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Lenovo Vibe K5 Note best theme

I just found a beautiful theme for Lenovo Vibe K5 Note. Thought I can share it:

To get this theme just install hola launcher 2016 from Google Play and after that
Install Hola theme luxury life. You will get the same UI which you see in the screenshot.

Which mobile to buy from Olx?

For the past couple of years I have started to buy mobile from Olx. Somehow I learned technique to end up with good mobile for almost 30% of its original price. I have bought 20 mobiles from Olx in past 2 years. This post I will share the experience of getting mobile phone with great deal.

Buy 3 years old flagship phone:  If you are not familiar with what flagship phone is, it is the phone with high end specification. I would say a phone with 2GB RAM in the year of 2012 is flagship phone. You won't find a lot of phone with this spec. Example: LG Nexus 5, HTC Butterfly. These phone cost more than 20K INR, even now it cost the same if you want to buy a new piece. In Olx, you can get this phone for 6000 to 12000. My advice would be don't buy phone for more than 8K, reason later in this post. I got Nexus 5 32 GB version for 6400 INR with Spigen case. You know what, it is still awesome mobile, apps works just fine and faster than any 10K phone that you get now. 
Buy flagship phone …

Can I play Clash of Clans in Lumia 535?

Officially there is no Clash of Clans in Windows Phone, you can play Cloud Raiders and Crime Coast this game is like Clash of Clan. I have seen some users have managed to install Clash of Clans in their Windows Phone. But it is very long step and have more bugs in that game.

Which app to use for sharing BIG files from Lumia to Lumia?

You can share files between Lumia to Lumia using below apps:

ShareitZenderZapyaFeem V4
Using above methods you can share files offline. If you face issue with above apps, which happens if both Lumia phones uses different version you have to try Online sharing methods.

Sharing files with login id:
For below services you need account to be created:


Sharing file without login id:
I have seen some websites which allow to share files without login. You can just search in Google to get those websites. For example one site is Wikisend.