Nokia Lumia 520 vs Sony Xperia E which is best?

Lumia 520 vs Xperia E - Many still have confusion to choose a Windows Phone or Android OS. By comparing this two OS majority of them judged Android is the best. But if we think about the usage for everyday life, this two OS will satisfy our basic need of a smartphone. For a smartphone Windows 8 OS is good and Android is better than Windows 8. Let see the comparison between Lumia 520 and Xperia E.

Dual SIM:
Dual SIM feature is available in Xperia E and its absent in Lumia 520. So those who needs a dual-SIM mobile Lumia 520 doesn't suit.

Both mobile has 1Ghz processor but notice Xperia E has single core and Lumia has equipped with dual core. Dual core means 2 x 1 Ghz processor.

Screen size:
Lumia 520 has a bigger screen when compared to Xperia E equipped with 4 Inches and resolution of 800 x 480 pixels with capability to deliver 16 million color. While Xperia E has 3.5 inch screen with resolution of 320 x 480 and capability to deliver only 262 k color. So under sunlight Lumia 520 works great than Xperia E.

When comparing to OS it is no doubt both Windows 8 and Android Jelly bean is a best OS. Android Jelly bean is the best in Android and Windows is a stable OS. So its upto you which OS you prefer.

Both has same storage option of 4GB and expandable memory. So both has same features in terms of storage.

Touch sensitivity:
You can use Lumia mobile with your gloves means sensitive is more. This option is not available in Xperia E. If you live in hill regions you will wear gloves and Lumia suites at that place. For normal warm places this feature seems to be useless.

Comparing to this two mobile I surely go for Lumia 520 as it is the only mobile at this price. But if you consider Android you have lots of option from Micromax, Lava and Karbonn with even better hardware.


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