Turn your Android phone look like Android L

Android L is not a phone as it sounds like. It is a newly launched Android version, i.e next version to kitkat. Many new features are added to this OS but my concern is my phone should look like Android L. Android L has extremely new design they are more colorful. One of the feature is the notification in the lock screen. So I found a beautiful app which consumes less memory and you can install in any Android device.

App name - AcDisplay

Actually in Android L version you can perform actions even from lock screen. Say if you have received a new mail then it will appear in the lock screen and you can reply, forward or perform any mail action right from the lock screen. However using this app you can launch the app from the lock screen. It just shows notification like app icon and the number of new notification. Below is the screenshot of this app.

However there are some downside like it always keep your sensor on. It means you are losing your battery backup every second. However sensors won't consume much battery I think it won't be a big issue.

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