Which mobile to buy from Olx?

For the past couple of years I have started to buy mobile from Olx. Somehow I learned technique to end up with good mobile for almost 30% of its original price. I have bought 20 mobiles from Olx in past 2 years. This post I will share the experience of getting mobile phone with great deal.

Buy 3 years old flagship phone: 

If you are not familiar with what flagship phone is, it is the phone with high end specification. I would say a phone with 2GB RAM in the year of 2012 is flagship phone. You won't find a lot of phone with this spec. Example: LG Nexus 5, HTC Butterfly. These phone cost more than 20K INR, even now it cost the same if you want to buy a new piece. In Olx, you can get this phone for 6000 to 12000. My advice would be don't buy phone for more than 8K, reason later in this post. I got Nexus 5 32 GB version for 6400 INR with Spigen case. You know what, it is still awesome mobile, apps works just fine and faster than any 10K phone that you get now. 

Buy flagship phone with less than 8K. 3 year old doesn't mean the user used it for 3 years but the launch date of the phone is 3 years from today. 

You can search mobile here.

Buy Windows or BlackBerry phone:

You know there is not much market for Windows or BlackBerry phone. If you get right people you can get even 4 months phone for half its price. I managed to get two months old Microsoft Lumia 550 for Rs.4000. It is infact great mobile but people who used Android before will regret this purchase. You can easily get if people are ready to switch to Android.

Same goes for BlackBerry. But BlackBerry people usually say me they are going to buy iPhone and they do buy it. You can get 30% to 60% off from the original price. Again they do this because no people will be willing to buy Windows or BlackBerry phone. 

Don't buy Samsung or iPhone:

Main problem with Samsung and iPhone is they purchase mobile from USA and sell it in India. Those mobile will usually running cracked OS and not suited for Indian climate. Even if it is Indian model they sell it for 10% low from original price. You can get those offer in Flipkart or Amazon with bank offers. There are many people from in India willing to buy Samsung and iPhone so you are not likely to get good deal. If you are getting good deal then stay away, it will just a trap.

Don't buy Sony Z series:

I bought a Sony Z2 for 8K and the original price is 40K. This mobile has battery problem. It just shut down if you open any apps. Luckily, battery lasts well for calls. I was able to talk for more than 1 hour continuously (tested) but not the same with apps. You may end up with such issues if you are buying 3 years old phone. I would recommend you take any game apk and install in the mobile which you are going to buy. Just play for 5 minutes this will give you good idea about the battery and performance.

Checks to make when buying second hand:

  • Make a call. This is important you never know whether earpiece and mic is working fine without making call. By doing this you are also checking touch screen is working fine by dialing the keypad. 
  • Open camera app and shoot minimum 10 picture. In few phones I found there are scratches in camera which took awkward photo. So I bargained again to reduce price. 
  • Install an app and run. This way you can also check file transfer is working or not. I found Bluetooth doesn't work well in my Nexus but didn't care since I was getting very good deal. 

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