Indian government job that pays 13 Lakh per annum for fresher

Ever since I have thought IAS or ISRO is the highest paying governement job in India. Today, I discovered in Quora, a social networking site there is another government body which pays 13 lakh per annum for fresher. It's a huge pay right? The user who works in that governement body says that this extremely high salary is only for the post graduates.

What is name of company?

The company that pays this hefty salary is SEBI aka Securities Exchange Board of India.


As I mentioned in the heading, they pay 13 lakh per annum for post graduates. If you are an under grad then the user say you life is doomed. For under grads the salary is  either not attractive or you will be given hell lot of work.

What do they do?

From the abbrevation you can make out the work is related to security. Who cares about the work! but the employee assures the work is interesting. It seems they investigate cases like Sahara, DLF, and companies with such large scale.


It seems SEBI gives more importance to education. They prepare their own training manuals and educated the associates. Also they have their own institute in Mumbai named as NISM.

Like all software companies your education is fee is reimbursed. Apart from that there is additional incentives for completing the course. So you get salary and get paid for educating yourself. Isn't it cool!


Employee says they get crazy amount of perks. It seems they give perks for housing and high cost running gears for marathoners. Like all government job they have high job security.


The office is located at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. Below is the image of office taken from Google.

Best profile in SEBI is Financial Regulator.

Source: Quora

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