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Will installing CM 11 in Redmi 1S reduce heat and RAM problem?

I flashed my Redmi 1S with Cyanogenmod 11 aka CM11. Here are screenshots of CM 11 running in Redmi 1S from which you can see the improvements.

Android KitKat: From the below image you can see the Android version as 4.4.4. It is nothing but Android Kitkat. Model number is shown as HM which is another name of Redmi (Hongami). This phone is know as Hongami in China. As it runs Android KitKat you can experience the same smoothness of Android KitKat. The UI is fluid smooth and I can see improvements in battery backup. Before I was able to maintain 6 hrs backup with continuous usage (Wi-Fi + Videos Playback) which is now raised to 8 and half hours. 

RAM improvement: Rooted version of MIUI (old version) will maintain 323 MB free RAM space without running any apps. The below image shows it is improved to 493 MB which is nearly 200 MB extra free RAM space. 
Default RAM is used by system apps and system related services. Here CM 11 uses 381 MB which seems to be reasonable.  
Improvements in hea…

My RedMi 1S is heating how to minimize it?

I have Redmi 1S. It gets heated up when connected to internet and multi-tasking. It is clear that the issue was related to software that runs background all the time. So I made an attempt to install ROM to check whether the heating issue can be solved. Yes, we can, the fix is Mooke ROM (based on CynogenMod 11).

So here I am not going to give the guide to install since a friend of mine installed it in his phone. Here I will give the improvements seen after installing the ROM.

Display is so good.Touch response is very smooth.Sound quality was good not much high not much low.Battery Backup 4hrs+ onscreen usage.Camera its Google camera working good and best (i didn't try all modes in camera)RAM: I can always see 450-500mb RAM free and after running decent amount of apps (4 to 6) 200-250 MB free ram.You can use Rebooter app to get 500-580mb free RAM after bootup.


Games like Asphalt 8, Gangstar Vegas, Amazing Spiderman, Mc4 working without any lag.CM11 themes and apps are working. …

Games for RedMi 1S running smoothly

Many games are compatible with Xiaomi Redmi 1S. As expected phone gets heated after continuous playing. Lets just forget the fact about heating. I had tried many games surprisingly they run very smoothly. I felt like I am using mini-computer. There are some games which lags a lot but compatible. So first I share you the list of games that is running smoothly in my RedMi 1S phone. 
Games to must install in Redmi 1SFrontline Commando 2Frontline Commando D-DayModern Combat 4 and Modern Combat 5Dead Trigger 2Temple Run 2Subway SurfVector Deer Hunter 2NFS Most WantedAsphalt 8InjusticeReal Football 12Real Racing 3The Amazing Spiderman 2GTA Vice CityManuganu 1 and Manuganu 2Note: NFS Most Wanted lags if you won't create SWAP memory in your phone. SWAP acts like a RAM (slow-RAM) but the maximum size of SWAP memory in RedMi 1S can be 2 GB. 
Don't install games I tried GTA San Andres. It is lagging a lot even in medium graphics. Don't install this game. 

Redmi 1S showed 'Out of stock' at 2 PM instead of 'Buy Now'

I thought of buying Xiaomi Redmi 1 S and I waited for an hour till the countdown goes 00:00:00. After split second what I saw is the below image.

I was not even blessed to see 'Buy Now' option in the sale page. Congrats for all who bought Xiaomi Redmi 1S.

Update: My girlfriend ordered it for me. :-):-)