How to send pics and videos from Android phone to iPhone?

I am not able to receive picture or videos sent from Android phone in my iPhone. So I found some apps using which we can transfer files between Android and iOS system

Apps to share files between Android and iPhone:

  • WhatsApp - Sounds crazy but works great if you have unlimited Internet connectivity.
  • Shareit app - Popular app for sharing files. This app transfer files faster than bluetooth connection.
  • Xender app - Files, pictures, music, videos, even apps can be shared. Has group sharing feature.
  • Zapya - Cross-platform sharing for Android, iOS devices, WP & PC.

How to use:

You need to install above mentioned app in both Android and iPhone. Instruction will differ for each app. I think except WhatsApp all the app uses wi-fi direct. Not sure but you don't need Internet to transfer files while using apps other than WhatsApp.

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