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Moto G screen fade out repair cost

Moto G 1st Gen screen issue:

I suddenly got this problem in the display. It started to show white stripes over the app icons.

Price for fixing this issue is 3k - 6k.You can go to any local shop. If you still have warranty then there is no cost for this issue.

Micromax Canvas Nitro A310 - MIUI mod V2 download

MIUI mod V2 for Micromax Canvas Nitro.

Below is the Google drive link to get this mod for Canvas Nitro:

In this ROM you will get WSM tools by default.

Android 6.0: how to edit/delete/move drawer icons?

I installed CM 13 S6 theme in Redmi 1S. I was struggling to edit or delete or move the icons in drawer. In Android 5.0, if I go to settings about phone check advance options, come back and I'll get the option.

Solution: In Android 6.0 (Marshmellow) to turn the advanced option you need to hold that gear icon for 2-3 secs. Then you move or edit or change the icons in drawer.

Google Camera doesn't work in Redmi 1S

When using google camera HDR mode. I get below error message.

Unfortunately, Camera has stopped

Solution: Do a factory reset
Backup all your photo and go to settings -> App -> Camera. End app and clear data. 

Install BlackBerry Keyboard in Moto E

When I checked Play Store to install BlackBerry Keyboard it shows 'This app is incompatible with your device.' However you can install from third party sources.

BlackBerry Keyboard for Moto E -

The above APK is the pathched version works in all Android phone. Many Android phone with less RAM and older Android version won't be compatible if you install it from Play Store.

Android 6 for Redmi 1S - CM 13 download

Here is the download link for CM 13 ROM and GAPPS for CM 13.

ROM download link -
Gapps link -

For more details about this ROM check the below XDA link:

Get full details about this rom -

Please use it at your own risk. This ROM is still in development stage. There are many bugs in this ROM. I like multiwindow feature in this ROM which is stable and flawless. User reported many issues including SD card not working, unable install app from Play store. However this issue is faced by few of the users.

Don't use this ROM in any other Xiaomi device. Use only for REDMI 1S.

Multiwindow on Android 6.0 Redmi 1S

Installed ROM CM 13 and found multiwindow works flawlessly in Redmi 1S. Below is the screenshot for multiwindow in Redmi 1S.

Download link -
CM 13 Gapps -

So after digging with all the settings and using the rom cm 13 for about 8 hrs here is my final review (Rom Dated : 09-11-2015)

Bugs : - 1. cm file manager dosent work use es file explorer till then......
2. Enabling Power Saving Mode Causes BootLoop
3. System Ui tuner does not do what it is supposed to do it has bugs
4. While Screen Recording System Ui Force Closes
5. After Disconnecting From Charge Some time System Ui Force Closes
6. Advanced Reboot Option Dosent Work
7. Data Doesnt Work

Pros : -  1. MultiWindow works Flawlessly....
2. Cm 12 Themes Can Also Be Used On Cm 13
3. Battery Life Is Also Good 4.30 mins SOT with Using Whatsapp And Facebok

So Dont Expect This To Be A Daily Driver N Hope That Stable Build Comes ASAP

Will 32 GB memory card slow down Moto E?

Have been using since an year. No lags or slow down. I am using Samsung MicroSD Card Class 10 48 MB/s Memory Card in my Moto E. Below is speed details

Phone to PC transfer speed - 14 Mbps
PC to Phone transfer speed - 10 Mbps

The 48 MB/s specification is the read speed. If you play HD videos in your phone, it will make use of the whole speed.

My PC is running Windows 10. Speed may differ from various factor. Phone to PC is actually speed of my PC hard disk. Whlie PC to Phone is the real memory card speed.