Multiwindow on Android 6.0 Redmi 1S

Installed ROM CM 13 and found multiwindow works flawlessly in Redmi 1S. Below is the screenshot for multiwindow in Redmi 1S.

Download link -
CM 13 Gapps -

So after digging with all the settings and using the rom cm 13 for about 8 hrs here is my final review (Rom Dated : 09-11-2015)

Bugs : -

1. cm file manager dosent work use es file explorer till then......
2. Enabling Power Saving Mode Causes BootLoop
3. System Ui tuner does not do what it is supposed to do it has bugs
4. While Screen Recording System Ui Force Closes
5. After Disconnecting From Charge Some time System Ui Force Closes
6. Advanced Reboot Option Dosent Work
7. Data Doesnt Work

Pros : - 

1. MultiWindow works Flawlessly....
2. Cm 12 Themes Can Also Be Used On Cm 13
3. Battery Life Is Also Good 4.30 mins SOT with Using Whatsapp And Facebok

So Dont Expect This To Be A Daily Driver N Hope That Stable Build Comes ASAP

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