here are NOT mobile games.
My laptop specs and model HDD Capacity - 500 GB RPM - 5400 Brand - Samsung Model ID - NP300E5X-A0BIN RAM - 2 GB DDR3 Graphic Processor - Intel HD Graphics 3000 CPU brand - Intel Chipset - Mobile HM77 Express Cache - 3 MB Variant - 2328M Processor - Intel Core i3 Clock Speed - 2.2 GHz
Games I played: Below are the list are games played in my laptop running Intel HD 3000 graphics. GodfatherAge of Empires 3 (all age of empire games released before this version …

Best games for Canvas Nitro A310 without any lags

In this article I am going to present you the best games for Canvas Nitro A310 which can be playable without any lags.

All the below games need ppsspp emulator. You can download the emulator from Play Store. It requires CSO file which is the game file. I have given download link for CSO files below.
WWE 2k14 
Download link -
Assassin's Creed  It is playable without any lags in Nitro and also sound is working good. 
Game download link -
Download CSO file from the link and open ppsspp emulator and browse the CSO file and click on that. It is directly playable
God of War
Download link -
I played many games but personally I feel the above are the best games. I guess these games will also work in other Android phones by using ppsspp emulator. Give a try. I tested all the games…

Can I go for Lollipop update Micromax Yu Yureka?

My Yureka upgrade available 5.0 Lollipop from KitKat 4.4.4. Is it good or is it better to stay in Kitkat 4.4.4.

NO, don't update. After updating to Lollipop 5.0 I am experiencing heating issue more often. The OS performance is also not up to the mark. Wait until you receive Lollipop 5.1 update. 

Latest Android phone with no heatig issues

Android phone with no heating issues are very less. Heating complaints were made on popular Android phone like Redmi series, Micromax Yu, Moto G etc. They were not taken as a big issue as they are very good performers. This is not going to be an issue for those who don't have much physical contact. But for those who spend most of the time in calls, it is going to be a serious issue.

Android phone with less heating issue:
The phones I mention here may not be the best performer but they are balanced and emit very less heat.

Lenovo K3 Note - Rs.9,999: Almost all Lenevo models under 10K rupee were reported with heating issue except this one. This phone is launched very recently (March 2015). Below are the key feature of this phone.

5.5 inch Full HD Display13MP | 5MP CameraAndroid Lollipop OS2 GB RAM | 16 GB ROM
Samsung Galaxy Grand Max - Rs.12,900 Just by comparing the spec sheet you won't find this phone great. But. many users reported that the best thing about this phone is no ov…

Project Windows Phone screen to PC full screen

You can project Windows Phone screen to PC. To do so, download Project My Screen app in your PC then install it. After installation is done connect your phone using USB cable and you will see your phone in your PC. 
Download Link - Supported PC OS - Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.  Window Phone OS - Windows 8.1 and above
How to project? First connect your phone to the PC using USB cable. In your PC launch the app. In Windows Phone Settings, you will find Project My Screen option. Clikck on it, and click start project my screen.  
You can control your phone using you PC.
Full Screen: To project Windows Phone screen to PC full screen - First press F then press B then press E now it is full screen.

wwe 2k14 apk download for Android

wwe 2k14 is an wrestling Android game.You can download the apk file from below Google Drive link.

WWE Smackdown VS RAW 2k14 download link -

In above download link you won't find WWE 2k14 apk file. It is actually a RAR file and you need to download ppsspp gold emulator from Play store and use this emulator to run the game.


Is techrax richie rich?

Techrax is YouTube channel and the guy breaks new working iPhone model on purpose. He literally breaks one iPhone per week. He breaks costly Apple models like iPhone 6 Gold, iWatch gold by different means. People watching this video usually leave below comments.

80% - Reference to Africa15% - Wasting Money4% - I could have had that iPhone 61% - Techrax guy earns money because of it

Is he rich? There is no information about his YouTube earnings or where he works.

Sometimes this channel hosts iPhone giveaways. Lucky users will get iPhone 5 or iPhone 6.

Channel Link -

Indian government job that pays 13 Lakh per annum for fresher

Ever since I have thought IAS or ISRO is the highest paying governement job in India. Today, I discovered in Quora, a social networking site there is another government body which pays 13 lakh per annum for fresher. It's a huge pay right? The user who works in that governement body says that this extremely high salary is only for the post graduates.

What is name of company? The company that pays this hefty salary is SEBI aka Securities Exchange Board of India.

Pay: As I mentioned in the heading, they pay 13 lakh per annum for post graduates. If you are an under grad then the user say you life is doomed. For under grads the salary is  either not attractive or you will be given hell lot of work.

What do they do? From the abbrevation you can make out the work is related to security. Who cares about the work! but the employee assures the work is interesting. It seems they investigate cases like Sahara, DLF, and companies with such large scale.

Training: It seems SEBI gives more import…

Most Required skills in freelancer

Freelancing is the best source for part-time or home based income. Here are the are the most required skills for freelancing in different categories.

Note: Below titles are categories and the number denotes the number of projects per week. Similarly below tables shows skills and number of projects posted per week. 

Websites, IT & Software (17802)In this section there will be jobs related to websites and software technologies used in website. For a one week window there are 17K jobs posted under this section. Most of the job require PHP skills with knowledge in some other technology. Here are the list of skills and their weekly job count. 

PHP  3577 HTML  2782 Software Architecture  935 Wordpress  818 MySQL  668
It is now clear that PHP is the most required IT skills for freelancing. There are also jobs posted based on popular IT programming languages like Java, C, C++ but they are very less. 
Design, Media & Architecture(15667) Designing is used everywhere right from big machine…

Avaya failed to connect for the following reason unable to reach server

Avaya VPN failed to connect with following error message:

Failed to connect to server for the following reason : unable to reach server

Solution: This error occurs if you are sharing your internet connection. To turn of the sharing follow below steps.

Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center. You can simply copy paste the path in File Explorer. Click on Local Area Connection under view your active networks.Click Properties.Click Sharing tab.Uncheck the Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection. This procedure is also applicable to Nortel VPN. Technically Avaya is the updated version of Nortel VPN. So you can resolve it using the same steps.