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Bugs and fixes for Extreme L ROM Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114

Extreme L ROM is a custom ROM for Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114. It is themed with Android Lollipop 5.0. This ROM was developed by Anunay Sagar.

Extreme L ROM is totally smooth and efficient. There are few bugs in this ROM which many users as well as me faced. Here you will find the common bugs in Extreme L ROM and their fix.

Bugs and solution 1 On the dialer I can't press the call button to make calls.
Solution: Download any dialer app from Google Play Store.

2. When phone connected to PC it doesn't show the phone storage it only shows "disk drive E"
Works in Linux via adb

3. When I try to open the E disk drive it says format needed
(It didn't happen in the xperia v2 ROM which i used before so its a ROM problem)
No solution found

4 when USB debug is ON and I connect the phone to PC my phone stops where it was (ie) it gets stuck as soon as I switch on USB debug. I have to remove the battery and re-insert it and reboot to make it work.
No solution found

5 On the Googl…

Nexus 5 running Android M screenshots

Flashed Android M in Nexus 5. You can download the Android M zip file from Android Developers website. There is not much difference you can find from the Android L. Below is the screenshot of Android M running in my Nexus 5.

How to install Android M in Nexus 5? This is the step I followed to install Android M ROM. I did flashing using adb method.

You can download the ROM from Android Developers website. Extract the file in your PC.Turn on the debugging mode and connect your Nexus 5 to your PC via USB cable.Windows users open CMD (right click run as administrator), Fedora (Linux) users open terminal. the command adb reboot bootloader.Change your directory to the ROM location. (Tip:using CD command)Run the command flash-all. It will install the ROM.
Don't panic if your phone doesn't start. Wait for at least 30 minutes for the script to get complete.

New features that I spot were tuning and themes. Will provide all the new featur…

Custom back cover for Yu Yureka

I got two  beautiful custom back cover design for Yu Yureka from a social networking site. One user claims he sketched the black back cover with white strips and other user just created a photoshop prototype of back cover. Below is the image of two back cover.

Yu Yureka Black and White Back Cover

The above back cover is actually a full black cover and the user has drawn the white strips. It looks beautiful and reminds me zebra.

Yu Yureka back cover prototype
The above image is not a physical cover but a design made in photoshop. The user who created this back cover design is Rahul. Rahul works in bike sticker shop and he is actively working on this design to make it physical. It seems he almost completed the base design, the black texture. All that is left is to design the CYANOGEN text art and print the sticker.

Isn't it cool?

3D Back Cover for Micromax Canvas Nitro A310

Bought this back cover for Micromax canvas Nitro. Many such covers are available in eBay. Grab it!

In eBay you can search something like Ultimate 3D back cover for Canvas Nitro A310. I got this 3D eye open and close back cover for Rs.250. There is another design in which a skeleton guy shows middle finger. It is rude actually, so I went for the eye design.

Restricted access changed Moto G - solved


Manual exposure mode Motorola Camera update

Manual Exposure Mode A new feature, manual exposure mode is added in Motorola Camera new update. To get this feature you can update it from Google Play Store. The updated Motorola Camera version is

This option is available in the camera settings. To use this feature you need to turn on manual exposure in the settings of camera. Also, to feel the difference turn off the HDR mode.

What's new in the update This update was release on May 20 2015. Motorola claims there are few bug fixes in this new update. Still no filters and effects are added to this update. Expecting filters feature in their next update. The filter option comes by default in all Samsung mobiles. Adding this feature will be appreciated.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile for Moto G

Microsoft Hyperlapse is an app from Microsoft which allows user to create time-lapse videos. This app is compatible with Moto G 1st and 2nd Gen.

How to download? If you like to try this app join the Microsoft Hyperlapse community in Google + . Then visit this site claiming yourself as tester. Then you can visit Google Play store to download the application.

You can't download this app without following above steps.

What does this app do? With this app you can take videos in fast or slow mode. There are many videos in the Microsoft Hyper Lapse community page which I shared above. Just visit that page and you can get all the info you need.

How can I set ringtone in Lumia 535?

Download Ringtone maker app. This app is created by Microsoft. The download size of this app is 3 MB. Latest version is This app works with Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1.

This app is easy to use and let you to crop any length of a mp3 file.

It has some exceptions like you cannot crop or set Xbox music subscription songs.

It is best to trim your song and set them as ringtone. You cannot expect more things from this app. Please be advise that it is not a DJ app.

Launcher is not responding - Redmi 1S

After I fastbooted and flashed my friend's Redmi 1s, the phone is turning on but nothing is working, after 5 minutes of turning the phone on, the notification bar is working as shown in the pic. It says 'loading launcher' but the launcher is not responding and after some time, it says 'Launcher is not responding'

Similarly if I open anything else like Settings, etc. same thing happens.

Solution without losing data I connected the phone with MI manager and now I can backup all the data and will update the phone phone from this option only.

Wipe user data Goto mi recovery .Enter Recovery hold power+vol up or go updater app and press menu button> reboot to recovery mode 7.Select [wipe & reset] → [YES]

Best music player for extreme vanilla v3 ROM

Flashed Extreme Vanilla ROM in Micromax Canvas Nitro A310. The stock player comes with this ROM is not so good.  My earphone has awesome bass. But after flashing this ROM, it just harassing my ear. So here are some best music player for this ROM.

WalkmanIt is a music application from Sony. Gives best bass experience. I like the new look of this player. You can get the list of songs in your home screen. It is one of the good alternative to stock music player.

PowerampIt is one of the favorite music player app of Android users. I use this app in all my Android phone.

Best kernel for Redmi 1S

Here you can get the best kernel for Redmi 1S which is determined by AnTuTu benchmark. Added screenshots of AnTuTu benchmark for several kernel for Redmi 1S.

Beast R4 LP Branch
Xcelerate Kernel

Beast R4 Uber 6.0

Carbon R2 beta Kenel
SOKP kernel

Stock Kernel
Beast R4 LP BranchCarbon R2 beta KenelBeast R4 Uber 6.0Xcelerate KernelSOKP kernelStock Kernel

CyanogenMod 11 ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note

This CM 11 or CyanogenMod 11 version is ported from Micromax A310. This ROM has fix for dual card. The settings app is taken from Android 4.4.4.

Below are screnshots of CyanogenMod 11 ROM installed in Xiaomi Redmi Note.

Installation steps -

I haven't installed this ROM. I find this ROM will be interesting. You can go through the steps given in above link to flash it.

Official 5.1 OTA Zip file For Micromax Canvas A1

This post is about Official 5.1 OTA Zip file For Micromax Canvas A1.. You can update your device manually through this file with Stock or without stock Recovery..

Download link is here..

File Size is about 409.82 MB

Instructions: No root needed. Back up all your data, place the .zip file on external card and boot into stock recovery and then select update from SD card and click it , it will soon boot into 5.1. I have installed CMW recovery mode and so I used it. As it is a official ROM, it can be flashed using any recovery.

Your files won't get deleted by flashing this zip file. Just to make sure, to keep your data safe I request to take backup.

Note: This OTA zip is not for all Android one devices. Its only for Micromax Canvas A1.

Update's build version - KPW53
New Stock 5.1 Build number is LMY47O

Souce link - http://forum.xda-deve…

Battery backup problem in greenipop ROM solution

Solution who all r facing battery backup problem in greenipop ROM. I'm not telling it will increase your backup incredibly..

Phone I tried - Micromax Canvas 2.2 A114
Method 1: (if u have a cwm mode). 1) Make sure your charging is 100%.
2) Reboot into recovery by pressing and holding vol up + vol down and power button at the same time.
3) Select recovery mode.
4) Now after you in CWM recovery goto advanced>delete battery stats.
5) Switch on your phone and use your phone till auto switch off.
6) Now charge your phone in switch off mode for 10-11 hrs without interruption.
7) After that switch on your phone and use it till 1% u will feel some increased backup.
8) Now charge again for 9-10 hrs in switch on mode without interruption. ( make your phone in airplane mode).
9) After that use your phone till 10-11% battery after that charge it for 1 hr.
10) Use as normal u will feel increased battery backup.

Method 2: ( who don't have cwm mode). 1) Make sure ur charging is 100%.
2) Th…

MI PC Suite English version download

MI PC Suite is available for download in English version. Yet, we always end up installing Chinese version. I was searching for MI PC suite English translation. I finally found Mi PC suite English version download page. Be advised that there is no option for MI PC suite language search.

Download Link -

The download link I have given is official version. So you no need to worry about malwares.

Phones supported - Mi 4i · Mi Note Pro · Mi Note · Redmi 2A · Redmi 2 · Mi 4 LTE · Redmi Note 4G · Mi 4 · Mi Pad 7.9 · Redmi Note · Mi 3 · Redmi 1S · Redmi · Mi 2A.

Micromax Canvas 2.2 a114 volume fix for any ROM

Steps for Canvas a114 volume fix 1) Download the zip given in post.
2) Extract that.
3) There is another zip inside it don't extract that.
4) Now, there is a folder inside the extracted zip called "data">nvram>APCFG>APRDCL copy files inside it.
5) goto /data>nvram>APCFG>APRDCL using any root explorer.
6) paste those files over there I mean replace files.
7) after that reboot into into recovery and flash the zip that I have told not to extract.
8) Reboot and enjoy.

Download link for Micromax Canvas 2.2 a114 volume fix -

ROM created by Epsit Ghodke
Raj Yadav

According to developers this ROM should work with any ROM.

Carbon ROM 5.1.1 Xiaomi Redmi 1S download

Carbon ROM 5.1.1 pros
Based on CM ROM .... Same as Stock CM12.1 but CarbonROM Fibers Option in settings will make you delighted as many functions, tweaks there!Camera And Sound Both is Cool... Better Flash Walkman and Install Viper Loaded already with SuperSu... No headache of Having Rooting thing.No lag while charging... Or in simple use! But very bit heating that it can be ignored but why should AICP, Euphoria don't heat In beginning, it took 45 minutes to restore 70+ apps from Titanium Backup... But later it worked well ✔SELinux Status is Already PERMISSIVE, so no use of SELinux Mode Change App.On AOSP keyboard Gesture typing isn't working *_* I use G-Keyboard btw.All 5.1.1 Based ROMs have extra features.... But In extra features no one can beat Cyanide L ROM, Remix, AICP etc.Charging is Good... It is normal! I.e. fast!The 2g/3g problem isn't here! Mobile data works fine! No need to use those codes n blah blah!!

Best Kernel for CARBON ROM 5.1.1 Redmi  I tried 5 K…

iPhone 6 Vertu case

Got Vertu case for iPhone 6. Fits great with the phone. Price of the case is Rs.3500. Bought from local store in Bangalore. Below are the images:

Vertu case for iPhone 6

Important download links for Xiaomi Redmi 1S

Xiaomi Redmi 1S development tools download link Here I have give important download link for Xiamoi Redmi 1S. The links will show you the download page of popular ROMs and Gapps. Most of them will be link to Xiaomi offficial page. 

Official Miui 6 (global) (beta) for redmi 1s ->

Redmi 1S Mokke ROM link -

Redmi 1S CM11 ROM link -

Redmi 1S CM12 and 12.1 Armani Devs link -

XDA link CM12 and 12.1 Armani Devs -

Main thread of Syhost CM12.1 ROM -

Redmi 1S Beast Kernel download link - http://forum.xda-developers.…

Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 rooting, recovery and custom ROM

THEN IN MOBILE> Go to Settings>> About Phone and tap the build number 5-8 times. Now developer options menu will be available in the Settings app.
* Go to Settings>> Developer Menu>> Enable USB Debugging
* Install and Run ADB DRIVER and connect the device with PC, once your device detected by adb driver click on install after that the adb will install the Device USB Drivers.(INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED THIS TIME)
* RUN KingoRoot and Make sure your device is connected (It may take some time to detected by the Software)
* Click on the Root (it take some time please do not disconnect the Device)
Congratulation Your Device is Successfully Rooted

Download this apk file , ins…

Best Lollipop version ROM for Nitro A310

If you want to install LOLLIPOP version in Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 you can go for Material L ROM. Used it for a month and found no bugs. Flash it using either twrp 2.4.4 or Cwm Only those two recovery are stable. Don't try with some other version. Use only the mentioned version here. Else you may get into bootloop.

Material L ROM for Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 I have shared the Google Drive link to download Material L ROM for Micromax Canvas Nitro A310. You can use this link to download Material L Rom. Size of this ROM is 492 MB. Download can be done faster through broadband connection.

Xiaomi Mi Band features and compatibility

Mi Band:
Price - Rs.999Release date - April 2015Pros - Waterproof,  affordable price, compatible with iOS and AndroidCons - Mi Fit app needs more improvement  Mi Band - Is it a watch?

When I opened the Mi Band box, I thought it will be a watch. But there was only a rubber strap and dongle. The dongle is the actual device and doesn't have any display. The dongle's chip features accelerometer and Bluetooth. The strap will hold this dongle. There are several colors and designs in straps, I got the black one. The dongle part of Mi Band has three lights to indicate goal.

Mi Band app To use this band you need to download Mi Fit app. All the data collected by Mi Band can be seen in the Mi Fit app. Without this app the band is not complete. So make sure you have Mi Band compatible smartphone. The idea of this app is your phone will act as a display for Mi Band. Actually it is great idea which makes Mi Band cheaper and affordable. Mi Fit app is available for Android and iOS.

Mi Band is…

MacBook Air Sticker

 MacBook Air Sticker - Finally got my Simpsons MacBook Air Sticker from AliExpress.. It took time to reach me but it was worth it!

Cost -₹250 including shipping
Website - AliExpress

How to send pics and videos from Android phone to iPhone?

I am not able to receive picture or videos sent from Android phone in my iPhone. So I found some apps using which we can transfer files between Android and iOS system

Apps to share files between Android and iPhone:WhatsApp - Sounds crazy but works great if you have unlimited Internet connectivity.Shareit app - Popular app for sharing files. This app transfer files faster than bluetooth connection.Xender app - Files, pictures, music, videos, even apps can be shared. Has group sharing feature. Zapya - Cross-platform sharing for Android, iOS devices, WP & PC.
How to use: You need to install above mentioned app in both Android and iPhone. Instruction will differ for each app. I think except WhatsApp all the app uses wi-fi direct. Not sure but you don't need Internet to transfer files while using apps other than WhatsApp.

Best lightning charger for iPhone 5S Amazon India

Lightning charger  - Got these today from Amazon... People who are looking in for VFM Lightning Cable, can go for this blindly... These are MFI Apple Certified Cable. Cable is thick and highly durable. Both Connector ends are snug fit.. Gives the same exact feel that you get from original lightning Cable by Apple.. Got it at 1050/- with 1yr Warranty.. Cable is longer than the Original Cable ( 1.5mtrs ) Decent packing. Nothing fancy...

Compatible Apple products:iPhone 5    iPhone 5c    iPhone 5s    iPhone 6    iPhone 6 Plus iPad models    iPad with Retina display    iPad mini    iPad mini 2    iPad Air    iPad Air 2    iPad mini 3
iPod models    iPod nano 7th Generation    iPod touch 5th Generation 32GB/64GB    iPod touch 5th Generation 16GB

Rooting Micromax Canvas 2.2

This article is about rooting Micromax Canvas 2.2 a114.

Rooting Canvas 2.2
Install Framaroot :- First of all download framaroot from here - to SD card :- After Download Place it in your SD Card and Install It.Lauch Framaroot :- Now Run the Framaroot Application.SuperSU :- Select SuperSU from the List and Click on THIRD OPTION [Barahir]That’s all, it Will Display a Success Message, Now Reboot your Phone.
Custom ROM for Canvas 2.2
We have 3 Custom Recovery for our device - CWM (v5.5), CTR Recovery (v6.6.0.4) and Carliv Touch Recovery (v2.2) Flash anyone, all the three work perfectly. CWM (v5.5) - Carliv Touch Recovery (v2.2) Full Touch NOT supported, but keys work. - CTR (v6.0.4.4) -
Get your Custom ROM's for Canvas 2.2 Here

Canvas 2.2 custom ROM download

In this article you will get the details of all available custom ROM and download link for few custom ROM for Micromax Canvas 2.2 a114.

Micromax Canvas 2.2 a114 Custom ROM list: There are totally 17 custom ROM for Micromax Canvas 2.2 a114. You can get them in XDA developer site in Micromax Canvas 2.2 a114 section. Here are the list.

Fusion ROM S4 BasedXperia V1 Sphere ROMCyclone XPERIA V2MIUI V5 ROM LeWa OS ROMCyanogenmod Fly-UIXtreme Galaxy S5 BasedUltimate Galaxy X1Ultimate Kitkat ThemedEpic ROM (Canvas 2 Colors Port)Cyclone Galaxy S5 (Single SIM WORKS)X - Beast ROMInfinily L ROM (Android L Themed)Lenovo VIBE UIGooPhone iPhone 6 ROMColor OS ROMSamsung Galaxy S5 Dual SIM
I tried above all roms and the best I found is Lenovo VIBE UI.
Micromax Canvas 2.2 a114 Custom ROM Download link Main Download Link - XDA Forum
Custom ROM Direct download 1. Xperia V2 ROM 2. LEWA OS 5 GPS and storage fix 3. Xtreme Galaxy V1 4. S4 RO…