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Ubislate 7C+ vs Ubislate 7Ci - pros and cons

Ubislate 7C+ vs Ubislate 7Ci - Ubislate currently launched this two version of tablet in India. Consumers are confused to choose the best tablet among this two. Past years we worried much about touch screen and now due to technology improvement touch-screen is no bar. I hope you already know the specification of this two tablet. Below is the specification difference between Ubislate 7C+ and Ubislate 7Ci.

Which one to choose? Both the tablets are not so awesome in performance when compared to tablet manufactured by WickedLeak, Lava and Micromax. Yet I have a tips for you to choose tablet between Ubislate 7C+ and Ubislate 7Ci.

Most of the task in the tablet will be based on internet. You can play games, watch videos all with your tablet if you have internet connection. To access internet in your tablet you should have wi-fi router in your home. If you already have one then go for Ubislate 7Ci or else choose 7C+. Ubislate 7C+ has SIM card facility and makes internet possible without Wi-Fi…

Do WeChat really dominate WhatsApp?

WhatsApp vs WeChat - I am sure that WeChat can't dominate. Both of them are different in their usage. WeChat remembers me Skype. I accept WeChat has some intresting feature but I think  they won't be too interesting for more than a week. Most of them won't prefer video chat or voice chat because it interrupts your work. WeChat is bigger software when compared to WhatsApp. Bigger software always cause trouble that too in low configuration mobile. For instance WeChat is available for Nokia S40 series mobile, but it won't be as reliable like WhatsApp. I am not supporting WhatsApp, I am trying to clear that software reliable is the reason that makes us to choose WhatsApp over the software like Viber, Nimbuzz and eBuddy.

WeChat is for fun, WhatsApp is an Utility:
WeChat offers you to connect with strangers with different interesting method. But those kind of apps won't sustain for many years. Once Yahoo have the same feature in Yahoo messenger and now no-one care about i…

Apple iPhone discounts Rs.7000 in India

iPhone discount - Like other countries India has great desire for iPhone. I know you are eagerly waiting for discounts and coupons. Apple has officially now made a announcement about discount for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 in India for students as well as other consumers.

If you are a student you can replace your old smartphone with iPhone and avail offer of Rs.7777. In India the current price of an Apple iPhone is Rs. 37,300 for iPhone 4s and Rs.44875 for iPhone 5. So you can get your iPhone by deducting Rs.7777.

Drawbacks of Google glass - Need improvements

Google glass drawbacks - We have to accept that Google glass is a revolutionary product that lift technology to the future. Google glass is a new concept where mobile computing is integrated in a glass. I think this glass may be inspired from Iron Man fantasy movie. But users feel disappointed when it is not up to the expectation. Below are the drawbacks of Google glass registered by most of the user.

Nokia Lumia 520 vs Sony Xperia E which is best?

Lumia 520 vs Xperia E - Many still have confusion to choose a Windows Phone or Android OS. By comparing this two OS majority of them judged Android is the best. But if we think about the usage for everyday life, this two OS will satisfy our basic need of a smartphone. For a smartphone Windows 8 OS is good and Android is better than Windows 8. Let see the comparison between Lumia 520 and Xperia E.