iPad Mini to reach Chennai for Rs.21900

iPad mini Chennai: Recently iPhone 5 launched in Chennai and many got it in their hands. Now there is curiosity to know iPad mini release date and price. Several news portal has published that 7.9inch version will be soon available in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkatta for Rs.21900. After this news I send a email to Apple regarding iPad mini launch and they stated they haven't finalized the date yet. The price list of iPad mini were as follows


Wi-Fi alone
16GB - 21900
32GB – 27900
64GB - 33900

Wi-Fi plus SIM card
16GB - 29900
32GB – 35900
64GB – 41900

If we convert the price directly from Dollars it will be less. Increase in price is due to tax.

I have also received information about iPad 4th generation. It will launched only after mini release. Fourth generation has got 4G connectivity with it. India has 4G connection only in Banglore and Kolakatta. Rating of those tablet were good and they pointed that battery backup is good even after having 4G connection with it. With 4G you can access data even more faster. Due to vast usage of antenna battery will drain quickly. This device got special software upgrades to support battery backup for long time.  

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