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FunTab All New tablet by Go Tech

FunTab All New tablet: It is a tablet manufactured by Go Tech. This tablet is available only for limited edition.

Launch date– Released on December 2012
Price – Rs.3999 Indian Rupee 
Screen Size – 7 inches tablet
SIM card Slot – No

Asus ME172V price leaked

Asus ME172V: Asus entry-level tablet PC ME172V will be priced $99 (5000 Indian Rupee). Asus is now one of the best industry for consumers electronics especially in tablet PC. Now this company is ready to launch its low cost tablet. This tablet was kept secret but a retail channel leaked out the configuration information and pictures. That channel stated it does not like the Google Nexus family, it's just an ordinary ASUS Tablet PC.

HTC 8S review – best Windows phone for its price

HTC 8S Review: Recently HTC and Nokia launched their Windows Phone 8 in India. In HTC we got two mobile phone with Windows Phone 8 OS. HTC 8S is priced lower than HTC 8x. HTC 8S is a relatively low-end of a product priced only Rs.20,000. Want to know how is the actual performance of this phone? Lets have a quick look at it.

Helmet headset launched by Beats price

POC sports teamed up with Beats audio announced a product named as Receptor BUG Communication. This product is about to release on January 2013. Its priced 2200 SEK (Swedish Krona). Name of the product seems something related to networking product. But it is the helmet headset that I am talking about.

List of date predicted as Doomsday by several communities

Doomsday Predictions: As time goes on, more and more people's minds have doubts: 2012 end of the world is  it really? This kind of messages were circulated before 2012 it seems. Many dates were marked as doomsday with some rumors.

Hisense Google TV set-top box Amazon started selling price of $100

Google TV: According to foreign media reports, the Hisense Google TV set-top boxes Pulse Store Amazon sales price of $ 99.99. The Hisense The Google TV products support 1080p output with WIFI, HDMI, USB, and network interface cards. Similar to the other Google TV products, the Pulse remote control is double-sided, one side of the QWERTY keyboard, the other side is the traditional remote control buttons.

BlackBerry Z10 is the first mobile to run BB 10

BlackBerry Z10: It was quoted in U.S. technology news site like GSMArena and CNET reported that the name of the next generation of BlackBerry smartphones is RIM BlackBerry the Z10 (BlackBerry Z10) This was fetched from anonymous sources.

Micromax Funbook tablet list

Micromax Funbook: Funbook Tablet were available in India from the year 2012. Continiously many tablets were released after the first version. More than 10lakh Funbook tablet were sold during the time of release. Followed by this tablet many tablet manufacturers started to produce tablet. Funbook is the first company with budget cost. No other tablet have good reviews like Funbook in budget catergory few months back. Now there are many budget tablet available in market with good pros.

iBall tablet service center in India

iBall service center: iBall is a emerging company which launched several tablets in iBall slide series. We know these tablets were performing well more than we expect. However after using this tablet for 1 or 2 years we get minor problems like screen broken, hardware problems and software glitch. iBall has launched several service center across the country. They covered almost the whole country. Metropolitan cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkatta has got numerous service center. Here I have given you official service center of iBall contact details. For location and address contact through mobile / email of your respective area.

Dual SIM 3G Android mobile under 5000 rupee

Dual SIM 3G mobile: This year its time for 3G. Now the 3G data has become cheaper. We have unlimited  3G plans in Aircel and Docomo. If you want to purchase a 3G dongle it will cost you nearly Rs.2000. Instead you can buy a mobile below Rs.5000 instead of choosing 3G dongle. Before 5 month there are no mobile under this category. After a long research I got 12 mobile. I am surprised many mobile have Android OS with it.

Byond mi-book Mi9 Tablet

Byond mi-book Mi9 tablet released with the slogan "For larger than life theatrical canvas".
Launch date– Released on November 2012 Price – Rs.7250 India Rupee Screen Size – 9 inch tablet SIM card Slot – No

iPad Mini to reach Chennai for Rs.21900

iPad mini Chennai: Recently iPhone 5 launched in Chennai and many got it in their hands. Now there is curiosity to know iPad mini release date and price. Several news portal has published that 7.9inch version will be soon available in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkatta for Rs.21900. After this news I send a email to Apple regarding iPad mini launch and they stated they haven't finalized the date yet. The price list of iPad mini were as follows

Android tablet reviews - updated

Android Tablet Review India: There are plenty of Android tablet today. You can find ratings, review and top 10 tablet in several sites. But those tablets listed there were not available in India. Even I searched such tablets in metropolitan cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkatta but retailers repeat the same answer it is not available in India. We get reviews for tablets like iPad but you can find plenty in internet. So I dedicate this post for Indian available tablets.