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Turn your Android phone look like Android L

Android L is not a phone as it sounds like. It is a newly launched Android version, i.e next version to kitkat. Many new features are added to this OS but my concern is my phone should look like Android L. Android L has extremely new design they are more colorful. One of the feature is the notification in the lock screen. So I found a beautiful app which consumes less memory and you can install in any Android device.

App name - AcDisplay

Actually in Android L version you can perform actions even from lock screen. Say if you have received a new mail then it will appear in the lock screen and you can reply, forward or perform any mail action right from the lock screen. However using this app you can launch the app from the lock screen. It just shows notification like app icon and the number of new notification. Below is the screenshot of this app.

However there are some downside like it always keep your sensor on. It means you are losing your battery backup every second. However sensors…

Moto E loose back panel. How to ask Flipkart for new panel? -Sample request

If you got Moto E with loose back panel then don't worry, just send a request to Flipkart. You can also call Flipkart but they will again tell you to send a request through website. So to raise a request follow below steps.

1. Login to the Flipkart account in which you bought your Moto E.
2. Then click on your order.
3. Then click on the contact us option just next to your order.
4. Then click on the fault you have and ask for live chat and then tell them your problem .

After your conversation gets completed, they will send your new panel within 5 working days.

You can also send an email to the customer care. Below is the email sent by my friend and he received his response mail. If Flipkart associate didn't pick up your Live chat then you can go, send email to the Flipkart customer care regarding your loose back panel.

This problem is there for many users which I came to know after discussing to my friend working in a mobile shop. So there is no need to panic, you will get yo…

What apps to install in my new Moto E?

Have you got your new Moto E? Wondering which app to download first? Here are some apps that I have in my Moto E which are extremely helpful and they are not available by default. 
1. Download file manager like ES File Manager because Moto E doesn't come with a file manager. If you are comfortable with any other file manager then go for it. ES File Manager works faster in Moto E and so I didn't had a chance to install any other.   2. An Antivirus - I suggest you to go with AVG's Antivirus. I am big fan of AVG and I have them in my Windows 8 laptop too. If you know any other better Antivirus then suggest me.  3. Download Mobogenie app. It is an app store like Google Play Store. It is much better than Google Play Store because of the added option like pause your downloads. Also all the apps available in Mobogenie store are free . 4. Download the Flipkart eBook App and u will get free e-books worth Rs.1000 if you login to the app with the same username with which you have bou…

Interesting features in OnePlus one phone - inbuilt screencast, themes and much more

OnePlus One features OnePlus One is a newly launched smartphone running Cyanogenmod OS. I was using this phone for a month and found several features inbuilt were interesting. So let me share some of the feature that you can't get in other Android phone by default.
Screen cast records your phone screen as video OnePlus one has got inbuilt screen cast app. With screen cast app you can video capture your phone. Many users were dying to get this app. I spent almost 2 days to get this app in my Samsung Galaxy S3. Get this app is not a easy task. You need to root your phone first, it is a long process. Screen cast is awesome with no tricky configurations. Just you need to tap on start screen cast button to video capture your phone. You can stop the screen recording from the notification bar.

Has Theme Showcase used to change font, icons and even boot logo This is really an awesome feature to customize the phone look. Generally a theme is a whole package when applied your mobile looks…

Simple Present, Simple Past and Past Participle list

This was home work to my sister daughter studying 1st grade. I thought adding -ed will make past tense but I was wrong. There is a thing called irregular verbs in grammar. It means you should not add -ed to end of verb to make it past tense. So see the list there are many irregular verb as well as regular verb. Don't worry I made this list after referring to a good grammar book. Below is the list.

Simple PresentPast TensePast Participledeliverdelivereddeliveredhanghunghungknowknewknownsitsatsatquitquitquitforgetforgotforgottenswimswamswumgivegavegivenappendappendedappendedemailemailedemailedsharesharedsharedjumpjumpedjumpedringrangrungawakeawokeawokentrytriedtriedlistenlistenedlistenedspitspatspatscoldscoldedscoldeddealdealtdealtdreamdreamtdreamtfeelfeltfeltbendbentbentcutcutcutbrustbrustbrustmakemademadewalkwalkedwalkedbebeenhaving beenbuildbuiltbuiltblowblewblowndodiddonedrivedrovedrivenchoosechosechosendrawdrewdrawndrinkdrankdrunkshutshutshutflyflewflowneatateeatenfallfellfallen…

Try this Android launcher by Nokia - Nokia Z launcher apk download

Nokia Z launcher - This is the new launcher by Nokia for Android. I think this laucher is developed for their Nokia smart phones running Android. Whatever it may be, if you have Android device running Kitkat version then you can check out it. I tried this launcher in my mobile running Kitkat version and so I am not sure about other version.

Nokia Z launcher APK file -

What is new The above is the home screen of this launcher. You will be able to see the six apps which is my frequently used apps. Whatever app you use frequently gets populated in the home screen. Say you are frequent Whatsapp user, then it will appear in the home screen first followed by the next frequently used app.

The above image is the view after clicking on application icon. All your apps will be populated in alphabetical order. It is just like the one you see in Windows Phone 8.1. It is really easy if you remember the app name. It is fully customized …

How to reduce Nokia Lumia 520 heating?

I bought my Nokia Lumia 520 six months back. Things were good when I purchased. Recently I am facing heating issue in my handset when I use 2G or 3G internet connection. I can't bear the heat when I was in call. It heats up more surrounding the camera. Fortunately all users having Lumia 520 are facing exactly the same issue. So there is no complete solution for this problem but I came with solution that don't completely solve the issue but it is temporary.
My dumb solution - Buy pouch First thing I did is I bought a purse-type pouch. It means even if the phone gets heat up I won't be able to sense it. I know this solution is lame. But I have no other solution and experts from Microsoft and Nokia are reporting it is usual in electronic device. Another thing I found is, restarting the mobile reduces the heating time. If your mobile gets heat up after 20 minutes of internet usage then restating your phone makes your phone heat up after 35 minutes. It is because your RAM will…

PC games you can play in Core i3, 2 GB RAM and less or no graphics card

Getting good games that run in PC is a hectic task. Most of the game now ask for good graphics or video card. Obviously budget laptops won't have that feature. Still there are many games that you can play without less or not graphics card. Every processor has its own inbuilt graphics card and so I mentioned as less graphics card. My laptop model is Samsung NP300E5X-A0BIN. So let me show you my quick specs.

My laptop specs Processor - Core i3 (2nd Gen)
Clock speed - 2.2 GHz
OS - Windows 7

Games I have in my laptop  1. Godfather  Genre - Shooting + Missions (GTA like game)
Minimum specs - 512 MB RAM, Core 2 Duo

2. AgeofEmpires III
Genre - Building house, army and war against enemy
Minimum specs - 256 MB RAM, Pentium III processor (very old than Core i3)

3. Grand Theft Auto : SanAndreas Genre - Missions, free roaming in city with car, bike and aeroplane Minimum specs - 256 MB RAM, Pentium III processor 4. Grand Theft Auto III Genre - Old version of GTA San Andreas Minim…

Which is the latest Nokia Lumia model?

Several Lumia phones has been launched. Users were not given with details about the latest  model. In online shopping sites I have seen still they are selling Lumia Windows 7 models. They look like latest Lumia handset but they are not. People end up purchasing the old handset and regret  for it. I have given here the latest handset with their release date.

Why should I care about it Latest phone comes with high configuration and new software. If you use old phone you may lose updates and software support. Microsoft entered mobile market with WP 7.5 which was released on 2012, February, after few month Windows Phone 8 came into picture at 2012, September. Now there is no apps or support for this WP 7.5 phones. If you look it clearly it just a matter of 7 months everything has changed. Especially in mobile market new upgrades can be seen in every quarter of the year.

Nokia Lumia family and their release date

PhoneAnnounced Date Nokia Lumia 9302014, AprilNokia Lumia 6352014, AprilNokia …

How to get out of car in God Father? Which key should I press?

To enter in to the car in God Father game you need to press space bar. The same key is used to get out of the car. But for some reason you'll not be able to get out of the car even after pressing space bar. So in this case you need to install a patch file. Installing the patch file will resolve the issue.

Rectify car problem using patch file I don't know whether using this patch file is safe or not. I am sure this patch file will work for sure. So to download, search in the Google for godfatherfix.rar. It can be downloaded from the 4shared website.
The first link in the search index works fine. It is 100% working patch tested by several users. If the issue is still not fixed drop a comment below.

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God father game tips

Extort business in God Father tips - Negotiate faster

Your first mission in God Father is Extort Business. Sometimes you may die before negotiating. I found one tip which will be useful to extort business faster.

In the above image I have circled two persons, who will attack you while negotiating. Before entering the shop kill them using car. So while negotiating no one will attack you. Very rarely one guy will come to attack you. 

If you don't kill them they will circle you and attack. Chance for more for get yourself iced. Those guys with come up with guns and you can't handle two at a time. Even if you manage to handle, it will take lot of time to kill them. 

Negotiate more money While extorting the shop owner, don't hit. Just grab and shake him. You can see the panic meter increase. Below is the controls you need to use to negotiate more money.

To focus - press right mouse button
To grab - press left mouse button

Then shake the mouse vigorously which in turn shake the shop keeper. In the panic meter you can see the…

Micromax Windows VS Nokia Windows - Which you will buy?

It is clear that the first phone to compete Nokia Windows is Micromax Windows. Micromax came up with two Windows 8.1 phone with very low price and high specs. They were priced at Rs.6500 and Rs.9500, a low end and a high end respectively. Micromax presence in Windows platform filled the low configuration gap. Users complaint about Windows phone has only 512 MB RAM but for the same price I can buy 1 GB RAM in Android. Such things were discussed a lot and Micromax made a full stop to it.

Micromax - A high specification Windows Phone People looking for Windows Phone with good specification for low price then obviously it's for you. What I mean good specification is the 1 GB RAM for Rs.6500. This is a big threat to Android phone in this price range. I feel people may move to Micromax instead of Moto E. I wonder whether Micromax has Nokia specific apps like Nokia Here Map, Nokia Drive, Nokia Camera etc.

Nokia - A high quality Windows Phone We have already experience Nokia Windows Phone…

Football world cup timings India

Friday 13 JuneGroup ASao PauloBrazil vs.Croatia
1:30 AM IST
Group ANatalMexico vs.Cameroon
9:30 PM IST
Saturday 14 JuneGroup BSalvadorSpain vs.Netherlands
12:30 AM IST
Group BCuiabaChile vs.Australia
3:30 AM IST
Group CBelo HorizonteColombia vs.Greece
9:30 PM IST
Sunday 15 JuneGroup DFortalezaUruguay vs.Costa Rica
12:30 AM IST
Group DManausEngland vs.Italy
3:30 AM IST
Group CRecifeCôte d'Ivoire vs.Japan
6:30 AM IST
Group EBrasiliaSwitzerland vs.Ecuador

Sun direct football world cup live

To watch football world cup live in Sun Direct tune to Sony Six. The channel number for Sony Six in Sun Direct is

Channel number - 508

First match Brazil vs Croatia gets telecast at 1:23 AM. Other matches will be telecast at 12:22 AM.

Watch Football world cup in Airtel dish channel number

It is confirmed that football world cup will get telecast in Sony Six. So if you Airtel Digital TV football will be telecast in channel number 236 for standard definition and channel number 237 for HD.

Channel number - 236 and 237

Football world cup 2014 Tata Sky dish TV channel & number

I am using Tata Sky dish TV. Only a day left for Football world cup 2014. I know there are not much football fans in India like cricket. But I know there will be football fans like me. So if you are using Tata Sky dish TV you can watch live football in Sony Six and Star Sports 4.

Channel number Sony Six  - 419 for SD and 420 for HD
Star Sports 4 - 406 for SD and 414 for HD

I am not sure whether football world cup get telecast in Star Sports 4 but it is sure that it will be telecast in Sony Six. Sony Six officially announce that they are going to telecast world cup matches. I got information about Star Sports 4 in a blog. So if you are going to make new recharge then go for Sony Six.

Sony Six tariff Monthly pack - Rs.40 Half Yearly - Rs.230  Yearly - Rs.440
I suggest you to go for monthly pack. There are no interesting matches after fifa world cup. 
I support Brasil This year I am going to support Brasil. The reason is I voted for Brasil for some dumb competition conducted in my office…

How to receive SMS in laptop using SIM without phone?

I really need a device to receive SMS and that can be viewed in my laptop. So I thought of a device which should be a USB device and it should have a slot to insert SIM. If I plug this USB device to my laptop I should receive SMS. Below is the idea that I hold in my brain.

Google search results came up with a dumb device SIM CARD READER. This device rode me crazy. This dumb device can hold SIM card but it has no antenna to recieve any form of signals. I was decieved by the CD driver they gave along with the device. Its work is to read contacts and already present SMS. To do this we need to install software.

I didn't gave up my search. I found another solution for this problem. It is Mobvirto.

Solution - Mobvirto It is really a good technology to solve this multiple SIM issue. It is actually a cloud software. You can configure your SIM number in the cloud and you will recieve all your SMS and calls through cloud. All you need is a client software to recieve those SMS and calls. S…

App for Windows Phone for trending WhatsApp status

We like to express our feeling through status. Here is a new app in Windows Store which suggest you some trending status. I like this app because it has no annoying ads, also it is free.

App Name - WhatsApp Status Plus
Download link -

This app has bunch of status divided under categories. It has categories like love, friendship, sad, happy, girl and boy. Atleast 10 new status gets updated each day in each category. You can also get the trending status under the category 'Bests'. All the status are pretty decent. Below is the screenshot of this app.

Download Disney games for free in Windows Phone

People using Windows Phone were worried about paying for almost all the apps in Windows store. I always compare the Windows app with Android app, I can see Android gives it free where I should pay for it in Windows. Today I got to know that Disney made its app free in Windows Store. Here I like to share the games from Disney that are made free.

1-Disney Solitaire(WP)

2-Where's my Water?

3-Where's my Perry?

4-Where's my Mickey?

5-Wreck it Ralph(1GB ram)

6-Toy Story:Smash it!…

Nokia Lumia 520 VS Nokia Lumia 630 - Performance & Battery Comparison

I Used Lumia 630 for 4 days I am using my new Nokia Lumia 630 for past four days. I compared the specification of L520 and L630 and was not impressed. But I was proved wrong. There are many improvements in Lumia 630 which can be felt only by using it. I complaint myself about 512 MB RAM in this mobile but after using I felt it is really enough. I choose this mobile as it can accommodate two SIM.

New processor purely optimized for Windows 8.1 Nokia Lumia 630 runs Windows 8.1 out of the box. Some tweaks have been done and shortcuts like Android for Wi-FI, Bluetooth etc has been added. The new processor in Snapdragon series (Snapdragon 400) has been used in this phone. It has four cores which will improve battery performance and reduce phone heating up. The performance is up to the expectation, I won't say it is very fast but is good for the price I paid.

Nokia Lumia 520 has Snapdragon S4 processor which has been launched way back. It is dual core processor and so you might have f…

Not able to install from Windows Phone store asking to parent setup in Nokia Lumia

I am not able to install anything app from Windows Phone store. I am using Nokia Lumia 520. I came up with an error like setup with parent account. I came to know that it is related to the age given to my Live account. So I visited the Microsoft forum and it was told that people under age 18 can't download apps. Probably I might have given the age less than 18 in my Live account. I thought the solution is going to be simple, adjusting the age will solve my issue. But it didn't in my case. Then I was suggested to reset my phone and create new Live account.

Reset Windows Phone: Resetting the phone will make your phone as new as when you bought. Your apps, contacts, games and all data except system files will get erased. So backup all your data before resetting your Windows phone. To reset the phone follow below steps.

1. Open Settings
2. Open About, then open Reset your phone

Create new Live account: As resetting your phone, create a  new Microsoft account. To create it follow b…

Learn Swift programming language

Apple introduced Swift programming language at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference). They claim that it is a secure programming language based on objective C. So to develop apps for Apple products you need to learn this programming language. Tutorials for Swift programming language were provided by Apple in a 500 page manual for free. You can download this 500 page manual that contains Swift tutorial in iBook store.
Download Swift programming language book

To read this book you need  have any Mac or iOS device.

Features of Swift programming language:The improvements were made in performance. They claim that this language is as easy as JavaScript. Yet it will be faster as C++.Security has been enhanced and which is the main motto of introducing this language to the world.This language can understand common human errors. If you take C language, you need to terminate every piece of code with a semicolon(;). This is not the case in Swift programming language. Swift has all the feat…